Yes but what you don't understand is that a sharp has nothing to do with 'natural notes', it merely means raise a half step. If you look closer at the C# scale you will notice that the two 'natural notes' F and C actually are E and B with a sharp. Which means play a half step above the E and B, which is the F and C. So even though there are sharps they just tell you to raise it. It is a way to make the circle of fifths function.

The only classical music that does it for me is Edvard Grieg. Try and listen to his Peer Gynt and Concerto in A minor. They are beautiful.

If you are just gonna do powerchords with alterations you can just raise or lower the fifth one or two semitones and move the progressions around. If you want a good example of this try and look up Dream Theaters stream of consciousness, especially the main riff. There are a lot of these alterations around basic powerchord shapes.

If you want your recordings to sound like anything else than a midget being raped in a tin can you have to get an external sound card.

Of course you can use guitar software live on Vista, I do. But still, get an external sound card. If you're only going to record guitar you might want to try Line 6 GuitarPort (or is it RiffTracker now?). I use it and it is fine. If you want vocals and stuff, you can still use some Line 6 equipment, but there are tons of external sound cards that will let you do it. Just find something USB or firewire, it is by far the easiest on a laptop.

Shure SM-57. Great mic for instruments, and can as well be used for vocals. It's not very expensive.

I have got the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Avenger, and I can honestly say it is the best guitar I've played. The EMGs are great for distortion, and I play alot of the same music as you just listed. I don't play with clean very often, which is good, because it doesn't handle clean that well. But otherwise, it is a great axe for metal. The neck is a bit fatter than the neck of an Ibanez or Jackson, but I like it. Plus it looks awesome as well!
But the best advice I can give you is to try the guitars and see what you like the best.
I'm rooting for the C-1 Hellraiser!

The easiest way to get sound is to put a set of speakers or headphones in the headphone out.
Hey UG,

My mate's guitar is pissing him off because his Edge something won't keep in tune, and he doesn't really use it, so he wants to lock it permanently. Is there any easy way to fixate the bridge so it would be like a normal, non-floating bridge?

Thanks in advance,
Your pal Lord Jesus
Hey UG,

I recently got a new computer and soon realized that my old sound card do not fit in it. My old sound card was a M-Audio Delta 66, which is a PCI-card, and the only unused slot in my new PC is a PCI-Express slot.

So I need a new sound card.

But I am in doubt; should I get a PCI-E card or some sort of USB/Firewire interface? I am going to need at least two inputs and two outputs, preferably 1/4 jacks. I am going to use it with my Phonic MU802 mixer, unless someone else has a better solution. I will be recording guitars, keyboards and vocals with it. I am not looking for the most expensive card. My price range is about 300 dollars.

So, any suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks in advance,
Your pal Lord Jesus
If the toneport is anything like the GuitarPort, there's a headphone out on the back of it. Just stick your speaker in that, and you will be fine.
If you don't use the tremolo you can just lock it by putting some extra springs in the back. I did it to my Cort strat copy which as kinda like a squier and it helped the tuning a great deal.
Well, the only difference would of course be that all your tones on the low e string will be two halfsteps lower than you are used to. Which is pretty logic.
PES 2008!

EDIT: If you're in the states or China or somewhere, it's probably known as Winning Eleven.
Epic! Super cool danish band, probably the only hardcore act I really enjoy.
Like ElBarto said, your teacher is right. You have to make the motion with your wrist, so that you turn your palm away from the fretboard. That way, your finger will naturally come off the fretboard in a sideways motion and the string should be plucked. It is way easier to this on the high e, and especially with your pinky or ring finger pulling off to your index. Try pulling off with your pinky to your ring, it's alot harder.
Well first of, practice. You should be able to do bar chords cleanly without applying much pressure. Try and take the bar chord without using your thumb at all. To get the G and B string to ring you need to move your bar finger around untill you find your sweet spot. It's all technique.
The most natural way would be Index, Middle, Ring.
Try and look at The Glass Prison by Dream Theater. The intro part as an extended sweeping part, although most of the sweeping is only done over three strings, it still gets your hand moving.
Perhaps you have a lot of electronics nearby your amp. My friend's got a solid state amp that buzzes like hell in her own room, but is totally quiet in her brother's room. So try and move it away from electronics
Just look up some tabs of hair metal songs...
I read them a few years ago. Really great books, probably some of the books that touched me the most. I'm not so sure if I would enjoy them equally today, but as I remember them, they were great.
I think that's when you have n equalizer with those knobs you slide back and forth, you set it so it forms a smiley. Which is pretty much scooped mids.
The most commonly used scales would be the major and minor scales and the pentatonics of course. Then you should practice the melodic and harmonic minor as well, as those are pretty cool. Once you get around modes and stuff you should probably practise those as well. For chords, I would suggest that you instead of just taking a lot of chord diagrams and practice them, you try and build the chords you want. Start simple by taking for instance a C major chord, Find the C - E and G and play them in all their invensions and everywhere on the fretboard. Do that with a lot of Chords!
Perhaps ? I'm not sure what you mean by value, but it has got alot of currencies.
That song 'Patience'. I forget who made it. I just heard it on the radio and thought it was cool.
When bending you want to have your fingers parallel to the fretboard and not pointing down on the strings in a 90 degree angle. If you lay down your fingers on the fretboard and push the strings you should be able to bend the string and push the other strings aside, while keeping your nails high enough off the fretboard that they won't catch the other strings
I use Ableton Live Lite. But if you want something free to record with, I suggest Kristal Audio Engine. It is really easy to use and works well.
You should definately check out Wuthering Heights. They make some of the best music I've ever heard. It's really melodic metal, with really good musicianship.
Just take your favourite songs and learn to play them. There is no point in learning a song that you don't like.
When you're playing the individual notes of a chord it's called arpeggio, which means breaking the chord into smaller parts. The thing with S you're looking for is probably 'sweep picking' which is playing the arpeggios of a chord seperately and with a fluid motion of the pick. There are lots of lessons on sweeping, there are a few on UG, or you can just google it.
When you play there is (hopefully) a beat that you all can follow with your foot. Beating the quarter notes with your foot always helps on timing and rhythm. And if you can play while tapping your foot, that is the same as playing with metronome, so I really don't get your argument about how you can't play with metronome. As with notating the rhythm, just follow your foot and count, keeping track of the first beat. It takes some practice, but rhythmic awareness is probably the most important thing if you are going to play with others.
Well as opposed to what Denthul said, a guitar comes first. It doesn't matter how cool your amp sounds if you're sick of how your guitar feels and plays. It's always better to have a guitar you enjoy and can play well, then you can always get an amp later. Because what's the point in having a 2k amp if you don't want to play anymore?
Well if you want super fast solos and a tremolo you should take a look at Ibanez. They make some quality lowbudget guitars. Try and check out their RG or S series.
By someone you must mean Google.

Yes, Google can tell you the text.
Within Temptation
Cradle Of Filth
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Iron Maiden
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Kim Larsen
Slipknot & Slayer

Dimmu Borgir
Circus Maximus
Marilyn Manson
Practice. Listen to alot of music, and try to listen 'active'. There's really no easy way to develop an ear, you just have to play and listen and eventually it will come. A good idea when listening for chords, is finding the root tone, and you can almost always hear whether it's a minor or major. By finding the root and using your knowledge about scales and the circle of fifths, it's piece of cake to find the chords.