can find some but just tryng to find one that can give me a good solo lead kind of feel (rush,buckethead,vai,paul gilbert) but w/e
hey guys I've brought this Vox Vt 20+ amp its nice has so many effects and gives me alot of different unique tone , heres the thing im still pretty new experience wise about amps and how i could get a good Lead Progressive rock/metal... kind of tone so if any one can help me out






(lol sounds like im askn for much but any way if anyone could give any tips to some good lead sounds)
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im confused. do u want new pickups or a new guitar with better pickups? the squier has duncan designed pickups, which arent as good. if you want new pickups, real seymour duncan rails are amazing. you can get them pretty cheap used. if you want something cheaper, look at GFS pickups. if you want a new guitar, you will have to be more specific as to what you are looking for.

ah , thanx, i want better pick ups for my Ibanez rg321 then , i guess no squier deluxe hot rails 280$

anyone know How much Seymour duncan rails are ... ill prolly just put in 1
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How in the hell did your second post go BACK in time?

Anyways, don't buy pickups from Squier, if your going to buy aftermarket pickups, buy from a good pickup brand like Seymore Duncan or DiMarizo. And I would just put some new pickups in your Ibanez.

lol well I i noticed that squier deluxe hotrails comes with seymour duncan pickups which is why i was thinking of buying the guitar , either that or just try to get seymour duncan pickups on my ibanez
THanx lol im 20 years old now , will be 21 in late april 2011
hey, had posted a similar topic in another thread but am new and didnt kno if I posted it in the right thread but anyway

I have an Ibanez rg321(stock pickups) , want to get better pick ups on it eventually

wanted to know if the Squie Deluxe hotrails was worth getting compared to my ibanez, will I get different sounds out of the two ? any info to help compare the two would be appreciated
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Sure it's enough time to get good - you've got THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Assuming you won't die tomorrow, you have a pretty high chance of getting good on the guitar.

Although if you're considering "making it", it's probably too late, as most artists who are signed are under the age of 25, by which point you probably won't have a successful band with a strong local following.

wait wait .... ppl cant get signed after 25 O_O
hello UG ive got an Ibanez Rg321 and I gotta say I love it , but it came with stock pick ups and i wanted to try adding some better pick ups for them.... I had my eye on this Squier deluxe hot rails guitar that i get to play on when i go for guitar lessons during the week. but i dont have enough info on the hotrails to make a decision

plan is either to buy the deluxe hot rails (already has seymour duncan pickups), or Look for cheap but good pick ups something versatile

lol But as of right now im not sure how the deluxe hot rails stands against the ibanez rg321 i mean their both about the same price
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It's not too late, but for the love of God, don't tell people that guitar hero is the reason you wanted to begin.

LMao nah .. Buckethead is the reason i picked up a guitar.... I found buckethead through Guitar hero
LOL nah .. Buckethead is the reason i picked up a guitar.... I found buckethead through Guitar hero
(From guitar hero to the Electric guitar ....)
uh around 17 i stumbled on guitar hero3, i heard he song Soothsayer by Buckethead and i thought to myself .. man i wish i could play that on guitar for real. id imagine this character on stage playing soothsayer giving all the emotion he had into his guitar ..... *lol i see that character everytime im listening to BH,Joe satriani,Vai or Paul Gilbert*

(Ok ur pretty inhuman on guitar hero ... whats next)
Anyway i eventually beat through fire n flames and could 5star just about every career song on expert on that game (raining blood is all that is left) anyway

i started becoming interested in the artist Buckethead only hearing a few of his songs and I was like woah, i believed after i saw him play Padmasana live and wanted to play guitar since

I picked up a guitar at 19 jus months away from 20, been practicing since didnt really get a efficient teacher till 7months due to my financial situation
Anyway I brought a guitar Feb 2010 , its been a year since then and my question that has been on my mind for a while now is

IS 19/20 years old ... too late to get good in the future i plan to give this thing all that ive got/ practicing and learning but i need to know if In the end if The juice was worth the Squeeze.....

i mostly listen to buckethead/vai/satriani/petrucci/hendrix/paulgilbert.... man to play on their level is my goal or atleast get me close to it lol i know guys been playing guitar since friggn a day after birth ... (ukno what I mean )

anyway i dunno many others out there with guitar experience other then my guitar teachers but uhm if any one could help me with that question much thanks