"When the firefight starts, you have to be my Johnny on the Spot with the ammo."

Miserable coward.

Jackson RR5- $750

Ibanez RGT42- $300

LTD M200fm Project (Body/neck only)-$275

1970's Epiphone Bass- $300


Framus Cobra 100w- Head and cab for $1800, Head $1400 and Cab $500

1972 Fender Bassman 100- Head and Cab $1500, I will not separate

This is some top notch gear, come get it before it goes up on Ebay!
I'm a highschool junior. I recently met this girl whos a senior. This girl is amazingly awesome. Shes beautiful, shares my values and fun to be around.

she said "i can see something with you", but i realize shes going to college 5 hours away in like 4 months. i know i should enjoy what i have for now, but what should i do?
What's the difference between a black person and a piece of poop?

Eventually, a piece of poop turns white and stops stinking.
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Yes. S'plain please.

wawa is this really good connivence store store (think a nicer 711) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware that has excellent sandwiches
how much does it suck?
i had one tonight with my best friend whos been an ass to me for the past few weeks, what started out as an argument about going to wawa turned into a falling out. i feel like such a pussy since were both dudes but i'm really depressed about it

this ever happen to any of you?
anyone who tries hard to fit into a category or subculture is pathetic. i used to be a "metalhead" then i realized i looked retarded in tight pants and having a mop for hair and criticizing things for not being "metal enough".... then i grew up and stopped trying to a faggot
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Erm, don't they stand for slavery? Weren't they invented because a bunch of white dudes didn't want to do their own labor or pay full price for another white dude to do it?

civil war was for states rights and economic power only, Lincoln passed the emancipation proclamation to punish the south for rebelling more than anything else.

common misconception
I remember taking a walks with my grandpa in florida, we would call them "tiger hunts". I must have been about 3-4.
it's because your ****ty hair makes you look like a ragamuffin and you're licks are fast but sloppy.
haha awesome guys
Drive an hour for sex?

I'd say yes, if i had a whole day to kill.
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i'm not sure
i just wanna know what to do in order to get germs outta my mouth or whatnot
mono has a 4-6 week incubation. so i should be good for the surgery if its only that.
This is dead serious, i googled and couldnt find anything.

I just hooked up with a girl who is sick and doesnt know what she has. She told me she had blood taken earlier today cause she has muscle pain for no reason and other things. She is pretty slutty.

I have surgery scheduled for friday and cannot afford to get sick, it may be deadly. What can i do to minimize the chances of getting sick?

i allready hit the mouthwash help me out!
basically i really need to export this garage band file as a midi, its all set up, ill just need you to open it in logic and send as a midi

whoever could help me would be my hero, thanks!
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Thomas Jefferson was better.

dude was an arrogant asshole, alexander hamilton ftw

check out and vote for some guitarists to open for weezer, some of the kids are really good.

vote for Sarah if you wanna be cool, check out her video, she's my friend's sister and she absolutely rules at guitar.
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I've never had a good jam. In fact, I hate jams.

i usually find rasberry pretty good
for just home use? line 6 spyder combo, everbody hates on em but for home use they're perfect
yeah, you're ****ing dumb ts
since you fags cant vote stfu
could you just wait 4 days and not be a ****ing baby?
Everyone forgets China's economy is based on their exports to the US. so if we go down, they go down with us. for that reason i say US.
an extremely large replica of the bedroom of an adolescent boy
hot, sticky and smelly
i miss blink
my first legit metalcore show, oh the flailing fists of mosh!
in the first halo when you first see the flood. damnnn
Step brother > tropic thunder
Arch Enemy is my favorite example. other than being incredibly sexy, the girl who screams for them has one of the best screams/growls in metal today as far as i'm concerned.
i have a mac i wanna play a windows game.

how can i do this?

supposedly you can use "boot camp" but i cant find where to get it without buying leopard

a guitar with 40 frets so the solos can haver higher frequencies than Bruce's voice

blink 182
i dont care, because ill be DEAD!
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Tell her parents, even though she'll probably despise you for it, she'll grow up and understand

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im a girl an i hate most girls...they annoy the crap out of me for just being rediculously stupid about things

thats why most of my friends are guys

so you're a slut?
Red Ring Of Death

yes, and thats not the only problem ive seen them have