Vox VT+20 is around 200$

Fender Mustang I is 100$

but which is a better amp ?
UG sux at "helping" ppl with tabs ...mostly lazy

if im free this weekend and no one has posted tab ill do what i can man but no promises
Aight imma make this short and sweet

Want to learn how to play Sus2 and Sus4 chords using the caged system
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Steve Vai is extremely overrated. He's just saying that because he sucks. I'm not even trolling either. What technical ability does he have that Satriani, Yngwie, Rhoads, or Schenker didn't/don't? In my opinion he can't write a good song to save his life. I do not understand the hype surrounding this guy. Satriani on the other hand... he taught Steve Vai every single thing he knows. The only thing he has going for him is the guitar he designed.

never thought id hear that
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If you only want to know a trick and dont want to understand what you're doing then at least have the decency to google it instead of asking. That shows little respect.
If you really want to know HOW to harmonize a scale then this is the right place.

So it's up to you.

I didnt mean to sound like that ... (lazy/spoiled).... I had just gotten off work when i posted this thead n had school right before that and running on 4 hours of sleep the previous night... just wanted to post this thread up maybe, go to sleep wake up the next day hoping someone posted some tips .... and then get started on constructed major and minor chords

so yea I apologize If I sounded like that ...
... good thing i'm not a tourist asking for directions around the area

D major scale i can construct major and minor chords from the major scale but dont know about other type chords i can get out of the scale just yet and thats what i was tryng to get some info on on this thread but nvm i'll figure it out
hey UG , a friend who play bag pipe was asking me about maybe doing some rhythm stuff with him... his bag pipe is in the key of D major ... long story short i have to meet him some time next week and try to play something in dmajor and see if his bag pipe and guitar can work ... i dont have an acoustic so just electric
anyway yea am very tired atm so if anyone can list the chords in the key of "D" that would be great
i dont have premium/pro membership
yea but i need to buy premium right
hey UG ....

as if tryng to learn even the simpliest of bucketheads songs was hard enough with him adding something to the song makes u wanna say Come on mannn u aint got to add all that crap in there... i mean i like just about everything buckethead does with his songs ... he's my favorite guitar player but when ur tryng to learn how to play one of his songs its like (Mothaaaaaa #*@*@*@&#&#&#) know what i mean
(link to song)

anyway the song Shadows between the sky i really need help with the tabs think ive already made it towards the end just the last 25 seconds of the song i dunno wtf i need to be picking... for the love of God if anyone knows plz feel free to send the tab...

and if anyone needs to see someone actually play this song to have some kind of idea ... this one guy who prolly aint gonna give up the tab is playing the song so if anyone is good with ear and good at seeing it hands on this link might help u


Thank You have a great day

(now all i gotta do is wait a decade for someone to respond to this post)
ok, oh and is the a natural minor the same as a melodic minor?
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Learn how to harmonise that scale to make your own chords and progressions

any knowledge on how
hello UG

anyone right off the bat know any chord progessions I can use to apply an A natural Minor .... am learning the natural minor scale and would like to try to improvise a bit with some chords to help with solo practice

hey guys had just learned the Natural minor scale the 5 positions and well im gonna practice this scale alot so i can memorize and eventually know it by heart... anyway my main question was

when is it ok to play natural minor scale like over what kind of chords? and is it a versatile scale

I learned the scale in the key in A ... soon as I feel comfortable with all 5 positions of the scale ill most likely move the scale to a different key ....

thanx UG
that explains it then , ok ty
Hey UG,

need help adding these link/images as actual images in my sig

first one

2nd one


ok appreciate the comments/tips/advice ......House quake, and s31770 and some others i think your post has given me a general idea of what practice can actually do... from what im getting the more u practice even if u started late ... ur playing will eventually begin to excell lol reminds me of some dbz training lol(wheres the hyperbolic time chamber of music)

well i love to play , it doesnt feel like a chore at all and i enjoy it ...
cant seem to find the page where i can change my avatar picture into one of my own
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Just cause no one around you plays an instrument doesn't mean anything. I started that way and I'm mostly self-taught. I got into a prestigious music school. Your situation doesn't matter near as much as your drive and dedication.

It just sounds like you're making excuses now.



You get a clap-box, cause UG only allows 9 smileys per post.

smh completely missed the point of why "i was asking questions"... dude if u got something negative on ur mind just dont bother posting up here cuz i dont need it. cuz before u know it this whole thread will be nothing but spamm post from ppl who dont have anything better to do with their life other then talk"uknowat"

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age vs practice... the whole subject isn't even relevent. You never stop changing in terms of musical taste, but when it comes to technical ability and how much theory you can actually understand, you can and will plateu after so many hours. Leaving you in a state where you will just develop/change what music you play natrually etc

so, get practicing. also apparantly I just pretty much said guitar is simliar to an MMORPG loll. It is though, phyiscally as a human you can only play so technical and there's only so much theory to understand. It's how you apply it bro's

lol mmorpg.... big smile just came over myface thanx alot bro
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Well, starting at a young age is definitley a benefit but you are limited to how good you can get because your fingers are small, so who knows? You can get to a pretty impressive level in 3 years if you practice about 2 hours a day I've found...

thanx man..
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What is a few years difference going to do? Joe satriani is 55, does that mean anyone under the age of 45 can't play his music?

If you want to get as good as your heros on guitar, quit moaning on the internet, fueling these stupid threads and do something about it, I'll give you a hint, it's called playing your guitar.


looks like someone forgot what it was like when first starting out i made this thread to get answers, i dont come from a background where everyone around me has musical experience, i joined this site as a way to rememdy that , hear from other guitarist who have experience
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Sorry, I wasn't trying to disagree with you, just adding my own perspective

Additionally somehow there's two topics, one about whether you can still become good when you start at the ripe old age of 20, and another one about making a living purely from being in a band. So I think we're getting our wires crossed.

yea lol howd this get off the subject.. honestly joining a band and trying to make it , is not what is on my mind atm just focusing on playing for hours just bout everyday and continue to get better.... just had this mental wall i had to get over.... was so worried i couldnt get good bout been only playing a year and a half and now I look at what i can do now Bach partita in dm, CLiffs of dover, purple haze, end of the line-metallica other songs , lil fingerstyle,funk,jazz, blues. yea man i just had to visualize my goal again ... had asked my self all day today what do i want out of all this ........ to play music thats what .... prolly aiming for solo virtuoso stuff but for now just want to play music = )
thanx for the comments guys i kinda just needed to hear these things from other players who have experience to tell it how it is
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If you're really considering quitting because you are not as good as them at your age though, you might want to consider another hobby.

..... No thank you sir i like my hobby,
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Judging from your posts, you seem to be too preoccupied with where you stand compared to others. Play for you and be happy with your progress.

I started guitar right around my nineteenth birthday. After discovering music was my passion, I got upset that I didn't start sooner, thereby having a huge disadvantage compared to others. Then I played more, enjoyed myself and got over it. If you're in it for what other people think or how good you are compared to others, time to re-evaluate your goals and why you even bothered stepping foot inside the art world.

Not to be blunt--that's AeolianWolf's job--but it's time to get over it and enjoy yourself.

dont get me wrong i enjoy everyminute of playing prolly wush i had only picked up guitar earlier but nothin u can do about it lol but anyway ill prolly play as long as i live to be honest if God allows it
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What the hell?

So you didn't make all the choices you wish you had at age five. That's life for you. Just jam and live, quitting does you no good.

guess ur right... ill still continue and play , its just kind of a downer ... ur not gonna play as fast as satriani/vai/robchappers/buckethead lol instead it sounds like ill be playing like , some average joe
hey UG, Im 21 years old been playing since feb 2010 turned 20 like 2months after i started playing guitar , anyway i been playing for a year and a half now and i have a big question seeing as how alot of good players that inspire me

anyway my question now is Can practicing alot help the odds of someone like me be just as good as someone who played since they were little?

(had to edited this post ..... the reason i made this thread was cuz i felt the other day i stumbled on a brick wall mentally with my guitar playing and just started feelng a lil doupful(something that can happen when ppl are first starting out) n some ppl came on here reading this getting the wrong message (apparently i cant vent personal thoughts that im temporarily having without being judged the wrong way )lol

and im completely over that wall now btw
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To experience your best technical state at your physical prime, it is too late. The same concept as the concert violinist thing, only without the outside demands. Sure, there's nothing to say you can't be ultra-good but you wouldn't have reached the absolute potential you have to offer.

= ( AW MANNN i should just give up now then huh *Joking = )*
gluk bro,that song is amazing well put , if u can tab that whole thing man u'll have a good peice in ur arsenal = ) g'luk,
dam, that might be a hard one there , for me anyway i have a link to a web that has that song , its like a play along tab thing it plays the notes while it gives u the tabs , but uhm its not as fingerstylish as i think the video u put up is , but idunno ill let u be the judge

ty oh and can u just briefly describe what audicity is, im guessing some audio recording thing is there anything else to it, btw thanx will download this and , will get back to u guys on this after i buy the chord