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Hey, how about if you explain to us the volume difference between 5w and 15w?

Volume difference between a 5W amp and a 15W amp is subjective you probably wouldn't notice it by ear. A 15W and a 100W have a perceived difference in loudness that is about 7dB, so I couldn't see the difference between a 5W amp and a 15W amp being more than 1-2dB louder. Kind of wish I had a dB meter I would test my 5W and 15W and tell you the exact difference.
Well your spring tension is clearly not matching up with your string tension, when the floating bridge drops into the body it means you have too much spring tension, try adjusting the springs inside the trem cavity, if there is three or four strings and adjusting it still isn't enough then remove a spring. There is no other way to do this correctly; however once you have it setup for the string gauge and tuning you want you should NEVER have a problem unless the springs are losing tension in the trem cavity.
$700 for that guitar with a hardshell case is fair, from what I have seen browsing around CL/Ebay it would appear the Standard Plus Elitist is selling for about $1000. So provided this one is in good shape and it feels great in your hands I would say it would be with the asking price; however if it's a private sale certainly try to lowball the person with like a $600 or $650 offer, worst they can do is say no.
Wow I don't even play 8 string but I may be able to help you. I went through tons of videos when I was trying to figure out what to do with my Explorer. I ended up coming across the Seymour Duncan Sentient and Pegasus combo in a YT video that I really liked, the sound was awesome and something I could have envisioned for my Explorer; however these pickups are only offered for 7/8 string guitars. They are passive so you are not dealing with any electronics to cram into your guitar but damn do they sound nice. This is the video that had me enjoying them, check it out and see if it is up your alley, and no I didn't make the video nor do I know who did, I am not trying to promote anything!
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I'd say go for the 1900 if it plays the same to you, if the uncovered pickups are a problem, you can buy the covers and install them pretty cheaply.

Imagine saving $1000 and what gear you could spend that on?

I agree, the 120th Gibson sounds AMAZING, but the Epi Custom Pro I bought for a fraction of the price sounds almost identical. I couldn't justify spending $1000 more for a slightly slimmer neck and SLIGHTLY better tone.

I'm simply going to replace the pots on mine. It'll be A LOT cheaper than the $1000 difference in the 2 I was deciding from.

Be wary though, GC almost got me with their "Special Gibson LPJ Pro" which doesn't even exist. So do your research. I almost went with this LPJP, for $1400, and it was simply a 2013 Gibson JPJ with covers on it.

How much do you really know about the difference in the two guitars? Hell the tone woods are different, and Epiphone guitars are usually multiple piece bodies, I know I counted 5 on my best friends Epiphone Les Paul. There is a lot more you're getting with that price increase and a huge chunk of it is build quality and attention to detail. I am not putting down Epiphone's, I still suggest them to anyone looking for an entry level Les Paul, but they aren't anything more than an entry level guitar, it's like claiming a Hyundai Genesis is equivalent to a Ferrari F430.

Also the LPJ Pro is a real guitar, not sure what you are talking about there, it's a hotrodded version of the LPJ which was a 2013 model. I don't know where you did your research but this was the second link I got from Google by searching Gibson LPJ Pro.
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I hate Wikipedia for a source, because anyone can edit shit on there; however I do like this little piece of information. "Almond milk is not a nutritional alternative to human or dairy milk" personally I come from the drink and eat whatever the hell you want category, albeit I am very health orientated myself. I don't consume much dairy, but if I need a milk product it has to come from a cow and be 2% otherwise I just find it unacceptable. Almond milk is great if you have to watch calories, are lactose intolerant or follow a diet that doesn't allow the consumption of animal products. Also if you are required to watch your protein intake, almond milk will leave you lacking compared to 2% milk which has eight times the protein in it, but that is only important for people who are fairly active or trying to increase lean mass.
If you are looking at his older tone using the Flying V's or whatnot it is probably some Dimarzio X2N's or custom shop pickups, on anything that he is using his signature Gibson for they are just the standard Gibson pickups painted white. You would probably have good results with the 496R and 500T from Gibson. Also as Gary has insinuated, depending on your amp the pickups you purchase may not matter at all.
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someone correct me if im wrong, but I was under the impression that all the axefx 1 needed to work best was:

axefx -> interface -> pc -> daw(reaper) -> axe fx IR -> flat response studio monitors

this is NOT a $2k setup. Not quite sure how you were using it.

but again,for the money, the new POD HD500X is quite damn good. People have been comparing it to the AXEFX2 in some places. quite good for a home studio or practice amp so long as you get some decent speakers.

AxeFX-II ($2,200) -> Interface ($100) -> PC ($600) -> DAW(available for free) -> AxeFX IR ($20) -> Decent Studio Monitors ($350/pair)

So if you don't have any of this you are looking at $3270 roughly to pick it all up. Do tell me how you figure you can get it for less than $2,000. Even cutting out the bottom of the line computer will still leave you at almost $2,700. I would like to know because I will buy one of these cheap AxeFX units maybe even two...
I don't go to the doctor, last time I went I think I was 12 and I had my first physical, never been back since, thankfully I haven't had a reason. My mother never cared about her kids being sexually active, she just said "use protection", I used to frequently drink with my mother when she was going through her Fireball whiskey phase when I was about 15 and she would also buy me Smirknoff Ice at that age when she went out. She has also known that I smoke marijuana and have since I was about 16, her only concern was that I didn't get involved with the wrong people. Short of the story is your parents were kids at one point so they did all the same stupid shit and probably more, hell the day my mom told me about her multiple acid trips at school I was like "HOLY SHIT MOM REALLY?!" as long as you don't have like those militant douchebag parents you should be fine.
I would put it in the same category as a MIM Telecaster from Fender, wouldn't be shocked if they were actually made in the same factory. As an entry level guitar it is probably great, it might need a bit of a setup to get it to play great, sometimes those cheaper guitars come with a real piss poor setup on them. But I myself owned a MIM Strat for a while and it was a great guitar that had nice strat sounds, the only issue I had was the single coil pickups didn't have enough output to really breakup my amp. The guitar you are looking at however has humbuckers so this wont be an issue at all. People see the name Squier and think it is cheap crap and for the most part they are usually right but Squier does have some home runs, I still suggest the Classic Vibe Strat and Tele to anyone on a limited budget as those things are beast guitars for the price. I would certainly say try one out and see if it fits your bill, because it certainly isn't a garbage guitar.
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Well a part of me thought we were already a couple, but I guess I was thinking out of my ass for the past week.

OMFG old are you? If you don't ask a girl out and actually you know confirm with her you are dating than no, you are just friends, never assume you are a girls boyfriend until you are absolutely positive otherwise you are in for a world of heartbreak and tons of jacking off.
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I find it weird that people believe this
seems paranoid, like paramedics and doctors are organ vultures rather than being in the game of saving lives

(also the idea presented that you quoted had everyone in the world as a volunteer, so there would be less of a shortage)

It's actually not uncommon, believe it or not. Not in the most hospitable parts of the world; however it is a common issue. Though I don't really think any first world hospitals would pull stuff like this. Hell they get the crap sued out of them if they leave a pair of forceps in you after surgery.
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Hardly, considering they have no resources and no allies.

You are very misinformed, North Korea has open trade policies with many countries for almost everything. They are on particularly good terms with China, Russia and Pakistan. All three of those countries, and North Korea itself are nuclear capable, so it would be fairly unwise to start pissing them off. The entire Korean War was the United Nations fighting with South Korea against North Korea who was supported by China and Russia, you know the whole Anti-Communism VS Communism pissing match that has been going on since the Cold War.
First Music Player: Sony Walkman, you know that iconic grey one!
First Gaming Console: Original Nintendo
First Computer: Commodore 64
First Guitar: Terada P.O.S Acoustic from the 70s
They were called Trikes, most were phased out due to horrible instability when turning, they are prone to rolling on top of you. I honestly don't think I have seen a new built trike since some point in the 80s. Most three wheel applications flip it around now to put the two wheels in the front and the one in the rear as this corrects the instability issue.
Robot's were pretty cool design I always liked them; however almost all the guitar forms I post on I saw massive hate for them, people bitching about digital stuff in an electric guitar (same issue with the Firebird X) and I think this really hurt the sales for the guitar so it was just discontinued so it didn't become a financial burden for Gibson. As mentioned the Robot technology was made by the same company that now makes the mini tune system, which is essentially a stripped down robot guitar, I think Gibson opted this route as it isn't much of a price increase over a normal guitar. You can also buy the system stand alone and install it in non-Gibson guitars.
Nah you are fine, I was removing the screen printing off a SD pickup a while ago and I ****ed up and hit it with a little lacquer thinner (NOT RECOMMENDED!) and it caused the top of the bobbin to crack a bit. I had the same oh **** feeling you are having but once I got it into the guitar it worked fine. And yes it did get the screen printing off; however a better method that wont be hard on the pickups is 2000 wet/dry sandpaper and a little rubbing compound to polish the plastic up.
I think as soon as most people read they don't even open the link anymore. Satire news, never understood how people thought it was funny.
Debit Card or Cash depending on what I have no me, never Credit Card. It's quite easy to get into the habit of spending money on lines of credit that you really shouldn't be and it can add up really quickly. If you were to owe $5000 on most average credit cards the monthly interest payments would be $900 alone, that is assuming 18% interest, some credit card companies are a lot more then that. My ex got herself caught up in a world of debit and had to declare bankruptcy at 25. I don't know about globally but here in Canada if you declare bankruptcy you can't get any sort of credit, loans, mortgage or anything for 7 years. I don't even have a Visa, my only credit card is a FutureShop card that I got so I could get 0% 36 month financing on my TV!

Nothing like a cold Canadian morning to get the blood pumping.
Never liked it, gave it multiple chances but it just didn't do it for me.
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You're living in a fantasy world because you're too busy relishing in your own male privilege to see that woman are actively discriminated against. If you really think women aren't excluded in the sciences then you're delusional and I have no patience for you. It's far more complicated than they just prefer humanities. That's the silliest shit I've ever heard.

Maybe in the USA but women do really well in science programs all over the world and frankly the original comment he made has some merit. The woman is complaining that no women have won the Nobel prize for Physics since 1963, who was Maria Goeppert-Mayer by the way. How is it the male sexes fault that no women have gotten interested in physics since then or no women have contributed to physics to the point of being awarded the Nobel prize? Saying you need feminism because women haven't excelled in a field is asinine.

My advice to her would be to stop crying behind feminism and maybe try to be the next person to be awarded a Nobel prize in Physics. If you look at the list of Nobel Laureates you can see that most notable women in history have chosen paths in humanities or medicine, this shows people accept women in both political and doctoral positions. Maybe women are following their idols into similar fields, then one could argue it is women holding themselves back...if more girls studied particle physics maybe more would win Nobel prizes.

And if the sciences were so biased against women, Marie Curie would not be the only person with Nobel prizes in two sciences, Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911) when women WERE seen as being absolutely nothing but objects. 15 women have one the Nobel Peace prize, 12 women have won the Nobel prize in Literature, 10 women have won the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine, 4 women have won the Nobel prize for Chemistry and 2 women have won the Nobel prize in Physics. Until Ada Yonath won the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2009 no woman had won it for 45 years, she even said herself "that there was nothing special about a woman winning the prize." She was 70 years old when she won and made that remark about winning.
Seymour Duncan: Alnico II Pro set, Antiquity II set, Vintage Stack (humbuckerish),

Loller: Almost anything

DiMarzio: Area T set, True Velvet set, Twang King set

Basically it sounds like you want to look at the vintage to moderate output pickups depending on how much oomph you want out of your guitar, the lower output the pickups are the cleaning the signal will be into your amp allowing nice overdrive sound, but most importantly clear as a bell cleans.
While JJs are not a bad tube they certainly aren't the greatest, I think the fact they are generally the highest gain tube wins them a lot of love which is great if you want an amp with new age gain for metal and stuff; however if you are a purist and your looking for dead on tone JJs just wont cut it as a lot of earlier amps ran lower gain tubes in them, especially when heading back into the classic rock and early blues days. Groove Tubes, Electro Harmonix, Tung-Sol, Mallard and Sovtek all make some awesome tubes, you just have to select one that falls into your gain requirements.
DD7 by far...its got Tap Tempo, Stereo Out, Hold mode for sound on sound, 6.4 seconds of delay and I believe you can plug an expression pedal into a DD7 for control but not a DD3. If your budget allows it I would certainly go for the DD7, it may be a bit overkill but its better to have the options and not need them all the time rather then needing them and not having them.
This is being viewed as if an alien culture shares the same economics of Earth which it probably wouldn't. I think it is safe to say that any intelligent life form is going to allocate some form of resources to an attempt to contact other 'aliens' so to say, but odds are it isn't measured in the form of dollars like it is here on Earth. Compared to what is spent on war the world spends the equivalent of a couple pennies on SETI, there 2010 budget was $12 million compare that to the $682 BILLION spent on war in 2013 and those figures are just for the USA, in fact the USA spends 39% of the 1.7 trillion spent world wide on war annually, in one year they spend more then NASA has seen in its entire 55 year run. So yeah what they spend on SETI is a pittance.

Also to address the topic of aliens being hostile or not, Carl Sagan stated a great point about how a technologically advanced race would most likely be non-hostile. He based his facts around how humans had been acting up until his death which to be honest was pretty scary. Look at what happened after the creation of nuclear weapons humans were pretty much ready to destroy their own planet. During the cold war both sides amassed thousands and thousands of nuclear weapons, it only take a small handful of these weapons to completely destroy our Earth and either wipe us out or cause us to start back at square one again.

Using this factor Sagan also applied basic variables to the Drake equation and stated that our Galaxy has the potential to be home to millions of intelligent life forms or something like 11 or some really low number. If it turns out that out Galaxy had the potential for 11 intelligent life forms and the Cosmos has existed for 14 billion years it's quite possible that other life forms have died or inevitably killed themselves off through war.
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True but if I told them i wasnt interested in that garbage would they order me a few used mics?

I don't think you get the point, a lot of used sales are done through the store at which the item was brought into. I highly doubt GC is in the business of shipping them across the country to other GC stores for free simply because it would rapidly decrease their profit margin on said used items. You could probably contact whatever store you want and purchase it over the phone using a credit card and then have them ship it to you, but if them items you are looking at are at a different store they wont send them to one closer to you. You either need to buy new, wait till your local store gets some brought in or if all else fails travel to a location that has them or see if they will sell and ship as stated above. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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I'm just going to take a guess that the UK has a similar issue as the US that you have such a large (and growing) population of retirees who get far more in benefits, but will never see those cut since they are the country's largest, most consistent voting block.

My point is, the elderly are ****ing leeches and should not be committing themselves and societies resources to continuing their terrible sickness-ridden lives.

See that's where you are considerably wrong, elderly people have already put in 40 years or more of work and paying tax at the same time, they are more deserving of old age benefits then some 20 year old kid who has done jack shit and paid a pittance in taxes. The Greeks have a similar mind set going on, the young people think they should just be given stuff for doing nothing, now their country in bankrupt and totally ****ed up. Its just like the Occupy Wallstreet bullshit, dumb over-privledged kids demanding everything while contributing nothing.
Wont be much you can do without drastically altering the guitars finish by distressing it or sticking stickers all over it or even completely refinishing it. Being its an Epiphone I wouldn't worry about the looks so much right now, I would upgrade the wiring, pots, pickups and caps to something better and make that guitar sound like its Gibson counterparts.
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Have you considered a spinning class?

Spin class is biking its doesn't increase upper body strength, its legs and cardio and mild core if you are standing up.
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news article said something possibly happened before he hit the drivers fender

To me in the start it looks like the dude on the bike closest to the SUV (the one who gets hit) was mouthing off the driver of the SUV or something because it looks like he is right up at the drivers side window, then pulls in front of him probably trying to get him to stop so him and his wannabe biker gang can attack him. But instead of stopping buddy just hit him and said "**** you douchetard!" at least I know that's what I would have done.
My name is "leet speak" for anyone for tea? I have been using it since I was a kid, first used it in Diablo in 1997.
100% deserved all those bikers are basically breaking the law by riding like that, plus you are purposely ****ing up traffic, not cool at all. Public roads are not for car or bike clubs to gather up and **** around on its made for the public to get from point to point. Like the ****ing assholes stop on the road where there is no visible stop sign or lights, that's a good way to get hit...kind of like the one douchebag did. Then the bike club uploaded the video and tried to claim the guy that got hit by the SUV died yet he only had a broken leg...what a bunch of lying twats. If I was the driver since the club video taped it they will all know who each other are, I would be aiming for assault and battery charges on some of them, let alone the destruction of property. From what I heard not all of the bikes were even insured...AMURICA **** YA!
This guy was wanted for questioning in regards to a murder committed in Brazil. Also McAfee was one of the shittiest anti-virus programs ever, only topped in shittyness by Norton!
Yes if done properly they should be AUDIO TAPER pots used for audio applications; however the values may vary, but usually not. Anything besides an audio taper pot will have the illusion that it is doing nothing until you roll it all the way off and that's because the curve for the resistance is more like on or off whereas with audio taper pots the curve for resistance occurs across all of the motion of the pot. Technically any pot will work, its just how its going to work!
It's doable and very simple, all you need to do is hook up the output wires of the pickup to the proper spots on the output jack of your guitar, if it is a four wire pickup you will need to tape two of the wires together and then solder it to the output.
Just look up the specs for a Licensed Floyd Rose all of the chinese made ones are the same; however I thought the specs were the same as the real deal Flyod rose and it was just made out of shitty metals in comparison.
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Gibson Les Paul with coil splitting? Nice!

Yep 2013's come fully loaded with electronics. Coil Splits, Phase and True Bypass if my damaged brain remembers properly. The price tag went up on them in the process. To the OP you will always have a hard time getting a nice picture of the flame maple. My Traditional has a AA+ possibly even AAA flame maple top but any time I take a picture of it, it just doesn't pop like it does when you see it in person. I also noticed the finish of mine (Honeyburst) seems to darken or lighten depending on how much light hits it also making it tricky to see the colors of the burst in a photo. I highly recommend swapping over those control knobs for the old antique bell knobs because the speed knobs just don't look right on a Les Paul. You will love her though, my Lester was my second non-garbage guitar (first was a Gibson Explorer) and unfortunately for my Explorer the Les Paul is better!
Palm muting is almost like creating a dead note, once you move up the fretboard it will get really hard and/or impossible to palm mute, its almost like pinch harmonics, that high on those strings it just doesn't work.
Well for $300 you wont really find much that will suit your needs, there will definitely need to be some compromises or you go acoustic! In the S-type style you could probably find an Ibanez RG series that fits your selection; however it probably won't feel as great as the Schecter. After that you start straying from the S-Type guitars into pretty much Les Paul stuff. Maybe checking out CL or Pawn Shops for a sweet deal.