IMO Neil and crush 40 band share a similiar tone anyway am a fan of both n was curious if anyone knew some tone/effects these guys use

^^ am tryng to aim for one of these tones atleast

Atm i only have a Vox vt+20 guitar amp with presets n effects on the amp already

(Dimarzio Air Norton+Steve Special) humbucker pickups installed into ibanez rg321
Neck Bridge
(beginner-intermediate) lesson on licks some scale lessons i think

(this guy has quite a few lessons on how to help ur soloing /phrasing) if ur into blues u might want to consider this guitar instructor
(if u wan learn about arpegios justin has a free online site that talks about arpegios

now if ur looking for inspiration to help u while ur playing to a backing track these two guys are good:
(inspirational to listen to , if ur into joe sach style)
(he specializes in improvising)
they also have lessons on soloing (try this if ur an intermediate n up)

anyway ill stop here, dont wanna overwelm u with links

hope I've helped....
Thnx@all , the info/comment/suggestions really helped

admins can close this

great cover had found a backing track to the original song n was wondering what key this song is in. And if ne one knew what scale he's most likely playng in this cover

*sounds to me like key of C#*
I Know the Minor/major Pentatonic

Aswell as the Natural minor scale

Major and blues scale im currently working on memorizing

and once i have those two down in memory at some point later i will learn the Harmonic Minor Scale
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Starting to get kind of sick of all these threads about modes....

yea me too, funny thing is my last thread all I had ask for was if one should learn more scales... somehow topic drifted from its root note lol
ok im no guitar expert, now what from what i just learned like recently im guessing thatwhen playing over a song/backing track or making a song , using all the modes in a song doesnt go well right? , if modes are type of feeling lol then ur song is gonna have crazy mood swings in the course of the song and it'll be hard to tell what kind of emotion ur tryng to create other then bi polar music

so ive been playing the natural minor scale for alil over a month and id try to play it all over the neck and didnt even know i was playing through the modes

first question:
are there few modes that sound good together? if so could u list some off the bat

2nd question:
if its recomended that u should play a minor scale over a minor progression
and a major over a minor progression then , should one also be recomended to play a minor mode over a minor progression and a major mode over a major progression?

minor modes for example - phrigian,dorian, Aeolian, locryian<-yuck

major modes - mixolydian, Ionian, Lydian
if u just started like within 3-5 months maybe just learn the basics chords n the first pentatonic shape , then gradually move on to barr chords n the rest of the pentatonic shapes as well as learning the major scale
thanx, im not really the country type but thanx for the links , i do like allmand brothers
mmm type bach or partita in c major

i learned my first bach partita in dm from that site

dunno if they have c major but u can take a look , hope this helps
playing fora year 9 months looking for a song with chords and maybe alil solo .. mood wise something mellow , or something with energy n catchy (or both lol) chords/ powerchords are good aswell as barred /open ect.

Example something that sounds similiar to the following:

Mellow - Staind , radiohead, God is an Astronaut, coldplay, fray, flyleaf

energetic - lol something raw vs smackdown kinda thing

(tons of music out there and ppl listen to different things so would be nice to see what links i recieve from members responding to this thread
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Major Scales are a great place to start on scales. Pentatonic scales are used vastly in a lot of music so definitely learn them (especially in your case lots of Rock/Blues solo's use the Pentatonic scale) if your into metal a lot of the solos are based on the minor harmonic scales. Those scales can cover a lot of your ass believe it or not, the trick is learning all the proper modes:

Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian

This will allow you to take your scale and compose it into a certain mode, each mode will give you a different flavor, for instance Phrygian is a good mode to incite the feeling of Anger.

I cant dive too much into this as this is a portion of playing I am learning myself, have you obtained any music theory resources? If not check it out online there is tons of free theory and it really helps.

I have been reading this guys theory and its been relatively straight forward to follow and I feel there is a ton of good info there to get you on your way to improvising some badass solos!

plz tell me more lol ur prolly he closest other then rob chappers to coming to explaining modes and i get it / understand what ur saying
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harmonic minor... nuff said.

been playing for a year and 9 months self teaching myself mostly some lessons from teachers here and their, lately been curious to improve my lead playing does one need to know many different scales (i ask because often when im improvising over a backing track i sometimes it sounds the same so was just curious

i love Eric johnson when he does his chord finger picking style , love blues, also would love to sound like sach/vai/petrucci the way they voice their solos (and of course buckethead)
was just curious if there was a name for a spanish / latin scale , personally spanish/latin style is kinda interesting to me , anyway just wanted to know if any knew of any latin scales if there were any.
was just curious about the song "Neil Zaza - I'm alright" about what key it was in ... my guess is C#

and i guess my second question is if anyone knew a scale that I could Improv. with this song that would go well

I know Pentatonic, Natural minor, gonna learn the Major scale
lol now how do i tune this thing to E- tune
now just gotta figure out how to work this thing... mainly how to get tabs on it
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Download Tux guitar (it's a free version of Guitar Pro), download a good tab of My Curse, and then you can change the tuning on the guitar to E tuning. Hey Presto! It's now in E tuning, and you can play along with it!

u have a link to tuxguitar?

been tryng to google it but i keep gettng redirected
just was curious if anyone was familiar with what effects buckethead was using when he played soothsayer and his live performance of White wash
My curse - killswitch engaged is a fav song of mine... would love to learn how to play this song and i think i could actually pull it off only

only problem is ... its in c tuning... and im not that familar with tuning c and would prefer to leave My guitar on E tuning
and also just messed around with the us blues... was actually not bad again took off preset mode i think thats what got me
am feeling the uk rock model .... but what I did was, take the presets off and did manual mode... and it sounds better
Sound/tone Influences

Eric Johnson - (chord voicings are amazing)

Crush 40 - (the years of sonic adventure on the dreamcast would love to sound like their soundtrack lol)

Buckethead - when he's doing those melodic solos it just grabs me by the throat

alot more but these three are really tones would like to emulate
SO been playin mostly on a clean channel for a year n a half(is how long ive been playing).. bought a Vox vt20+ amp bout 11months ago and it has some effects on it and while it sounds much better then how my older amps, i cant quite get the sound of what I want ehh for example trying to find a lead sound

so basically what im getting at is im tryng to develop a progressive/instrumental/ some post rock type sound when I play ... ive brought a 40$ basic boss distortion pretty much the only foot pedal ive brought actually but wasnt really satisfied maybe i should look for the next step up from that one but anyway i dont have as much experience with gear... so am asking for a lil help with picking pedals at least "some opinions or suggestions about what pedals i should save up for in the future"

not rich or even close so budget would like to keep individual item under 100$ -150$ max

200$ maybe 300$ for an amp although currently i have a VOx vt20+ i brought for bout 200$ and I like it and not sure if there is an amp for around the same price that is noticably better then again i havent tried too many amps either

Plz no trolls (if my wording is to long or isnt formatted thats easy on the eye i apologize)
never mind just learned the sus2 and sus4 were the same for the major and minor version of the chord... thanx guys
i figured out the major third

i think i can figure out the major sus2 and sus4 now thanx

can anyone show me a open string(no barr) sus2/sus4 chord, so ill use my ear to apply it to barr chordsi think i will have figured ths whole thing out
ok ty ... the last two post am getting it alittle... but if u could break it down/simplify it for me just a lil bit more "am still learning",so anyway stuff about replacing the fourth with the second.. i think if i saw a sus2 and sus4 with the cage as and example think i can figure out the rest kinda what MDC just did.... except show the sus2

and for the morons who have no life bout to post something stupid ,regarding this post,
(u dont kno what that is, omgsh how dum are u , figure it out urself noob) <---- post like this... uhm One day all these beginner/intermediate guitar players u talked down on and were being a total prick towards, they are all gonna be pro/master guitar players.... keep that in mind
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What is this... I don't even.

Natural minor and major scales are about as "melodic" as it gets, but any scale is only as melodic as you make it. I think what you want to learn are phrases and perhaps how to utilize your scales in an improvisation over different kinds of chord progressions.

yep that sounds bout right, thanx
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playing scales straight ahead could be very boring..but play melodic patterns withing the scale and your playing takes on a whole new a web search...type in melodic patterns for guitar....that should keep you busy for a very long time

play well


want to learn a melodic scale or a scale that can be very melodic...good for soloing

im an intermediate guitar player

scales I mostly use is the minor pentatonic scale and the natural minor scale