hey guys, I have a youtube channel n I post videos of my guitar playing covers/improv. but my goal as a uploader is to get views, likes/comments uknow feedback and what not , recently ive had a couple of request for tabs on a cover I did and was wondering would giving out tabs help me with views or hurt me?
whats happening ug, I've been playing guitar for 2 in a half years, this was a riff Idea i made (Instrumental demo)

what you think?

thanx everyone for the advice. about a month after the talent show they said that i had been one of the better talents at the show and asked me to play the national anthem infront of the Azalea queen and some other ppl for the azalea festival that weekend i wanna say maybe 100-200 ppl I had to play infront of man... but i read this thread and practiced practiced practiced ,

had alittle fright right before i began playing so many ppl talking at once i thought not looking at them would help lol but it was infact the opposite i looked at them and began to be relaxed played the first note and the rest was on cruise - control just wanna thank u guys again for the tips advice encouragement
just heard the song recently and was alil curious about the tone for his solo and was curious if the gear that I have could achieve a similar tone

i have a Fender G-dec3thirty amp and
boss Me-25 (guitar multiple effects pedal)

and a g1x next zoom foot pedal (which I only use for the drum machine cuz the tone on it isnt that great)

kudos for fast response = )
Thank you thank you (wasnt expecting fast response)
my birthday today and was planning on treating myself to buying an Ibanez Rg471ah (Natural flat color)

guitar in a couple of days Now I told my self the next guitar I buy my goal was to ad dimarzio Breed(neck) Evolution (bridge) pickups
that being said I started to listen alot of andy timmons lately and read in a magazine that he uses dimarzio cruiser(neck)/ at-1 pickups (bridge)

although im not sure if at-1 can do some heavy rock/ some metal tone like shred stuff where as i know evolution is pretty much a metal sounding tone

anyway if anyone on ug that has tried out the at-1 and evolution any advice would help

btw I dont have the money to buy both pickups to try them if i could i would


well i think i might have found a way ^^ after viewing this link im gonna give it a try hopefully it works
, I cant seem to find the bypass mode on my Fender G-dec3thirty amp

well I just brought a drum machine foot pedal (g1xnext) , problem is the drum machine and my amp preset w/e its on interferes with the g1xnext drum patterns where I get static which is hard to ignore so ive been looking to see if the fender g-dec3thirty actually has a bypass mode on it?
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so According to "Guthrie govan" its an dominant pentatonic thanx Mdc
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I watched the video and basically this is a D minor pentatonic with a major 3rd instead of a minor 3rd just like i thought. You don't need to see it as a new scale, it's just a slight alteration of a scale you may already know.

that might be why he's playing 3 notes on some strings rather than a typpical 2 note per string for pentatonic
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Have you found the sound you were going for at least ?

it might be, but sometimes its hard to tell right off the bat you know, once i can learn it over the whole fret board and get familiar with it ill know, but from listening to it , it sounds nice

personally Im really looking for the "Andy Timmons - Carpe Diem" sounding scale but thats for another thread discussion,
the guy on the vid didnt speak to much of the scale If I knew the name I could perhaps find/ and learn more

What I know : Its an indian scale

What I dont know : The name
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Download the DAW Reaper for free, then download the trial for Addictive Drums. Use Reaper's midi editor to make the beats.

lookin for something simple.... downloaded both and confused as to where to go from there
am a guitar player n was wondering is there any free software out there that I can create drum rhythms to help my playing ,
yea, i guess its a learning process, will definately do things differently next time, however ill have to work on not tensing up and being relaxed when im playing infront of ppl who u have to tune out cuz of distractions
I been playing for 2 years, Ive just played my first live performance on march 2 at a talent show I felt I did ok, I did make some mistakes however The audience cheered very loud when I was done and I felt I did great but it wasnt till after the show that I started to realize ive could have done better on my part I say this for mainly 2 reasons

for one thing I didnt have a foot switch to switch between my tone and I didnt think to choose "quick access" on my amp that allowed me to switch back n forth with specific tones so when it came time for me to play an improvised solo part i was startled at first, and unconsciously I was in the middle of playing I stopped to put the pick in my mouth, turn up the amp volume and grab the pick and try to start playing again..... (shouldnt have done that)

and my 2nd thing was there was a part in the song where i start playing a 3 three chord prog. at a fast tempo and I either at one point played the chords in the wrong order or played a chord that I didnt mean to play, I quickly recovered but it had startled me because those chords were not hard to play at all but i guess with adrenaline and all my hands were pretty much moving on there own

any way although Im glad to have gotten my first performance out of the way I took a big step that day playing infront of around 30-50 ppl , I really need to work on being better prepared and being relaxed while playing in front of others, so I can do well onstage

anyway thanx for the encouraging words and tips in my last thread

(I played BH - Night of the Slunk)
Hey guys, got back from the Talent show and man am I glad i got through that Ended up playing the rhythm part of "night of the slunk" by Buckethead with an improvised solo

I must say, the Real thing no lie if ur not use to it feels alil intense playing Live I think maybe it was because once I started playing I did begin to tense up and if i think if u tense up while ur playing live along with all this adrenaline ur tryng to tame its kinda like putting weights on ur guitar playing (means i need to practice even more and try to play infront of ppl more)

when it was all said n done they cheered very loud while I was playing for me i went out to the park to relax my mind earlier that day, and i wasnt really afraid when the time came but once I started playing it was like Sooo much adrenaline

with this being my first live performance and playing for only 2 years everything I was playing out of instinct so focuzd on playing was zoned out of I was kinda watching my self play, while I was playing I thought I saw a couple of ppl pull out their cellphones start taking pics oh boi lol but I ignored it
lol thanx for the encouragement guys, n was curious if anyone had any tips for "Preparing for an improv. solo before hand, cuz i kno some days i can improv. better then other days was just curious if listening to the backing rhythm over n over ahead of time will help,
thanx guys , Sean

didnt kno if tom could really help or just tryna get money
Thanx Guys , I knew somethin was up, Ill stick to Jamplay and i have a personal guitar teacher who i go to every week for 25$


pepper brown does lessons, Online? (am big fan of buckethead) if he has a online lesson site link me
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Honestly, probably not.

If you have the ability to learn on your own, I would go that route.

What are your goals as a guitarist?

well for now i want to get better at improvising in the styles of instrumental rock /blues/metal/fusion

n work on my rythym skills a bit
am Skeptic about takin lessons with him, after some research ive gotten some Mixed Reviews about Tom Hess but not enough to sway my decision either way, so I dunno

atm I like my lessons at n i've also started taking lessons with one of my old guitar teachers I used to learn from

any way Jam play i get lessns 19.99$ a month
Guitar teacher - 25 $ a week

Tom Hess lessons 55$,once a week or every two weeks

I kno in some cases u get what u pay for but i dunno, Has anyone here Tried his lessons?
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...and whatever you do, don't make a face or yell "Oh, shit!" when you screw up... both of which I've seen several times. True story.


(i have a couple of videos on here u can take a look at my current skill)
well was thinking bout playing 1 or 2 songs

Bach partita in DM (altho it has many notes i can play this almost automatic)

Star wars theme/ Dark Vador Theme

Willy wonka - Pure Imagination

Halo - with improvised Solo

BB king - THrill is gone (improvised solo)

gonna pick 1 or 2 of these to play
2 weeks until this talent show, ive played infront of others before but this is the first time Ill be playing infront of an audience id be lying if I said i wasnt nervous

Any tips with dealing with Nervousness, want to be able to have the confidence to play 120% and not like 30% if that makes any sense

anyway Ive been playing for about two years n I feel like I gotta start somewhere

a couple of days until the talent show Ive actually been relaxed about it, not as nerve recking as i was once i started practicing outside at the park n i went in front of the movie theatre n practiced *no amp or anything but just playing with my guitar

the two songs ive decided to play (still not sure which order lol but w/e)

Halo 2 theme cover - w/improvised solo(so the solo at the tal. show will be different)


Bach - partita in DM (classical)
do any of u guys have any vids of u improvising, id like to hear ,from another guitarist perspective
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I'd would say first thing to do is LISTEN TO LOTS OF MUSIC!!!!!

Now when u say that, Do u mean , Listen to music as much as possible, or Listen to many different (artist,genres) etc.
lol school was not my subject , so theory for me is like = blah taking classes , luckily for me its about music which is why i learn some theory here n there but seriously my mentallity is .... Shut up and Play
before I couldnt care less about the Melodic minor but ill admit now
I am interested in learning this scale after I heard someone improvising using the Melodic minor scale

Then as I was listening closely to the solo it sounded alittle andy timmons like, and I thought that it did sound like Guthrie Govan alittle bit so was just wondering if they use that scale, if so then I will be learning this scale
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Oh lord... 170 posts or more, here we go

lol so hard for ppl on ug to answer questions when its about modes

u always get "I dont think you know your modes" Speech
been playing guitar for bout 2 years, have been interested in improvising for a while now i havent really went out n learned abunch of licks from others other then some stuff i tried to learn by listening to a couple of my fav artists,

but some tips someone told me on UG before was to try n "Make ur own licks" so thats kinda how ive been doing it
(as in this video of me playing halo theme with improvised solo)

would like to hear more tips on improvising, phrasing and alittle bit of shredding techniques or a recommended online instructor for instrumental rock/fusion/blues style
Fender G-dec 3 thirty i brought was 350$ (plus tax)

it comes with backing tracks u can jam over for practice or w/e n it has a phrase sampler/ and over dub which is basically you can record and loop over phrases u create , fuse software that comes with the amp allows u to download tons of different presets n backing tracks n effects not sure if ur an eric johnson fan but u cn get some of his signature tones on the amp

*Cliffs of dover* *Trademark*

tons of other stuff on it as well

playing Halo theme on the fender G-dec 3 thirty

(been playin for 2 years )