Looking for a guitarist and drummer, any ages, to play some old Stooges songs in T.O. Could be some good fun and if it turns out well, maybe we could gig it. I can't "be" Iggy, but I can play bass and sing. Any takers?

-Nolan Whyte.
Okay, I haven't revisited this thread in a while, so I'll try and catch up with the questions.

1. The reason your computer asked you to install a Korean language pack was because I bought my computer in Korea, and although it doesn't interfere with any of my English software, it somehow messes up certain punctuation when some people load my page. It drives me crazy, but I don't know what to do about it, short of buying another computer, which is a few years away.

2. "Comeback Road" will appear all the way through to its final chapter on U-G. I started posting on my own website because there were some communications difficulties between u-g and I, and basically after a month of not having chapters posted I just started using my own site.

3. The one or two week lag between chapters showing up on my site and on u-g is shrinking. I'm waiting for them to catch up, as it were. If I finish a chapter I can post it immediately, but it takes them about a week. I'm holding back chapter 28 right now so that u-g can get 27 posted. In the future I'll probably still post a day or two early on my site, but not more than that.

4. How long does it take to write a chapter? Usually four to six hours, usually split over a couple of days. I will usually then leave it for a day or two, go back, re-read it and make changes. Then I'll leave it another day, re-read it again, and if I'm happy with it I'll send it to be posted. Sometimes I get impatient and send it right after it's finished. Those are usually the weeks with more spelling errors.

The typical chapter is between 1500 and 2000 words (like 6-8 typed double-spaced pages), and on a good day if I'm really into it I can rip through 500 words an hour. The length of these chapters is really regular, so I'm a little surprised when people complain about this chapter or that chapter being too long or too short. The funniest thing I remember is a comment on one of the longer chapters that said "it was too long for me to read all the way through, but it was awesome. 10/10." Seriously, these aren't that long but altogether they are about 50,000 words so far (200 pages) written in nine months. That's pretty good, from my point of view. A full length novel will usually go 100,000 words, max.

Ask me more questions, I'll do my best to answer. Cheers people.
Hello everybody,
I just wanted to let you know that the next chapter of In The Van on Comeback Road has been posted on my website, If you've been reading the series and want to keep up, you can find it there. Rock on,

Nolan Whyte.
Writer-bassist, 28, seeks friends for jamming in Toronto. Think lo-fi, old punk, originals and such.