oh my god this is the worst opening post of any nhl thread. not even 1 kovy gif or steve gif. disgraceful
i hope the bolts win for mintermans sake. a fan since birth. he really needs this.
did everyone cover that the rangers suck after they lost?
why even televise playoff games that dont go to OT?
the only way the east wins is if there are any curses currently in play.
honestly the rangers arent that good. lundy carries that team and when hes off, they give up 5, 6 goals. i cannot comment on the lightning since i have not watched them much this year. I dont see the west not winning the cup. id be shocked
these ducks jerseys look a lot like the sabre jerseys from the late 90s from certain angles
the puck just moves so much smoother in the western conference it seems

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rangers suck
the lightnings game plan is to hold onto the puck until all the rangers are lying on the ice, then shoot
the east sucks. how to the shitty rangers and lightning make it to the finals? this is all chris pronger, gary bettman, and ilya kovalchuks fault
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Are you fecking kidding me right now... Their name is the NY Rangers? Thats the stupidest shit Ive ever heard. Stupid name for a stupid team, full of a buncha bitches. Cant wait to see Tampa take out the trash. Get the storm cooking to wash these filthy streets

this guy knows whats going on
I saw Steve Montador trending on twitter only to learned that he died today

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deserves first post prominence for every thread we make IMO

the screenshot in general tbh
simmonds definitely doesnt get enough credit. i get the local flyers games, and it feels like hes always the one getting the clutch goals
when did you decide to no longer be a caps fan and cheer for the worst team in hockey?
stop pretending to be a rangers fan and join the concensus
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one game on tonight.

1-0 OT.

Features the oilers

what is the league coming to

needs another lockout
that will be in the top 3 best things that happen this year
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big thumbs up to the refs in pittsburgh for realizing that the rangers winning a game was simply unacceptable and calling the boys back out from the dressing rooms to redo the shootout :')

we wont see another display of gamesmenship from refs like this in years. lots of class.
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Flyers silently moving up the standings

the season just started. it doesnt take much to move up the standings >15 games into the season
wow classless move by schenn and the flyers falling into the boards head first like that.
wow guy lapointe is classless. speaking in french. class less.
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St. Louis Is Even Listed On The Rangers Roster

st louis is full of classless, no talent, probably rangers fans.
cant spell "dallas" without "wow this team sucks real bad"
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wouldnt it be nice if this site had a feature where you could ignore all these rangers posts

a chrome extention that blocks all images and text that dont reflect the rangers in a negative manner.
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I held my tongue the entire series because I believe in karma, but now that it's all over, I feel compelled to say something that Giants fans are going to like...

Brandon Crawford's hair is always wet. Always. And I have no idea why.

There. I said it.

courage at its finest
I have never been more impressed than this overall World Series performance from Bumgarner