no idea why they spelled "suffering" wrong cool shit otherwise
So i was listening to some divine heresy, when this band pops out in the suggestions (i thought these guys were covering bringer of plagues )
Appears not.
Pretty cool shit, give it a go
I'm 18, people assume im in my late 20's
Quote by Blktiger0
I think you're underestimating the amount of effect speakers/cabs have on your overall sound. If he is just using more efficient speakers that pump more mids, he'll slice right through you, even if all other gear is the same. For example, if his cab has V30's and you're running T75's, a pickup swap is going to do very little to help you.

Another thing you might consider is if you're EQing for a full mix. In my band, our other guitarist has a Rectoverb with a Mesa Recto 2x12 cab that's loaded with V30's. Naturally with that setup, he has a lot of upper-mid bite. To keep us from competing for the same frequencies, I use my MXR 10-Band in addition to my amp's EQ features to put an emphasis on lower-mids in my tone, giving me a darker growl. In addiion to that, I have a section of my EQ scooped out for our bassist so that he's got some room in the mix. It gives us a pretty full overall sound, with everyone able to be heard.

Speakers most definitely have more of an effect on your tone than the pickups in your guitar. Unless you're talking Single Coil vs Humbucker, but you're going from humbucker to humbucker. Both of the pickups in my main guitar are AlNiCo II pickups that are made for much lighter styles of music than what I play. The bridge pup is definitely scooped. I've played with guys using AlNiCo V and Ceramic pups that are very mid-heavy and still sliced right through them in a mix.

Thanks for input. Some good info to think about here.

There are 2 identical Marshall 1960 4x12 cabs with V30's
So speakers arent the problem. Cables maybe. Since the venue we're going to be playing will provide all the gear but guitars/bass, I doubt our amps/cabs will differ much.

EQ pedal is definitely on my to buy list.
Quote by Robbgnarly
Honestly I don't like the X2N. have you checked out the crunchlab yet?

Cant check it out IRL, since no store (there are whole 2 of them) arround here hs JP signature guitars or any guitars with them intalled, by youtube clips they sound nice, but its description on dimarzios website still makes me wonder if it will suit me.

Quote by Bladed-Vaults
You said BKP would be out of your price. what about just one? your playing death metal honestly how often are you going to use your neck pup?

if you can do it. try and aftermath.. or if you really want to cut through. the pain killer (super mid heavy)
the aftermath will keep nice and tight at that tuning.

if not give the duncan full shred or the good old tried and true sh-6 distortion.

it goes for ~109 pounds eh? thats pretty affordable and im sure it will deliver.

I'm all for BKP. Will check out other suggestions, if nothing comes out of it. Im going for this one.

Quote by dementiacaptain
I think something with an Alnico 5 magnet would help fatten your sound. I like dimarzio tone zones, ridiculously fat pickups.

To be honest, one of the best advices in this thread.

Ill look for pups with Alnico 5

Thank you, everyone
Bumping this thread up, if not for advice on what to do, the at least for info on X2N or some other alternatives
Quote by Blktiger0
Some things you might be overlooking:

What speaker cabs are you using?

What speakers are in these cabs?

Are you using a quality cables?

Have you tried switching places within the room? It could be that the acoustics of the room play more to where his amp is than where yours is.

Those are just some thoughts I had before you assume it's your pickups and spend a bunch of money on those just to find out it was something much simpler.

Im not sure what speakers are in the cabs there. I highly doubt that the case.

We have tried switching amps (we even plugged his guitar into a B100 (bass amp) with metal muff in front for the lulz, tone sucked, but sound was still bigger than mine).

Tried a few different cables two of my own, borrowed two at our rehearsal pace, change was miniscule.

All guitar amps/cabs stand next to each other, i guess that rolls out the acoustics, since walls there are soundproof. Acoustically it a nice place.

My concern here is that if my sound is so weak here, what will be at the show where venue provides equally good gear for all members (at rehearsals i can at least plug into 5150 and somehow even things out against a randall rg100. But if there will be rectos for both of us im pretty much screwed)

Still thanks for the input

EDIT: after checking out BBE sonic stomp box I found this video

could describe my situation pretty well. Just assume that other guitarists "stompbox" is on, mine is off

both audible, my sound is much weaker.

What do?
Quote by Robbgnarly
Also check out a diecent EQ pedal. You'll be amazed at what one can do for you MXR 6 band/10band, Boss 7 band

Or even a BBE sonic stomp pedal.

I was thinking about throwing in an EQ pedal into right after guitar ( i dont use any pedals, just guitar->head->cab). There is an EQ pedal at our rehearsal pace that seens to be left unused for some reason, will see what i can do with it.

BBE sonic stomp box looks very interesting, almost exactly what i need if it does what they say it does
Quote by Robbgnarly
Dimarzio crunchlab
Seymour Duncan SH-6/custom custom
BKP Nailbomb/Aftermath

Any of these should be a huge improvement over the stock pickups.

I'll check those out
BKP is way out of my price range, i still need my kidneys

Quote by steven seagull
How are you EQing the amps, and please tell me you're not simply using the same eq settings as the other guy

I'm not convinced pickups are your issue here. If they are I doubt the X2N is the solution, that thing just makes noise

Nope, our EQ isnt all that similar. One thing we definitely have in common is that we both love mids.

I dont have some default "preset" that i would do on every amp. I try to listen to tone when EQ'ing.

Tuned to drop Bb

General rule of thumb is to have a bit less of bass (close to 12 o'clock, most of the time lower) for tight, crunchy chugging;

quite a bit of mids (almost always my mid are >12 o'clock, how much depends on the amp) to get more "meat";

lots of highs for smooth leads (treble is usually somewhere around 3 o'clock).

I tried to max the mids, cut treble, upping the bass. Tone changes, but it doesnt really add more mass. It just lacks that punch compared to our other guitarist (its even worse when he plugs into 5150, then my guitar sounds like a mosquito next to a roaring bear)

Naturally, volume levels are balanced, im very much audible, its just that the sound is weak.

Any help is appreciated

I already was tinkering with the idea of changing pups to something like DiMarzio X2N(B)/Breed(N) or D-Activator-X set. Maybe SD Invaders?

Now might be the right time to do it, we have a big show booked only a month away, so if i'm to order something i have to do it pretty soon.

Again, if anything can be done to get a more powerful sound without changing anything - I'm listening
Just googled them. Will read up. Probably should have mentioned in the OP - i'm from eastern EU. My best choice is to buy from Thomann (e-store)

Hey guys, i've got a problem

I've been asked to join a deathcore/deathmetal band recently and the problem is my guitar sounds "small" compared to my bandmates.

Now, we have tried swaping our amps, trying to match our tones (with my weaker sound i added as much mids as i could, he scooped his) and so on.

I'm playing with Kramer imperial S404S. Adler body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard. Passive, medium output Quad-rail pups with coil split feature that i rarely use.

My bandmate plays Schecter demon. Mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretbeard.
"Duncan Designed" HB-105 active pickups.

At our rehearsal space we have Peavey 5150, Randall RG50 (tube), Randall RG100 (not sure which series, solid state), Peavey Valveking 100.

No matter what amps we plug into, when volume levels are even my guitar just sounds smaller/thinner compared to his. Thats not good for our overall sound at all.

Im thinking about swaping my bridge pup first, since 90% of the time im playing with pup position switch turned to bridge.

First pup that comes to mind - Dimarzio X2N.

Some of my idols play/played with this pup (Chuck Schuldiner of Death, Muhammed Suicmez of Necrophagist and o on)
I'm already biased towards this pup, i assume it will get me the tone i want, but few questions still remain.

Will it give me that "mass" that i need?
How does it work with low tunings (Namely Bb)? Clarity? Tightness?

I'm not too eager to start drilling holes in my guitar for active pups batteries.

If any of you can get me some insight on this baby, or maybe recommend something that would suit my needs even better (in similar price range) i would be very grateful.
how would you know i wonder
Hey there, check this out

I cant be the only one who wants to learn that, some bad ass riffs and leads in there, dont you think?

maybe someone with a better ear can tab this out or at least cover it and post a video with a fretting hand zoomed up close, to make learning easier.
Hello wise people of MT, quick question.

What scale is used to play a solo at 3:35?

Byzantine? Diminished?

When it comes to standard major/minor scales i can successfully identify keys and chords, but this sort of sound is new to me and I'm interested in how would one go about reproducing it (any specific intervals to highlight when playing, anything at all is useful)

Mine? Not really

Doesnt really scream neoclassical/Tech. death/djent/deathcore
Dunlop ZW signature 10-60 for D standard/drop C

Not the greatest in terms of sound, i just like that gauge
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They let that shit go too far. Rosa shoulda just parked her fat ass at the back of the bus and then we wouldn't have had to deal with that King asshole.

"I have a dream"....psssh

I have a dream you shut the fuck up Martin!

Good people who know the ways of learning stuff by ear, could any of you tab this awesome song or maybe record themselves (especially fretting hand) playing it slow enough for me and many others to learn?

Much appreciated
Cut it, for the sake of trying something new

i cut my hair last year, regret it, growing back now
Vildhjarta - Focus
Dimmu Borgir - Hybrid Stigmata (intro, first minute or so)

and probably my favorite dark and heavy riffs
Nevermore - Next In Line
The lover and the blind man they sing their song
The pleasured and the pained pray their sins are gone
They can't reach heaven, the truth's brutal lesson
Forgive yourself, for no one else will die for your crimes
But who decides, who decides?
Warrel Dane (Nevermore) - Who Decides

You can tell the same lie a thousand times,
But it never gets any more true.
So close your eyes once more and once more believe,
That they all still believe in you.
Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) - Redneck
Quote by MakinLattes
If people you know arbitrarily place numbers in the middle of words during speech then they probably have bigger issues than what gear they're using.

I think i'll sig this

Seriously, you're one of my favourite users on this board
Try out any ENGL in your price range. Cant guarantee that something like Savage will be as smooth as you want (never tried it), but Invader can sure as hell deliver that silky smooth tone. Just dont overdo the gain, and keep your mids up
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Plays metal.

Uses mids.

Laughted at this harder than i should

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Buys donuts for family breakfast

Sees Yngwie needs them more

****ing gold
Quote by KailM
Not to turn this into a TBDM thread, but I agree with this. Nocturnal was the pinnacle of their career, in my opinion. The newer albums just do not feel as dark and brutal to me, and I think part of that is because of the more "shreddy" lead guitar parts. Nocturnal had some impressive lead lines, but they fit the songs better and used "darker," more depressive scales. My fav from that album is probably "To a Breathless Oblivion." The solo on that one is nothing too technical, but just leaves you with a feeling of despair and hopelessness. Brilliant! Though their new albums definitely feature more technical lead work, I feel that it detracts from the feel that is so present in their first three.

The vocals though, I think are just as good now as in their beginning. But I digress...

Nocturnal was amazing, but i think its mostly due to neo-classical feel that album had , Deflorate lacks that, Ritual was on the right track, hope next one will rival Nocturnal for the best TBDM album title
Pretty much any technical death metal song. Gets you really involved, makes you follow every moveyour fingers make. Lots of fun. Try some Obscura
Bro, dothe following:

Take all your money and buy an ENGL Invader or Savage + Vader cab. Or at least Marshall 1960.

Spend rest on a (semi)decent guitar. If it has DiMarzio X2N - youre set for life when it comes to metal

Not only do those amps provide awesome hi - gain tone, but also amazing cleans for occasional interludes and so on.

Anyhow, general rule of thumb - Great amp + ok guitar >>>>>great guitar + ok amp
^ +1

AMT Legends are awesome. Aquaintance of mine has Mesa one. Totally BOSS preamp

You could look into cheaper tube amps, like Kustom Defender(cheap, one channel, low gain quality amp), and plug pedals into its clean channel. It will take them really nicely.

Alternatively you can look for a decent modeler, previously mentioned Vox VT+ is nice. I can vouch for quality of Flextone 3 - badass modeler. No need for any additional pedals
I'm pretty sure this question has already been answered in DSP thread.

Axe II surely sounds better, but not 1500$ better.
if you want the best there is get Axe, you wont be dissapointed.
Amazing quality/price product? pod hd
Having separate speaker cabs for guitar and bass is pretty much a must. As for amp, you could get away with a slighly cheaper option than buying 2 separate amps.
Look up Line 6 pod xt/x3 (dont remember which one is newer). Those units (or at least one of them) model guitar and bass amps. Run Pod xt/x3 ->power amp->guitar or bass cab (according to what youre playing).

Not perfect, but will cover your needs until you decide what you preffer
Muay Thai is quite practical in a street setting. If you like it, totally go for it.

Tae kwon do is pretty rad too. Not the best out there for self defence tho
In a bad tone thread Dime should be mentioned at leadt 4 times per page. Pretty cool guitarist but his tone is so so bad....

Chuck Schuldiner. Awesome guitarist, tone however, is very weak and thin. Leads tone on Symbolic is quite nice tho.

Jeff Loomis lead tone on Dreaming Neon Black.. Rhythm tone is chunky and hollow, not everyones cup of tea, but it fits the album very well. Leads, meh...

Now for awesome tones.
Loomis on Enemies of Reality (Sneaps remastered edition ofc) sounds killer, especially rhythm.
And for godlike tone - Muhhamed Suicmez (spelling!!!)

jut turn on pretty much any tune and jizz, jizz everywhere
Do you anchor?
Your problem might very well be caused by anchoring. If you anchor your palm it could restrict hands movement accros the strings.

If you dont, however, then there is only one answer- keep peacticing.

You could try to switch up the picking from "outside" to "inside" or vica versa

Outside - you pick lower string with downstroke, higher with upstroke. For instance - low E (6th string)and A(5th string). You downstroke E and upstroke A. Outside.

Inside - upstroke lower string , downstroke higher one. Same E and A. Upstroke E, downstroke A. remaining between these 2 strings.

Good luck
Quote by madmax33096
I'd have to disagree with that tone. The only thing I agree with is cranking up the mids.

Personally, I can a super great tone by keeping the treble a little more than halfway, cranking the mids, Boosting the bass up quite a bit (It makes the tone sound a bit fuller IMO), and Gain about 3/4 of the way up. You don't want to have the gain completely high up because you'll lack clarity and it will sound like a can of bees.

Try that on for size and see if he goes along with it.

EQ configuration depends on the amp, some are bass heavy, others trebly etc. Personally i love me some lows, but my randall has good deal of them by default
I run bass 6/10, mids 10/10, treble 8/10
Satriani - midnight

quite easy, will get you started