Ok So after playing it till 3am last night ive gotta say, yea this fender sounds better much better, I can definately notice the difference

Vox vt +20 strengths it an play clean stuff good, blues but tryng to find a lead tone for fusion rock/metal sound ... I can't do it

the bad part is most of the presets on the vox dont sound to well i usually got most of my tone from going manual mode which was alot better.

Now I wont take either amp for granted, that Vox that I had for bout a year was the best amp I had up till now, it had put my old ibanez / peavey (50-60$ amps) to shame lol well obviously what u spend is what u get the vox i had alot of fun with

all of my vids uptill now were played on the Vox vt+20 amp

this G-dec3 thirty is a real nice amp and it does sound better noticably, but that Vt+20 if ur new into amps maybe looking for ur second or third amp id reccomend the Vox Vt+20 it sounds good even tho its a practice amp its def a big step up from those 50/60$ amp
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That was a SALESMAN telling you it was better. The only way to know for sure is to try it out and see if YOU think it is.

good point , and I loved the vox vt+20, had to sell it unfortuneatly (effects were starting to get defective for example if i select tape delay knob it'll give me tremelo, If i did gold drive pedal knob , it would give me comp pedal) and I just brought the Fender G-dec 3 thirty home, it sounds real nice am still comparing it to the Vox,
the old G-dec 30 or the new G-dec 3?
Ok my reason for asking is well, I have a G-dec 3 thirty amp on layaway going to pick it up tommorow so could use some feedback/comments tonight I have a Vox vt+20 amp... (is starting to get alil defective) I stumbled on this fender G-dec 3 amp while searching for a replacement amp (i kno there millions of amps out there but am not here to talk about them just the (G- dec 30 comparison to my Vox vt+20 )

when I asked the guy that worked at the music store there about the comparison he says Theres NO COMPARISON! "G-dec 3 thirty much better" but I wanted to get some feedback /input/ from others just to be on the safe side...

ok all the other stuff aside which is a better amp? I only kno the Vox vt+20 sound ...
Just a quick question to those who are familiar with the Guitar artist Vinnie Moore, had recently heard a song from him and like his stuff

anyway wanted to know what scales he uses

the scale in this vid to be more specific
well so far, my vid is still up there so guess its good for now
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However, I very rarely use the actual song as a backing, I make my own with VSTs and MIDI etc. That will usually slide where as you playing over the actual song sometimes won't.

that could be a reason then , i mean years before i ever started posting vids ive seen covers of others who had a backing going on with the real thing im sure theres thousands , on youtube doing it

but if they ask me to take it down I will if its fine then its fine

no sweat
so u cant post covers of me playing one of their music?
hey , I know this question doesnt have much to do with the usual topics I post on here but I had posted two Videos up on youtube , wasnt long before i got a notice " these videos may have content that is owned by someone else"

ill post the vids and maybe someone could point out something

(black magic woman cover by Carlos santana)

End of the line cover by Metallica
uhm btw nice utube channel 1 ear

lol well two days or so heres my attempt at slap guitar so far lol I kept it simple since i dont know any of that funk slapping stuff just yet
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Sean: How does the Suhr play? I'd like to own one, it's on my "guitars to buy before I die list"...bit of a ways off though.

buy before I die list lol
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Attention to detail, compression, a Shur Shiba, Guitar tonewoods, Amps. There's a reason certain amps cost more than others. People pay for that level of tone.

You aren't gonna get your car to drive like a Ferrari, if it's not made to be one.

I happen to have the same combination of pickups that Guthrie has, because I paid a lot of money for the Suhr (which is what he plays) and those pickups, and all the other guitars that I own do not sound like that.

If you want that tone, you're out of luck unless you're willing to pay.



got it
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Also, sing it, with out even touching your guitar. If you can sing the 12 bar blues progression (even if your singings awful), you have it enteralised.

And do every thing that mdc said.

Ive heard someone say that before, am curious does it work, whats singing designed to do for ur playing? help u play vocally?
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but maybe theres still a party of me

Typo ..... "Part of me" = )
yea see i started playing about 2 years ago, im 21 now , so i dunno how fast ill be able to play five, ten years from now.

but maybe theres still a party of me (still being young n all)
that wants to drive that fast car like yea i can do the speed limit n follow the rules but everynow n then wanna take this baby out for a test run and see how fast I can go... kno what im saying...
(now ill admit i wouldnt ever try that with a real car i hope but i do think it some times)


honestly im really going for clarity, melodic, emotional soloing over being a completely devoted shredder. but at times feel like the solo needs climaxing and play something as fast as i can (buckethead style) lol for bout 20 - 30 seconds or so and then im good

lol sounds silly but i hope ya get what im saying but thats for another topic, i posted the thread question because i was curious if I would even have that burst of speed down the line as I got older or what ...
i think thats a good idea, listening to other instruments could be helpful

i had this vid of me improvising but am almost embarrased to post it on here lol (intermediate player n all)
keepin this short just wanted to know how i could start learning how to use the slap technique on the guitar (when ur slapping the guitar with both hands and using ghost notes

if ya not sure what I mean
hey just a random question plz dont judge me for it. ...

I know being a musician isnt like playing basketball or other sports where once u hit 35+ its bout time to retire. when I hear players like sach who's in his 50's and buckethead(40's) who's playing speed shows no signs of slowing down anytime time soon

my question is, is there a certain age where u can see ur playing speed slowing down?
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I'm not sure exactly if they're "useless", you definitely don't want your solo to sound like cut-and-paste from a textbook of licks, but that's generally how they sound when someone starts soloing. I recall when I started I threw the Chuck Berry Johnny B Good lick into absolutely everything I played.

Times have changed though (perhaps not for Santana who grew err backwards and now sounds like a guitarist imitating Santana) and I like to just crank out whatever sound I think will sound good. There is sometimes some reverting to "licks", just because I like the sound, and I want to stick the sound of that lick into a certain part of music. I guess the result is that licks are still employed to a certain extent, and between them is fleshing out a melody.

So yeah, useless? Maybe. Still crank out that Johnny B Goode lick though sometimes

keeping this short,

Is Jam play online lessons any good, its like 20$ a month and 49$ for 3 months personally price wise its the cheapest i had to pay for lessons, but are the lessons on the site worth it, hoping someone on the site who might have joined their site could give me some intel about the lessons
Right, guess i better get started ,very helpful
lol trying to apply some of them are
keepin this short, am intermediate guitar player looking to increase my lick library and improve phrasing and space , am aware theres alot of lick videos on u tube n stuff but alot of them are too much, am looking to start with basic licks then work my way up,
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eric gales is actually pretty good if you listen to more of his stuff. ive heard him get into jazz stuff too and he does a lot of the eric johnson type runs and whatnot. he is a bit sloppy though ill admit that. ive never really got into his music though, but i wouldnt say he isnt a good player. i dont really like his tone either. OP, there is actually a video on youtube of him going through his gear setup. i dont know if its the same as in the vid you posted though.

he also does some nice playing in it imo

Good work ty
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Distortion + Wah + Verb + delay

wow thats it?
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he's not particularly good, most of it pentatonic, he has distortion, tape delay, and wah. (p.s. you really wanna wanna see a black guy rip on guitar look up Jordan Stanley he's one of the best players ever )

lol stanley's good jazz musicians tend to be more technical/complex, i dont think eric gales is the best player out there, but his tone is an interesting one imo, dont know if he was improvising on that but it sounded nice, the tone <----
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Im just going to say this: Xiaoxi knows his shit incredibly well, creatively.

and thats what im talkin about some of the ppl on the site are like that, they know alot and could easily answer questions but instead they wanna act like trolls,

All m saying here is in future Either Answer the TS question in a unbiased manner or keep it moving, but dont come on here tryna clownin the TS like their an inferior being.

and its funny when ppl say , "I advise u to learn abit more" well one way to learn is by asking questions but unfortunately when I ask questions i gotta deal with who try to encourage u to NOT ask questions by posting negative comments
Quote by Xiaoxi
ionian - why
dorian - are
phrygian - you
lydian - talking
mixolydian - about
aeolian - modes
locrian - you
lydian b7 - goddamn
altered dominant - hippy
locrian natural 9 -

irrelevant, this guys obviously looking for attention by looking at his comments on other threads he does this alot

excuse me if i sound rude, am just lil irritated by the amount of trolls/spam starters on this site that show up in every threads judging and stereotyping the TS for asking common questions
i chose to ignore him, for bein immature...

20tigers gave me enough with the link

just was curious about what effects he's using for this song .. Wah pedal definately but is there something else lol if u can get that kind of sound with the wah pedal alone then wow i might buy one real soon

also , he's playing pentatonic right?
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do you have a certain tone in mind? a certain player in mind?

am really taking a liking to two these two individuals

(guthrie Govan)

and this asian kid on youtube (very talented for his age)
hope this thread doesnt turn into another topic, Im not here to ask What are modes or how do I play them im just simply asking
to describe to me what mood each individual mode expresses

for example

Aeolian - minor, Dark,

phrygian - spanish sounding

Dorian - bluesy

am hoping this thread will answer questions for others who might be wondering the same

(plz try to stay on topic)
(this is not a troll invite)
am tryng to get a rock fusion tone on my amp , mygear isnt the best atm most of my effects /tone come from my amp alone along with my pickups

Vox vt+20 with my ibanez rg321mh Air norton(neck) / steve's special pickups(bridge)
It's also popular with the intellectual African American community QUOTE]
Dam Right!!!
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I would love to hear it.

lol took me a while to finally get my hands on a recording device but anyway i put the vid on facebook!/Vulpineteknek

still learning... going on year two (almost two years)
want to learn the full gypsy scale (all positions on the fret board)

(b4 sum1 asks , yes I have search for it on other websites such as youtube with no luck)