pulling tubes only brings the output down 3db. I wouldn't bother.
When the hell did cord start making amps? I knew he was doing kits but had know idea he was selling amps until I ran into him at a guitar show last weekend. It was cool because he was right across from matamp so I got to compare them side by side. I’ve always liked matamp but cords amps made matamp sound like they were being played in a tank of water. They had the most amazing clean tone I have ever heard and his Juiced up reverb and added dwell controls made for the best onboard reverb I’ve ever heard. Now I need to save up £1,800 for his 4x10.

Has anybody else tried these? What did you think of them?
So, generally speaking, I'm a lurker but I had to come out and say something. First I want to point out that most pickup makers say that DCR is irrelevent when voicing pickups. You can have high DCR and low output or low DCR with high output. The bass and treble and output are a combination of materials used, shape, size, and magnetic pull. DCR is just the side effect of lots of wire.

Judging by your question you are showing your inexperience; you actually need to go out and do the kind of research that's needed before you can call yourself a professional pickup maker. It's an art that takes research and work. You can't expect to get all the answers from other people, craftsmen like rockmonkey, Dave Stephens and Wolfie McCloud who HAVE put in the time and effort to produce a great line of products and not put forth any time or effort to design your own.

From what I read, these guys have worked unpaid and at a loss for years before they have enough experience and skill to produce a superior line of pickups. You can't get to the same level of craftsmanship they've earned without putting in the time and research yourself. There's no substitute for experience. Maybe you should spend a while winding some 7 string pickups yourself and see what results you get?
I replaced my Bare Knuckles pickups with Rock Monkey pickups because the tone and quality were that good. Seymour Duncans don't even compare.
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Due to some bizarre upcoming travel situations, I may need leave my acoustic in a car trunk for a few days.

I know that in the cab of the car temperatures can reach around 120 on hot days because sunlight gets in the windows, but the guitar will be in the dark trunk in a case. I'm not sure how hot it would get in the trunk. Would the prolonged heat damage the guitar?

Yes. That kind of heat will damage your guitar. Taking the strings off might make it better but it's still risky.
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Blueridge guitars are generally quite good. I wouldn't worry too much about the construction quality. Blueridge has made a name for itself as a pretty good manufacturer of Martin-like guitars. If it feels and sounds right to you then it should be fine.


Blueridge is also one of the few manufacturers to make affordable pre war martin style guitars.
I've got an RG1570 and I love it. I'm only 5'2" and my hands are very small so the neck was the main thing that attracted me to it. It's relatively low price tag helped too.
Because you are in Seattle you should check out lollar and wolfetone. They are local to you and their pickups are very nice. They should be able to advise you on exactly what you need.
None of those

go to

email chris and he will tell you which is best for you.
cord's pickups are made in the UK and they cheaper. I’m taking out a bare knuckles nailbomb and replacing it with a neobucker.
Taylor and Martin make nice top shelf guitars but their affordable guitars suck donkey balls.

Get a takamine if you want taylor sound and get an alvarez if you want martin sound. Tacoma make good guitars too but they don’t sound like martins or tailors.
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so i was at guitar center today, and i was asking a guy about pickups for my ibanez iceman 400 (i've never changed pickups before so i have really no idea about them). So he asked what i played, and i said mostly metal and alternative, and that i was thinking about getting emgs.
Then he says to hold on, and comes back 5 min later, with 3 sets of pickups, the normal, kerry king, and zakk wylde sets, and he goes on to suggest either the kerry king, or zakk wylde set. I told him i didn't have the cash, but i'd be back later this week, so i wanted to know if the kerry king and zakk wylde sets are good, or the guy was just trying to make a sale? Oh and what makes the signature sets better than normal ones? (if their any good) Thanks in advance.

Check out cord’s neobuckers. I went to cord’s workshop yesterday and I played a lot of his pickups. The tone from the beefbucker was jaw dropping. It was the highest output pickups I’ve ever seen but it was still defined with tight bass and a screaming high end. It was a little bit too hot for me so he said that he would make one of his Hot neobuckers for me to try.
I saw this guys pickups in another thread. The swinging hot looks and sounds like it might be nice. They are cheep too.
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Anyways, personally I find the actual 50s V abit less comfortable than the standard modern C, BUT the 'soft V' like on the classic players more comfortable than the modern C.


You wire the start of one coil to the end of the other coil and then they connect to one side of your switch. The other side of your switch connects to the ground. It doesn't need to be as complicated as you are making it.