Me too, if you could, thanks.
I've just come back from Nottingham. It was amazing! They played so many good songs. Sadly I had to miss the encore due to having to catch a coach.... but still well worth it.
^Me too!
I'm getting excited now. Nottingham here I come!
I really like them. I tried to get a ticket, but they've sold out in the venue I was going to go to. One of my friends gets to go though and interview them for my uni paper! NOT fair.
In one ear is probably my favourite.
Cage the Elephant. They're pretty new, and damn good.
Got my ticket for Nottingham Rockcity next month!
Gonna be a great night.
I love Albert!
I think I prefer Yours to Keep, but it's a bit short at only 10 tracks.
Como te llama is good too, with some excellent songs on it like Victory at Monterey, but it has less rememberable songs on, unlike YTK.
Favourite song might be Bright Young Thing, but they're all pretty damn good.
Guero's my favourite although I've only heard three of his albums.
I accidentally scratched my Guero CD the other day, and now tracks 5, 6 and 7 dont work. It was the worst day of my life.
They're all good, but I went with WS.
Black Keys are awesome too, but both have them beat.
Winning days is a great album! I've heard bits of Melodia, it sounds good.
Spaceship from Vision Valley is an awesome song, one of their best. But I wasn't too keen on the rest of that album. There was a couple of good songs, but overall it didn't impress me.
^Same here. FIOE is my favourite Strokes album, I don't see why people just talk badly about it just because it's different from their first two albums.
Quote by j_hunter_hkr
I didn't know that. What's it called?

It was a single called 'Party of Special Things to Do'. There was only 3 songs on it, but it's still pretty good.

The tracklisting was:
Party of Special Things to Do
China Pig
Ashtray Heart

China Pig is probably my favourite.
Quote by j_hunter_hkr
They were pant-wettingly amazing at Leeds Uni. Definitely heading over to Sheffield to see them in November!

I may see you there.

Quote by j_hunter_hkr
At Leeds they covered Captain Beefheart's 'I'm Glad'. It was F*CKING AMAZING even if most of the people there didn't know what it was! They need to do an album of Beefheart covers because their version of 'Grown So Ugly' is also awesome.

Yeah, that's an awesome cover. I've got the studio version of it.
The White Stripes did a Beefheart covers Ep. It'd be interesting to compare it to the Black Keys's takes on different Beefheart songs too.
Each time I've tried going something's got in my way!
Hopefully I'll go see them in England somewhere.

You can listen to one of their live shows here:

It's pretty good... and will have to do until you can next see them
Quote by imgooley
Actually, Thickfreakness and Rubber Factory were released under Fat Possum as well.

Oh yeah, my mistake. I guess i'm not as huge a black keys fanboy as I thought.

Quote by Igniter
If you like Fat Possum, then you'll probably like some of the guys on Alive Records. The Black Keys did their first album on Alive and I really like Left Lane Cruiser and Black Diamond Heavies.

Yeah, Alive Records are awesome too. Two Gallants, Soledad Brothers, and the Turpentine Brothers are/were all on it. Three really good bands. I've not heard of Left Lane Cruiser or Black Diamond Heavies though. Recommend any particular songs?
Yeah, I've heard of them. You can play a few tracks from their website from some of the different artists on their label.
I think the black keys only released Chulahoma on it though, because Junior Kimbrough was on the label. Alltheir others are on different ones.
North Mississippi Allstars are one of my favourite, as is Bob Log III.
Most people's favourite is Rubber Factory I think. It's a good start.
But the EP Chulahoma is also a good first one, if you're looking for something more bluesy than alot of their other stuff.
The Keys have announced a new European tour for November! Hopefully I'll get to see them then, since I missed out this time round.
^The studio version is much better. I think that song was on the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack too.
I love the live version of Woman when they add a solo in at the end. there's a couple of them on Youtube. It'd be awesome to see it live.
Can't wait for the new album.
^Ahhhh yeah! I love the vines. New album out in July probably! Can't wait.
Their old record label (I think its Capitol) are releasing a 'best of' too. Which is completly stupid, due to them have only 3 albums. But the new album should be good, hopefully more like Winning Days, which is my favourite so far.
^So how was the gig?! I think I can guess though. What did they play.
In Nottingham, where I went the setlist was:
'Here We Go Again'
'Main Offender'
'You Got It All...Wrong'
'Automatic Schmuck'
'Walk Idiot Walk'
'No Pun Intended'
'Stay Alive'
'Return The Favour'
'Die, All Right!'
'It Won’t Be Long'
'Diabolic Scheme'
'Well All Right!'
'Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones'
'T.H.E. H.I.V.E.S.'
'Bigger Hole To Fill'
'Tick Tick Boom'
'Hate To Say I Told You So'

I was pretty pleased with that.
^I went with someone, but we got separated right at the start, so it doesn't matter if you're going with someone or not I guess!
HFOS did have the gimp masks. They're pretty scary. They were ok, but not really my sort of music. You can check out their myspace, they've got some songs on it.
Prepare to get squashed ALOT if you're near the front.
I went yesterday to see them! They were amazing, but sadly I had to leave to get my train before the encore
The support band were Henry Fiat's Open Sore. Not many people seemed to enjoy them though. One guy shouted 'You suck!' when the lead singer passed him the microphone. But then they just started making fun of him, so it was all good in the end...
^I'm seeing them in 2 days! Can't wait. Don't feel too jealous...
^I've never seen them. *Sobs even more*
I would go see them this tour, but I have exams on the dates that I would've gone to see them! Not fair.
I'm a huge fan of the Black Keys. I'm getting their new album in a couple of days. And from the sounds of it, it should be good.
I was looking at my Magic Potion album the other day, and on the track listing on the back it has 'Give your hear away' instead of 'Give your hearT away'. Is it only mine that does that? Or do other peoples?
I wish i could go see them, but I have exams when they're touring! Dammit.
Excellent band. I've been listening to them for ages, but no one really seems to know about them. I'd love to get their new album, but it's not been released in the UK yet. Humph.
Every song on their debut was really good. One of my favourite albums. And not a bad sound for just two guys either.
The new song seems pretty good, and can't wait to here more from them. I want them to tour in the UK!
^I ordered it off the internet.. so I don't have it yet. Give it a few days, and I'll give you my opinion.
I've got the Raconteurs new one though. At first I didn't think much to it, but I gave it a few listens, and it is magnificent. Top yourself is one of my favourites, as is Carolina Drama (like everyone else seems to think too).
I've never taken any deodrant or had anyone turn the taps on for me. But when I gave one guy a tip anyway, he gave me lollipops. Best night EVER.
This was in England too, so it does happen here as well as America. God bless those toilet guys.
Quote by moptopguitar
they vines are actually in the studio as we speak, not sure when they plan on releasing it though.
they make great music, but....IMO they suck live.

Oh, some good news abotu the Vines then. I hope they release the new album soon.
They don't really do many live shows any more. I'd love to see them though, even if they do suck.

Raconteurs album out in 4 days....
Quote by garage_kid
well, people, i want the truth:

THE VINES, my fav band, what do u think about 'em??

I love the Vines. Hopefully they'll come out with some new stuff soon.

In other news: Raconteurs new album cmes out next week! It's gonna be great.
New album released next week! This is the best news I've heard in a long time.
It explains it all on there.
^I've been meaning to listen to some Black Lips. Just not got round to it yet. Do you have any ideas to get me started?
I love the Von Bondies. I'm glad they're getting some new stuff out, it's been far too long.
From what I've heard (and seen on their live DVD) they're really good. You should see them! Hopefully I'm getting tickets too!
My least favourite album by the Stripes is WBC. All the albums are good, but there seems to be soemthing missing from it. I'd suggest Elephant or Icky Thump.
No advertising boyo.
Plus, no one ever trusts them things.
Quote by sam b
I guess our SATS are different to yours..

In my yr 2 SATS i got 4,4,3

I got something like that too! Then levels 6, 7, 8 in year 9.
These Americans must be cleverer than us. They got in the hundreds.
Placebo. I can't remember which one. But I wasn't impressed.