LOL well maybe but to ppl who havnt yet been to that other side are unaware... from the gutar players that ive see there really good but later i find out theyve been playing guitar since 11,12,13 years old so I often get thoughts in my head, will i be able to play fast even tho i picked up a guitar late, will i even be able to be good at soloing

as i said in my first post im willing to put everything i got into this even now currently its been officially 1yr n a half and im still practicing just about everyday atleast 20 mins some days hours on in. I think ive made much improvement since last year and ive gotten faster and better playing wise and starting to feel as tho my foot is slowly getting into the door but still am far far from where i want to be playing wise
will do as soon as i can buy a camra or something i can record and put n the web
with thats cheap

this kid on utube did a cover of the song I'm alright originated by neil Zaza ... in this video clip some parts were different from the neil's. ok i pretty much know the song its just a matter of me practicing it .... i kinda just need help with ths 1 part that is 15 seconds long where he is tapping cant quite accurately figure his tapping pattern if anyone could help

ok when u click that link skip to 2:28-2:43 of the vid (unless u want to hear the whole vid) where u see him begin tapping

Ok now for those who are willing to try it out i will tab the notes out for u from what i can hear

Now to me it sounds like

(everything is all on the HIGH E String)

12 - 0 - 7 (4x fast)

9 - 0 - 5 (4x fast)

7-0-4 (4x fast) then 7-0-2 (4x fast)

2nd half the tricky part .....( keep index finger on 7th fret)

14- 7-16-7-12 (fast4x)

16- 7-1-7-12 (fast 4x)

14-7-16 -7-12 (fast 4x)

12-7-14-7-11 (fast 3x)

So there u go i did the hard part now all i am tryng to figure out is THE TAPPING PATTERN EXACTLY ? is a fun song btw and if u guys want tabs for it i can help to so anyway THANX ALOT , I KNOW THERE ALOT OF GOOD GUITAR PLAYERS ON UG.COM SO AM SURE SOMEONE WILL FIGURE OUT THE PATTERN SOON AND IF NOT THANX FOR TRYING ANYWAY = )
Hey UG




wow, is always good to come revist this thread. can help me stay motivated
err btw that link is actually a cover of the song and the version is slightly different then the originall (personally better)

been listening to that song for like months now and started tryng to learn it, and the first half practically know ll prolly have to learn the rest by ear but theres lke two sections that he does the first (1:51 - 1:55) i think he's arpegiating something... and then he starts tapping something in (2:28 - 2:42) havn trouble figuring out the tap pattern anyway if anyone has a good enough ear to pick up w/o too much time lol plz put a tab on this post plz , thanx

UG FTW = )
lol yea, for starters just wanted to know if anyone know of any songs with solos i could learn at my current time of playing
Hey been playing guitar since feb 2010 uhm i like blues/rock instrumental rock, prog rock, and one day will get lessons to start learning neo classical style

uhm been playing for a year and 5months now was wondering if theres any songs with solos that i might wanna learn tabs

Big FAN OF SOLOS like buckethead satriani and stevie ray vaughn (n jimi hendrix)
Its now July 17, but i officially learned the whole peice back in "June 24th" am still practicing on making it sound even better , anyway thank you guys for tips and advice ....
Ok guys its now May 08 maybe lil less then a month and i seem to have the first half of the song down while not as quite as fast as pauls its not so slow either my hand is kinda moving on its on abit ... ok am gonna keep practicing the first half for a few days then try to learn then try to get started on the second half around may 14 ( i started to learn the first half on april 14)
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Well... what's your amp? I can tell you're only after those pickups because of Buckethead being in your sig.

A better amp will have a bigger impact on your tone.

Vox vt20+
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Sounds like you need a thread all of your own for all your lovely thoughts

lol ,
hello UG am in the process of putting these two pickups on my ibanezrg321

Air norton(neck) + tonezone(bridge)

however ive never heard much of tones with these two other than few vids i barely managed to find on utube

If anyone have any knowledge on these two pickups review would be greatly appreciated
personally i prefer delay... delay delay delay

An old online guitar teacher once said "try to challenge ur self, try to play songs that are a lil challenging ...... YOu can DO IT!!!"
(link to the song)

Ive been playing guitar for bout a year and 2 months I really like the song Bach Partita in Dminor by paul gilbert version ... and i found tabs i kno its gonna take some time to fully play the song completly with accurate notes and speed , so I am prolly taking my first step into (BOI U are crazy for tryng to learn this) journey but anyway for u guys out there any tips for when learning a song like this

I was thinking maybe learn parts of the solo piece practice practice practice... then learn alil bit of the next part .. practice practice practice and so on and so forth

any advise guys ?
hey UG first off want to thank yall for helpn me with with selecting pick ups have made a couple of threads and appreciated the feed back

after few days it came down to either one of these

Air norton(neck)+ D'sonic(bridge)


Airnorton (neck)+ Breed Bridge

lol or shoot Im still thinkin bout Airnorton (Neck) + Tonezone(bridge)

any review or comparison would be helpful if any one of u guys have tried either of these pick ups any comments about them would be great
budget 60-80$ is prolly the most i could spend on one more set of pick ups

my gear? lol shoot just an ...

IbanezRG321 plugged into Vox Vt20+ amp (it has few stomp pedal effects n modulation effects in the amp)
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If you're looking for Jun Senoue's (Guitarist of Crush 40) tone, he has a Seymour Duncan Sh-12 bridge pick up in one of his guitars. The pick up alone is not going to give you his tone, the amp settings have a much greater impact.

Hope that helps

ah thanx lol ... can u put dimarzio and seymour duncan pickups in 1 guitar and work ... sorry still new
thanx guys, ive always loved music .... now that im learning to play the instrument i will prolly play till im old and then even more
Hello UG ... am looking for a good Bridge pick up to go with my Airnorton neck pickup ive ordered a few days ago ...

Im learning Lead solo,( blues,instrumental rock,prog metal)

Am looking for a bridge pick up that has that tone close to (Sonic adventure soundtrack from dreamcast)
ne one else? ive still got few days before i make decision
ive still got some time for any other combos ... the airnortons havnt arrived yet so i wont make a decision prolly till then
Thanx... yea ironically ive been checking out the dsonics digging ths sound i may consider it
hey guys, been playing for a year and Im at the point where i feel ok im not a beginner any more due to knowledge but want to progress as an intermediate something maybe a lil challenging but possible at my level so any tabs , blues,rock/classical fingerstyle/ lead, solo stuff, maybe even songs with more chords (can help my chord changing abit )

i can play
Praxis - animal behavior solo (buckethead)
Hey joe - Jimi hendrix
Wind cries mary - jimi hendrix
soothsayer - buckethead (intro-right up until solo time)
one - metallica (intro right up to the first hammeron crap in the intro
purple haze - jimi hendrix ( err just the intro/first solo/n pretty much the main chords in the song)
fure elise(fingerstyle) -beethoven ( like just 2mins into the song and is not as fast as song speed but getting there

uhm yea thats just some of the solo stuff that i know atm lol Most of the other things i know arent like full songs just bits of stuff which is why i want to start learning some lead /solo stuff to help me get better
if anyone can help thanx
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Carrot said what I was going to.
If you like a brighter tone, go for the evo.

hey guys i knko this song can be played without cappo but dunno how to play the full song or rather i dunt know the tabs for some of t notes on the song * i kno the song is based around chords*

so if someone could share it if u know it = )

would love that
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D-sonic/ Crunchlab if you like JP

d-sonic/ crunchlab gotta look that up thanks

any more combos?
Heyllo UG ... I have ordered Dimarzio airnorton pickups to replace my stock inf3 on my ibanezrg321

was wondering whats a good combination to put on the bridge

(i like proggresive rock/ ... instrumental lead solo stuff) I love the Buckethead's sound as well as john pectrucci

still undecided so far these are my combo ideas

Airnorton + Evolution

Airnorton + tone zone

oh and my price budget lol like 60-70$ for pick ups
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for blues and the ambient stuff, (not sure about funk) check out the dimarzio bluesbucker for the neck, and hor the heavier, gainy stuff, a super distortion or sth.

Super distortion/sth..... is there a dimarzio super distortion pick up ?

thanx btw guess... i will check out the bluesbucker
hey UG, am planning to replace my stock pick-ups on my Ibanez have heard about duncans n also dimarzio's (i think i will try to look at some comparisons on utube)

I been playing guitar for a year , i am in process of learning lead instrumental rock/ progressive metal,ambient, blues, funk, ... I love solos ....

Thing is im not sure what kind of pick ups would be better suited for my genre taste dimarzio ( i kno buckethead uses dimz tonezone/air notion and i love his tone) or duncan

lol am on low budget so something under 130$ if possible

so uhm i guess what im asking is which of the two brands would fit best... and what kind