So I wanted to add some pictures to this instrumental I wrote my videos arent monotized so I dont get paid for them at least for now but was wondering is it ok to upload pictures I've downloaded from google or a free wallpaper site to add on youtube or what I've contacted a site asking permission to upload a few of there free wallpapers but its been two weeks n no on has emailed me back so im like do they care
really? would that work

I actually have a Sonar Le (recording software) now im wondering if my current software would work with the line 6 pod xt live
Am new to the line 6 but I was thinking bout buying one of these foot pedals "Used" But im not sure if its going to come with the recording software that supposedly comes with it when u buy it new so my question was Could I download the recording software online for free or do I need the cd that comes with it new
Attack of the Killer bee's - very creative n mysterious , I think this would be a good soundtrack type , preferably a game soundtrack or a soundtrack from a anime tv show or something

Will you now - I like the vocals n where u were going with the song but after bout 2mins in It started to sound alittle repetetive I guess I would try to add something else or go into another direction with the song n then if u wanted to come back but just adding something else would help alot too

44opus magnum - nice had a classical vibe to it then u compeletly turned alittle spain like then eventually sounded like a soundtrack Everything from there on out was pretty epic I liked the effects you were using

= ) great job
Hey Adrianore19

heh pretty cool solo ; ) together with the rhythm part it really gave it a warm tone, kind of reminded me of when the sun is coming down = ) love the delay . great job man,I can't wait until this is complete would love to hear the full thing = )

if you would
Hey Ug heres another original instrumental I've been working on this for the past couple of days has alot of different influences
Quote by Jehannum
. I'll wait patiently for the next part,

thanks and yes I am working on a second part to this to put this all together = ) just figuring out if the 2nd part should be in the beginning of the song or continue where part 1 left off
Hey bro,

Nice tune here, you've added some interesting dyamics to this, the wah sounded pretty awesome n the drums n rhythm section stayed in tact. I like some ideas you had in the middle of the song = ) just before u kicked it up with the guitar, as far as the vocals If I could combine two artist's this reminded me of I would have to say The killers. and Radio head = ) nice and also good to hear songs with a solo. I havent been hearing alot of those lately just all vocals

Also I Iliked the sound of the recording, it sounds proffesional n another thing I like is it seems as tho the volume of the "Band" and your "Vocals" blended in nicely not one is too louder then the other they seem to have that balance you know

anyway great job here (i listened to this like 6 times in the past half hour = )

keep playing
Hey bud,

This was hmm err bizzarre lol sounded alittle diminished at first n once the synths started to kick in it started to feel like it was resolving uhm I liked how you approach this , i dunno if u were just messing around or what inspired you to play like that but its cool

I think if u play stuff like this before playing something like a song that is tonal the audience would even appreciate it more one of the guitar players I listen to buckethead would play something thats maybe atonal or diminished for a bit then would play something that is mellow or something n it sounds great when he does it

anyway after listening to this track like 5 times Im starting to like it more, good job here n you've given it a good name too Scruff = ) fits perfectly
hey man,

Just want to say I've listened to alot of styles on this site but its nice to hear this style everynow n then I like the vibe that this track is letting out, in the beginning I thought the drums were alittle off but as I listened again it was fine anyway I liked your vocals, reminds me of Interpol actually this whole track does. but nice job here = ) btw was the "EZ drummer you used free?

n if you would
Hey bro,

I like this track , the drums sounds nice n your tone is pretty sweet as well as your playing , I like what you did at 1:15 that was pretty heh ; ) n was feeling the bass part at the end. I guess my only thing would be that the song ended to soon for me but hey i can always push the play button = )
anyway great tune this would be perfect to play for Halloween I think some parts had alil ambience that felt like your walking in the dark

if you would
Quote by HGaniere
I like the chorus feel to the song man! But there's just one thing missing to me. It's just missing more instruments. Like a nice solid drum beat, and another instrument for melody. Besides that the guitar playing is a 10/10. I can see the Buckethead influence as well.

Hey thanks alot for the kind words aswell as the critique I think adding other instruments will add more flavour to the track appreciate it, will keep this in mind
hey Thanks stone for the critique yesturday felt alittle down after I heard " This vibe has worn out its welcome"

but then today as im reading ur crit again I notice u were refering to the intro melody has still been playing maybe I could have shortened up that part. which is cool I can live with that. for this recording It was kinda ment for a improvisation kinda bluesy thing going but I think I could have added some other stuff or changed the rhythm section for a different rhythm or just go outside for a bit then bring it back

n I will def take the advice about "Building" other things into this or with any idea so thanx
hey Stone thanks for the critique, n about that harmony thing yea I was actually thinking about that , the reason I didnt add it was because I had a harder time tryng to do that riff at a higher part of the fret board as smoothe as I was able to on the lower octave

also didnt know you could compose drums on guitar pro is that free? am also thinking about buying Superior drummer or EzDrummer but my only concern was could I adjust the tempo of a drum pattern on either of those softwares? that will prolly determine my decision
Hey bro,

interesting track here I say that because first of all this has such a nice vibe aswell as nice phrasing but also your guitar tone seems to have an influence of another instrument ... the saxophone = ) which made this track sound even more exotic, ur mixing was great aswell, the bass n keyboard flowed well I cant really find anything that needs improving from my pov atleast very warm n mellow (is the word I like to describe it) keep up the good work = )

if you would critique one of my vids
this was an old vid I uploaded earlier in the year
I guess in the meantime im waiting for another one of your mixes I can do a critique on this one = )

As always your recording sounds professional just getting that out of the way, great tone esp during that bluesy solo that was pretty sweet I think this was the first mix of yours that I think I actually hear some blues influence which goes to show

it seems like every track u make ur tryng something new for example this is also the first time i've heard vocals in ur music which goes well with this btw. ur pretty versatile man I like how each song u also do something that the listener maybe doesnt expects but is satisfying to hear. cant really find anything that needs improvement I really enjoyed listening its been inspirational = ) keep up the good work
Here goes another Video , doing some shred practice would love to get some critique n hear what you all think
Hey Stone,

I really enjoyed listening to this track I found myself daydreaming to this when I listen that melody you did a couple of times is what drew me in I think im starting to understand what "proggressive rock/metal" is now that I've listened to a couple of your songs man, am really digging the personality of ur playing I had a question about your drums man is it a program u use ? or is it you

anyway great job here
= )
= ) nice Cover you transitioned well n your notes were clean even tho you were playing with distortion (something im tryng to improve on) anyway overall great job I liked it
if you would
Message in a bottle huh , well I did use to listen to that song alot maybe I was alil influenced by them anyway thank you for the feed
cheers = )
This is interesting, kinda like several influences bottled into 1 Like i know you mentioned mastadon n I can definately hear that at "1:51" but some of this reminds me of alil Deftones n Buckethead n also some mellow post rock in the beginning and then that spanish style at the end nice all those styles uhm can u say Virtuoso

n that part were it sounded you were tapping was pretty cool
From my point of view as a guitar player listening to your playing I cant find anything that needs improvement I think i might be becoming a fan now, if you had a youtube channel or something i could watch/listen more that would be nice btw you gotta tell me what C4C means ... i keep seeing that all over

If you can spare a moment
as far as recording goes I've only just recently started recording though a software program so i could only tell you little

if your looking for Equipment. Save up is all I could say maybe get you a 20-30watt to start out man unless your looking for something more. an amp with reverb would help your sound I think n I hear tube amps are good.

as far as your playing man , you have good rhythm n with the song I can picture it in my head what your playing reminds me of Jack white alittle

anyway Stone made some good pointers, For your Volume I would try to find that balance with guitar,bass,drums etc. I myself have had trouble with this in the past but if you could like the guitar could set the tone of the volume , bass maybe abit lower (when u do get a bass) and drums maybe right up there with guitar and yea I would turn down the gain on that thing abit

your drums i cant comment on ur doing better then me with that , I have a little Zune Foot pedal that i mostly use for its drum machine, but when recording through my Sonar LE software its kind of useless cuz i've found that I can only record it over an amp and even then it sounds horrible so I have to find something that works. but yea uhm just save up man no worries. this may or not be "good news" but Black friday is right around the corner
heres a song I just uploaded , it def has some influences in there anyway if you wouldnt mind *critique*

would love to hear some feed back
O_O wow this is intense , im pretty much with JDawg on this never heard much of their songs other then (F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.) but it sounds pretty epic you did your thing on this Stone !!! and this style is different from your others nice to know you play different styles ... really feeling this nice shred runs , they were fast and fluid , am curious to know how long you been playing man but anyway just keep playing man

(n sorry my other vid with the broken link try this one)
Hey Very nice Stone Shaker! warm n mellow and I liked the Vibe at the end great way to finish one influence I think i here I dont know if you listen to this band "At the Drive in" but I hear some of that in this. Do you have a youtube channel you've uploaded this on? well regardless "out on the breaks" I like it , keep uploading man great job
song I wrote hope you like , would love to know what you guys think
Hey UG , this is my attempt at Nottingham lace by buckethead I recorded using the Sonar LE software I kno some parts were a bit sloppy forgive me and my shred still needs some work ntm I def still need practice

EDIT: broken link has been fixed
hey if noone else has Ill try man, if I can figure out how to download that track , if not ill have to use another method whats the name of this song n the name of ur band
Song I wrote in the style of post rock , would love to hear some feedback from you guys , good or bad its all good
hey thanx for the feed back , n yea although it was a major scale I wasnt as familiar with playing major as I am minor n it threw me off a bit there , but working on getting more comfortable with the major scale. But yea thanx for the feedback
tryng to test out the sound quality recording with the Sonar Le software