If you want something to go great with the classic channel on the amp and also work for some modern stuff a PAF style pickup wouldn't be a bad choice
yeah either way your getting a good deal. I have a DSL100 head and it is pretty good and can do just about any type of music. You will want some type of boost pedal to get a bit more modern tone, but other than that you should be fine.

I have no experience with the Egnater, but I have heard (when they were first made) they can sound a bit muffled, like a blanket was thrown over the cab
call your credit card company and dispute the charge
if the pedal or pa has a guitar cab sim then yes you can otherwise it will sound pretty bad
Tubes can do a whole lot of different things when going bad. Where did you buy it? do they have a return policy? you might want to take it to them and have them check it out if there is a return policy.
you've got one or more tubes going bad from the sound of it. how long has it been since you put tubes in it?
never had any issues with mine, but it is only a rectoverb so I have diode only rectifiers and the 50watters are tighter than the 100/150 waters

but turn the bass down on the channel add some mids.
I don't know of any pedals that will do what you want unfortunately, the only way I know of is to mod your amp.

Possibly an ABY pedal, I have no idea ho it would sound (probably pretty bad sounding) but then, if your using some gain on the guitar setting, you would do the same to the music signal.

Good luck
patricksbarnardwithout some serious modding to your amp, there isn't any way to do what you want
jsnpringleYou can just swap the speaker in the cab you have. If your in the USA avatar speakers has the Hellatone 30 which is the G12h30 with a hellatone sticker on the back. There is also the WGS reaper which is a G12h30 clone and the Reaper HP which is a 50watt version. Celestion makes a 75 watt creamback that is g12h30ish in flavor but handles 75watts. If your amp is 100 watts, go with a higher powered version so your safe
Yeah the speakers in the MC212 are crap. I had a 2x12 cab that had G12H30's in it and my JCM2000 sounded glorious through it. also have a Krank 4x12 with Eminence V12's and a Marshall MF280 4x12 with V30's They both sound good, but the G12h30's sounded the best to me and I play heavier music
I have a Rectoverb and it doesn't really get a Marshall tone, but it does sound great. I have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL that can get much closer to that classic 80's metal tone. If that tone is really one you want maybe look at AMT pedals, they have a nice sounding JCM in a box
where in the world are you located we can help you find gear better
The only mesa amps I can think of that get near that type of tone are the RA100 and the Mesa Stiletto amps.

But use your recto on vintage and play with the rectifier settings. probably gonna want to boost it and maybe even add a MXR EQ.
Why not look at a Fender Supersonic or an older Prosonic they have a great dirty channel and they have a nice clean with plenty of headroom
Unfortunately solid state amps are not really worth fixing because of the cost involved most of the time is about what the amp would cost new. It sounds like you need a new amp
Gibson is a brand that you really need to try out before you buy . I have had Studio LP's that play/sound better than LP standards that are 3x the price.
Yeah stay away from the models with the zero-fret (2015 I think) and the G force tuners.

Pretty much Gibson pickups are good for just about anything The only pickup I don't like is the 490T that comes in some of the faded SG guitars. The typical 498T is a good all rounder. There are a couple models that have un wax potted pickups that are very noisy with high gain but I cant remember what they are right now

You will know when you find a good LP trust me
J.DARCEY19What is cheap to you? give us a budget and we can help much better
Yep get a tube screamer type pedal.

The TS808 is overpriced for what it is. There is literally no difference in sound between a TS-9 tubescreamer and a tS808, and there is only one resistor that has a slightly different value otherwise they are the exact same circuit.

Lots of good TS type pedals for <100:
Digitech Bad Monkey
GFS Greenie
Joyo Vintage OD
Way Huge Green Rhino
Ibanez TS-9 mini
J.DARCEY19Foot controller means the channel switch it will toggle between the clean and dirty channel of your amp
Danelectro fish 'n chips is a decent cheap EQ if your on a budget, MXR 9 band if you have some money to spend

You can also tube roll some lower gain tubes into V1 like Metalmingee suggested. The 5751 is a good call the older JAN5751 is the best version if you can find them, but JJ does meke a decent modern one
Yeah the peavey 5150/6505 doesn't have a good clean channel, the 5150II/6505+ have a better clean, but it still isn't that great. Try sticking an EQ pedal in the FX loop that can help a lot
J.DARCEY19Sounds like your neck bow needs to be adjusted, your bridge needs to be raised a bit or worst case frets need to be leveled.

The Boss WAZA version of the MT2 is made so it actually works in the clean channel of the amp.
kolokol220I don't see it that way, I see it as a priority thing mostly. lots of people are very strapped for spare time (except kids) when you get into needing to practice 30min-1hr a day besides the actual 2 45min lessons a week. This is why most of my students that were adults have stopped taking lessons. the kids are mostly because of the difficulty that comes relatively fast when learning guitar.
kolokol220Taught guitar lessons for almost 20 years, I'd say about half of my students get to a point and either give up because of the guitars difficulty or don't want to put in the time and effort that guitar takes to get even somewhat proficient at it. They become the people that can pick out a song or two when your passing an acoustic around at a party and that is it.

Yes most of my students have been <16yrs old, but even my older students get to a certain point and then the time get's to be too much for them.

As far as the Boss katana, I have no experience with them, I only give recommendations to amps I have experience with
kolokol220I see your point, but I also know that most people that start guitar give it up so to get a cheap all in one amp is IMO a better first amp. But OP may want to go a different route
I have a Blackstar ID:core10 for a practice amp and for a beginner it would be awesome. It has several clean channels and crunch all the way up to modern metal tones. It has a built in tuner witch is a must for a beginner. It also has several built in FX, of which 3 can be selected at a time. It also comes with free software so you can link it to your computer and do deep editing of the sounds.

Its only $99 new, so IMO it would make a perfect beginner amp if your not sure if you want to stick with it.
SomeToneFreakI have the Two notes CAB pedal and it sounds great
If your car insurance doesn't cover it, then you need to check your parents Homeowners insurance. A warranty is only for product defects not theft. The only company that ever offered theft protection was Fujitsu Ten and they made an indash CD players that they would give you a new CD player if yours was stolen with in a specified time period after you bought it

And you learned a valuable lesson, no matter how tired you are, take your gear out of your car
Krank amps sound pretty nice, they just don't hold their value like other brands. They seem to be in the $500-$600 range these days
Here are a few bands I know used Krank amps for a while: Tony Sly - No Use For a Name, Jake Kiley - Strung Out

They sound good through most speaker types, Krank always used Eminence V12's in their rev cabs
The Blackstar ID:core10 is pretty nice and sounds better than the fly. it is a little bit bigger ( it is roughly LxWxH is 12"x10"x7"), but for the variety in sounds and FX it is a much better choice. It doesn't get real loud at only 10watts, but when you are alone and can turn up a bit more than headphones it will sound nice and full (for what it is)

Congrats on the new kid, just don't get them wet or feed them after midnight...……
The two notes stuff is great I currently have the two notes CAB pedal and have been using that for recording on my bands new stuff. It is different than the others because you do not run your power amp through it. I run mine out of the FX loop send. I use a Mesa Rectoverb and a Marshall JCM2000 the other guitarists uses a Dual recto. There are even sims that my bassist has been using because they sound great and are way easier to dial in than a mic'd cab. I keep the master volume off and the cab is silent but the sound through the Two notes is nice.

However at home I bought a cheap Blackstar ID:core10 to practice so I don't disturb anyone in the house. The amp sounds pretty good for what it is and it will do the Mesa tone fairly decent and it has a decent headphone output. The amp really doesn't get that loud, but sounds good at low volumes and is only $99 new.

Also don't forget about things like the LIne 6 POD HD which are pretty cheap used now and sound pretty good even though they are a bit older
get a cab and a new guitar. The Harley Benton G112 vintage cab is a 1x12 loaded with a V30 and it is insanely cheap

That leaves you with over $300 to put twards a new guitar. and if you don't mind used you can get a very nice guitar for $300
bugera 333xl it is a clone of the Peavey jsx it can do what you want and sound way better than any solid state you'll find

They have a few used Peavey Ultra heads for just over your $300 budget that would be great if you can make the extra dough.
I gig with a 50 watt mesa rectoverb and a 100 watt marshall with no issues. I had a 20 watt krank 1980jr and it would just get by on a gig if there was a decent PA but i'd be hesitant to use it as a stand alone
for microphones it is hard to beat a Sure SM-58, they have been the industry standard in live vocal mic's since the 1970's. They run around $120 new. Also get an extra mic cable, because you never know when yours will become dodgy (it is not if, it is when) and it is always when you don't expect it.

I have always played in bands so I'm unfamiliar with the parts of drums/other instruments for backing tracks. but someone here should be able to help you
trashedlostfdupI honestly cant remember. But for some reason I want to say that they use standard V30's. But then again Celestion does make V30s' for amp companies like mesa/marshall that are different and still made in UK
Get a Joyo Zombie head from this is a mesa rectifier style sound and get a Harley Benton 1x12 vintage cab with the V30 speaker
I have had a JCM2000 for years and mine sounds fine with Eminence V12's and V30's I have loaded in different 4x12 cabs, but my favorite speakers were a 2x12 cab that had G12H30's my amp sounded glorious through them.

Be aware that not all V30 speakers are the same or sound the same. Mesa gets a V30 that is no longer in production for the masses to buy, and there are several other companies that also get a slightly different version of the V30. I have a Marshall MF280 4x12 that is loaded with V30L (long throw) these have a larger bass output and are a bit tamer in the highs than the regular V30. The Mesa V30 is the original design of the speaker and it has a smoother high end than the normal off the shelf V30.

But like has been said mixing speakers is a way to get sounds that one type of speaker just cant do on it's own. I like the V30 mixed with the G12H30 it gives better lows but keeps the mids and highs that are lost with the K100 mixed in. Lamb of God's guitarist uses this set up with a mesa RA 100/Mark IV head