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I introduce you to this track here below. C4C as promised in the title!

dunno sequence u were doing in the beginning it but it was cool after that was ehh I guess u were doing some experimental rock there which isnt a bad thing doing something catchy would catch the listeners ear = ) keep that in mind

far as ur technical abilities well it wouldnt be fair for me to say your overal ability just from one song so ill just say this ur fast ... the kind of potential speed that can be capable of doing mind blowing shred licks i think with more practice you'll be well on your way

a personal advice for future songs whether your doing fast lines or other technical stuff stay musical ... hope this helps glad I could listen

If you will c4c
well done, this was very relaxing , the drums n rhythm really bring out a post rock feel...

the solo was nice reverb or not. do I hear potential in ur playing sure do ... I definately hear some buckethead influences in your playing aswell (especially with the Kill switch hehe = ) nice)

I also hear "Collapse under the Empire" I dont even know if your familiar with that post rock band but there amazing if you were looking for recommendations that band would be right up ur alley I think

also almost forgot to mention that your composition was done very well ... fluid /smooth

anyway great track keep playing ... Im alil curious to ask how long you've been playing mate?

and if you will
*Slice through the chaos*

beginning had a Batman/James Bond type sound ... I like the electronica style sounds good I dont have anytype of effects near close to the effects your using ... keep it up = )
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honestly, a good teacher is personal. one can't get a good idea until they actually try them out and they either click with them or they don't.

personally i would say it's not worth it simply because you can find a lot of his ideas and what not on youtube for free, not full length but still some useful tips. plus, there are SO MANY lessons on yourtube, on this site, on other sites, books, magazines, DVD's, etc...

and also to be honest, i've seen his stuff. you don't really need more than the free stuff on youtube. seriously, don't waste your money. find a good teacher you can play with one on one if you like going that route.

i learned to play by listening and by watching people play. just put on youtube and start looking up stuff. i can't stress enough that there are SO many lessons out there, and a good amount of the ones i've seen have actually given me something i didn't know or maybe didn't think about. when i saw tom's youtube clips, most of what he said i already knew. but i knew for free from watching youtube, magazines, books, DVD's, etc...

a better site i think is again, lots of free useful stuff, but also more in depth things i think you can pay for. but the free stuff is always useful. he has lessons going all the way to just starting guitar so you kind of have to go through those to find what you want. his personality and attitude are a lot more inviting and friendly i find too, which is a plus.

6+ months after thread posted Wow still getting feed

yea thanks Alan wise advice this thread was actually made like what maybe a year ago not to knock off any one who was late to the party = ) i was just alil curious about Tom Hess n if i would benefit from taking online lessons from him ...

but that idea has been longgggg out of my head I never went through with this Compared to my guitar playing Tom is well beyond my current ability technically in shredding n phrasing n stuff but as a teacher not for me personally but yea admins u guys coulda closed this thread long time ago lol
Hey UG

so I spend half my pay check on buying Ez drummer and Ezplayer pro in hopes i'd Finally have a drum software

Ill just get right to it I have no idea how to export Grooves in Ez drummer and the only recording soft ware I have is SOnar LE but even tho I drag and Drop grooves there I dont hear the clip or It doesnt play the whole pattern so I read later that only Sonar 5 and up will let you use ez drummer

anyway could use some help if anyone know How I can Export Ez Drummer Files ... if not i may just have to wait and buy a software that can do ezdrummer
"Sky high" I liked this song very ambient some parts it had almost a hint of scaryness but that could of been intentional by adding diminish flavor. for the most part the song was relaxing so good job here. not much more to say about that track , "interlude" was another experimental track almost felt like i was in a carnival or something (thats a good thing imo)

"Still some Fun Times to be had" was Much needed well that was my first impression when I first heard it i was like oh cool this was mellow and I can relate but even this turned out to be an experimental track bizarre alil heh = ) lol think experimental music has its unique side anyway although anyway I enjoyed listening to your album thanks for sharing

N also about your comment on my thread earlier, I tried clicking on the link to your page the same day you posted on my thread but I kept getting page error so after several tries i just kinda just gave up sorry = / (and I actually never promised c4c on my thread but usually I do if asked) anyway

despite the comments/critique earlier seem to make u come off as borderline "A jerk" you actually are a good musician (a very good one) I think so despite first impressions just keep playing you have talent and you play well would like to hear more solo in ur stuff but thats just "Personal Preference" lol
Well I dont know what everyone else said about this I try not to read other post before I've commented = ) but the first thing that came to mind was the band Crush40 was in (sonic Adventure soundtrack) anyway i like the vibe of the song can feel the energy i thought the composition was well played rhythm,tone, timing all good

I felt maybe a lil solo in there and I think u'd be all set but even as it is now ur song is pretty good alone I dont know if u were doing an instrumental track or if someone was singing over this so I wouldnt know but Im a solo guy so for me Id like to here some sort of solo in tracks even if its a short one

anyway great track thanks for posting if you would *C4C*
Hey UG this is a track I originally started around 4 months ago but never got around to finish n the track was so old when I went back to try and remake certain parts couldnt be deleted for some reason so I had to kinda work around that but anyway majority of this track was recorded back late january so as far as "my timing" it wasnt as tight as I could get it now but it's still a great track I think anyway hope you like

Feel Free to push the "Like Button" if u like
Whats up UG if you've looked at my previous thread (Instrumental Rock/Experimental) this is the final version of that where I've edited some parts and added some ideas in there to make the track sound more interesting I think. anyway hope you like
for a guy like me who listens to ambient music alot I've got to say this is right up that alley as far as genre Im thinking Instrumental Electronica/Post Rock. which is a genre I listen to alot uhm I like this idea , felt like it needed something over it in the beginning

at 0:51 and 1:30 a very mellow vibe here maybe some kind of harmony or some kind of theme would really compliment this sectioin alot because you already have the background set this track reminds me of linkin park abit overall I heard your "cause n effect" track aswell I think u fit right in with post rock stuff man = ) solid track thanks for posting
Hey man Thanks alot I appreciate the Feed back and personal opinions on the track it means alot I've only been able to improve on my song structure from critiques and feed back from ppl like you so thanks for listening
Hey UG am uploading a track I recorded cant figure a name for this yet so but anyway hope u like
First off I just wanna say My apologies for not critiqueing sooner I've been real busy I've been stumpt with things but I didnt forget about u , anyway regarding this modern rock 8 track I like it am interested in the tone and the phasin thing u did in the intro, this sounds really nice
I enjoyed it keep up the good work = )
i Know this Bridge pickup AT-1 has a nice Solo Tone but can it do metal rhythm well this is prolly a Dumb question I know, but I would like some opinions about this
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I just popped a Dimarzio AT-1 and a Liquifire into my Ibanez SZ70. The two work VERY well together. For obvious reasons the Liquifire can really nail the Sfogli and Petrucci kind of tones.

I'm not sure I'd go for an EVO. Too bright and harsh where the AT-1 is anything but. I've got a set of Breed pickups in another guitar, and the Breed neck pup would also go really nicely with the AT-1.

liquifire hmmm
am just curious out of these three pick ups



D activator

Would compliment an At-T (Andytimmons) Bridge pickup? am just curious any advice
Hey guys I could use some help I purchased an Andy Timmons "AT-1" humbucker Bridge pick up and Need some advice on a Neck Pick up that would Compliment the AT-1 any advice

Am thinking about Picking the Dimarzio Evolution for the Neck but im not sure if it would compliment the At-1 bridge pickup

Artist's with the tone Im looking for would be


Andy Timmons

Marco Sfogli

Neil Zaza
yes please pm me that would be great

and also I fixed the link on my Thread
Hey nice track I like the riffs nice and a bit catchy ... the vocals had that haunting kind of feel at first but hey what did I expect lol its metal personally Im more of an instrumental metal if anything but anyway the vocals did have a mastadon influence I thought but that could be me , Nice transitions and bells u were using I thought that part had a ambient atmosphere which was ok overal good /not bad can tell you've been playing for a while


wow Fell in love with this track has that awesomeness = ) like how it had that chemistry with what the drums were doing dude epic... I already know im going to be listening to that track all day would love to know what effects you used well sir I dont know if its just you or a band altogether but it takes musical Talent to compose a peice like that will be keeping an eye out for more of your work GS Good ish for real = )

if you dont mind
Hey UGers just wanted to share a new song I wrote inspired by the great game Mass Effect hope you like
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If you want to play an eight, get an eight. I jumped from six to eight. If you're waiting to get better on a six-string... you're going about it the wrong way. You will never stop discovering new things. Get the beast you want to play with.

In my case, that happened to be an eight-string. I find having it in drop E just rounds out the instrument so nicely in every way.

you know what ... I think I will try out both 7 and 8 string guitar at a music shop and then decide which one I would like better ... I guess the reason I might be leaning towards 7 over 8 is because I still like the lead stuff I can do with my 6 as far as "Bending" strings and I know with 8 the frets get wider making it harder to do some of the bends and stuff I can do more comfortable with at a 6
Has a Great Vibe man has a post rock kind of feel abit ur Katelyn did a good job on vocals can hear alot of soul which I think embellishes the feel of the song, Dan pro performance on the guitar and the recording was great = ) I enjoyed it
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I really like it! Very interesting guitar tone, what kind of gear are you using? Great playing as well, I always like supporting fellow Christian artists, please check out my work. Link below, keep up the good work man.

Hey Griffin thanks for the compliment ... Im playing through a BossME-25 foot pedal (multieffects) alot of the tone came from that and my Ibanez Rg321mh with (Air norton+Steve's special pickups)

but regarding the specific gear I used to get that sound was I added abit of phaser, on the tone cant remember if the phaser tempo was sped up or slowed town to get that tone I forgot but if you have a phaser , play around with it until u get the tone u like

= )
= ) thanks guys this was very helpful
Hey UG, I play a 6string guitar, I hear bands like animals as leaders mainly for the chord voicings and their rhythm stuff at the same time I Love soloing am a big fan of Buckethead and Marco Sfogli and I like the 6 string for leads,

My thing is I would like to have a guitar where I could do lead soloing stuff "AS comfortable as 6 string" but also have the options of nice chord voicings that a guitar with more strings could offer so

any advice on whether I should go 7 or 8 strings ....or stick with my 6 string
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Interesting. I personally would suggest perhaps leaving more "air" (less playing) around the backing guitar. Silence is as important as the notes played. Seems they somewhat compete with each other. Just my opinion.... it's your tune.
My question came from reading the thread title; How are we to know it is Christian, other than the Jesus pictures? No words equals no "Praise the lord" etc. Other than that, you "nailed' it .... sorry for the jokeish line there.

Yea Someone asked the same question on another site , to pretty much sum it up it this song/solo was more of a dedication.... was inspired to play this while reading a book called "No wonder they call him savior" and I guess to answer your question regarding "No words equals no "praise the Lord" music is an expressive instrument , music its self is its own language so in a sense music can speak regardless lyrically or instrumentally... anyway I just dedicated the song to Jesus .... to me that makes it "Christian Rock"
Christian Rock solo (instrumental)

the Vibe of the song is in the title

"The Cry of loneliness"