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I might if can find one.

If I bought a wangcaster, what would that make me?

A wangmaster.

Should I quit smoking?
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Never worked out to Electric Wizard, that's kind of odd.

Dopethrone is the correct answer though. Then work back. Then when you get into the self titled go look into bands like Reverend Bizarre and Cathedral.

Lifting weights to Electric Wizard is awesome. Thanks for the Dopethrone recommendation. I've heard a little Cathedral but never Reverend Bizarre, will listen to for sure.
Just got the Electric Wizard discography and am looking to through a few songs on my shuffle for the gym tomorrow morning. Which album should I listen to first?
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"I am the liquor"
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wop fagget

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one more thing, you've gotta be careful about getting the right frame size too. I'm 6'2" and anything smaller than the largest frames I could find for most major brands felt awkward as hell.

on the second hand market most bikes are a bit smaller, so if you're tall you'll have to keep an eye out.

I'm about 5'10 so I was thinking a 54" or 56" size frame.
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see if there are any dedicated sale sites for second hand bikes, we have a really good one in Australia but of course its only for Australia.

also don't be afraid to broaden your horizons in terms of brands. Trek make good bikes, but so do Giant, Specialized, Merida, Orbea, and a tonne of other companies and the only real difference between any of them are the frames. They all use the same groupsets depending on the price range (generally).

EDIT: Heres a little guide to groupset "rankings" for Shimano gear

But yeah, I've got a Merida bike with the Tiagra groupset and it goes along real well.

Thanks man. I'm also really looking at Felts, Cannondales, and Scotts. But I will search around for a secondhand bike website. Much appreciated.
Hey guys I've been looking to buy a used bike and have hit a bit of a road block. I've been searching on Craigslist and eBay but was wondering what were some other options? I've been looking for a Trek 1.2 but am open to suggestions.
I saw a pair of Chinos once with elastic bands around the ankle, and looked super comfy. Does anyone know what brand Chinos they are? Or some good brands/places to get Chinos?
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Buying isolates really isn't necessary. I usually buy whatever is on sale (right now I have Dymatize Fusion 7). If I have some extra cash though I treat myself to Cinnabun Trutein.
^Start designing your own ab circuit workouts . Have a few different circuits composed of different exercises and you will find out pretty quick which ones feel like they work for you and which ones don't.
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Whoa, that's ****ing clean o.o

Just curious, why don't you bench powerlifter style (chest high up, back arched, and feet tucked in)?

I'm going to the gym soon to bench half that weight xD

TBH I never learned how to bench like a powerliter. I was thinking about learning how though and going back after 315lbs.
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So what do you guys think of doing bench press at a very slight incline?

I pinched a nerve or something a few weeks ago benching, and I felt a tingling sensation in my left pinky and ring fingers, and also my elbow.

I took a couple weeks off, and when I went back to benching, I could still feel it, even when I just used the bar, or pushups.

The next time I tried benching, I inclined (this is a word now) the bench by one notch and It felt a lot better. Feels less awkward in general as well. But will this still train my chest effectivley?
Do I need to see a doctor for the tingling, or are there some stretches I can do? (I'd rather not go to the doctor, because everytime I go, they just give me pills of some sort and send me on my way)

Also which way are your elbows supposed to point while doing bench/ rows?

The more the bench in on an incline the more you are going to incorporate your shoulders into the lift. I usually stick to 45 degrees or less personally. Can't say anything about tingling but I do rotator cuff warm ups everytime before I bench. Whenever I need help getting technique dialed in I either get someone to coach me at the gym or watch videos on YouTube (specifically Mark Rippetoe's videos). Sometimes I even film myself to check my technqiue. Here is me benching 300 for the first time last January (I looked like crap back then).
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225 lb bench, 255 (180 BW + 75 lb dumbell) pull-up, and 110 lb one-arm DB row. Still have rounded shoulders...


What's wrong with me? This is extremely frustrating having a stronger back, yet my front delts still pull everything forward. Help!

TBH it's probably your genetics. When you do cardio use the erg (rowing machine), or maybe train with a heavy rope. My shoulder workouts usually run pretty similarly. I start of with a press (either seated dumbell or standing barbell press), then hit front delt (arnie press, or front dbell/plate/cable rope between the legs raise), then I do a side lat raise (for these I like behnid the back cable raise or seated dbell), from there I hit rear delt (I like reverse cable fly or reverse pec deck fly). At the very end I hit shrugs for fun (which I prepfer behind the back barbell shrugs).

Shoulders are my strong point (they trump every other muscle group of mine). I think my shoulders are so well developed because I was on the crew team for 4 years. But that has been my shoulder routine for years and it never lets me down. FYI: I really like to superset presses with front raises.
Lately I have been trouble squatting due to hip issues. I started doing more lunges as well as some hip flexor exercises I found online to fix the issue. I have found a little narrower stance seems to help but usually on my last couple sets it really bugs me. Any suggestions on what I can do? In case it matters my squats are ATG and I usually do 5 sets of 10. My last couple sets are usually 245-265 and that's when my hip feels sketch.
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I did (almost) 0 carbs for a week, then started into it. I modified it a little for my carbs until 1 hour pre-workout, then carbs for the rest of the day. Not dieting at all right now. In fact, I'm in the middle of my off season.

What's your (or your coach's) opinion on carbs post workout? I usually like to train fasted first thing in the morning and take in the majority of my carbs post workout (just feels right). A lot of the things I read say your marconutrient timing really isn't important.
No, don't leave till you get bed sores.

How can I keep from getting bored at work today?

EDIT: I got snaked!

If it's 9:30 then make breakfast hombre.
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Try carb back-loading. Not gimmicky. I can show you pics of the same guy who competed twice almost exactly 1 month apart. For the second show he did carb back-loading. He was leaner, drier, and put on muscle between shows. If you do it correctly, it'll deliver.

I was doing some research on CBL a while back and it sounded awesome (like too awesome). But while I was doing some reading I came across a thread on where Alan Aragon said it was BS. I'll do a little more research and if I like what I read maybe I'll give it a shot. Just curious how long did you incorporate CBL into your diet? How far into cutting were you when you did? Think I'm going back to IF and carb cycling though for the meantime.
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aaaaaaaaaand I'm back. guys covered like 15pgs since I last posted here..

Finishing up my final week of Mountain Dog training. 12 week program and +16lbs total. I'm happy with it

Started carb back-loading about 1/3 the way through it and am thoroughly impressed with how well it works.

Here are some pics from post Mtn Dog training. Weight is 212lbs with a goal of 230lbs+. Height is 5'8"

Need to bring up my hamstrings, lower back, and calves.

Not sure if it's John Meadow's program of if he just does it but that dude is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. I would def. give it a shot. Can't say the same about carb back loading. Gimicky BS is usually gimicky BS
So I've had an H1 Strat for about a year but I've always wanted a Tele. Do you think if I posted an add on Craigslist/classifieds it should be relatively easy to trade and H1 Strat for an H1 Tele?

PS My Strat is in good shape and is drop dead gorgeous.
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Just a question about footwear while squatting:

Is it better to wear shoes that have completely flat soles, or ones that offer arch support. I think the general consensus was to have flat soles or even go bare footed, but I read an article on T-Nation that said something about having improper arch support leads to pronation and thus could cause knee problems.

I've always been wearing flat-soled shoes, but my alternative would be to put in these insoles advertised for extreme sports that have a shit-tonne of arch support.

What do?

Flat soled shoes, vibrams (not sure if spelled right), or barefoot are the way to go when it comes to squats, deadlifts, etc. I personally rock EVH 5150 Chuck Taylors.
Jimmy Buffet (every parrot head is a partier).
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Hey guys, can you get abs from using a kettlebell?

Depends how you use it, but yes it is possible (kettle bell russain twists).
Happy NGD, I'm jelly. Think I'm going to trade my strat so I can get a Tele myself.
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Also, what are people's experiences with ramped vs. straight sets? I've been lifting for a while, but I would still call myself a beginner, so which is better for strength gains?

Seat position is more for technique purposes and varies exercise to exercise.

On the subject of powercleans I was doing them for a while on my leg day but the trainer at the gym told me if I am going to get into doing PC's then to devote an entire workout to them.
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Season 4 started off kinda weak, but thursday's episode was the best in a long time. The whole Andre = penis thing had me tears

No idea season 4 had started yet! Thanks for posting.
Matlock, Peter Gunn, & Pink Panther.
Since winter is almost here I think I am going to start shopping around online for a new jacket. Any suggestions when it comes to type/style?

PS I'm still trying to find a way to purchase Cotton On Hoff shorts w/o crazy shipping costs.
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Leg day yesterday, feels like they got the hell beat out of them with a tire iron after getting out of prison. I did something where you do 5 squats, 10 calf raises back and forth without stopping at all until you have 20 squats and 40 calf raises so basically 4 times. I did that for 5 sets. Plus some extensions and jump roping with a 60 lb vest one footed. Then light deadlifts just to finish off. It was pretty nice!

That sounds pretty killer. I may superset calf extensions/raises with leg press but I usually like to keep my squats sets pretty basic.
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Unrelated, what are people's thoughts on boat shoes? Pls halp

I'm from Florida so we have to like them.
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Can you be more specific? Image search returns a variety of things for men's cotton on shorts.

The brand is cotton on and the style shorts is the hoff. They are shorter shorts and have drawstrings. Thanks for the help man.
I was looking to purchase men's cotton on shorts. However, since I am in the states shipping would cost more than the shorts themselves. Does anybody know how to purchase cotton on shorts in the US other than through the company website? Or know a similar style short brand? Any help is appreciated.
Haven't posted in here in a while but lately I have been doing a lot of plank exercises to increase my core strength for big lifts. I remember Dreadnought mentioned a gymnastics book that discussed exercises like front levers, planches, and human flags and increasing core strength to be able to peform them. Does anybody remember the name of the book? I'm going to be lifting heavy again soon and I would really like to get my core strong/stable to reduce the chance of an injury.
So due to back issues I've been back on a regular 3 or 4x10 routine instead of 5/3/1. I'm seeing some definition since being stuck to this plan but I miss lifting like a meathead. Anybody have any favorite or unusual isolation exercises I can try to keep things interesting?
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I wish to propose a question!

Currently I have a weekly training regime involving 3 visits to the gym.
If I were to take what I do in those 3 sessions and do it all in 2 sessions instead would it be detrimental in any way?

What do each of your sessions consist of?

So today was my first day back hitting the weights after I hurt my back. I did legs and kept all my exercises pretty light and just did drop sets to make them more intense. A week from today I get back on 5/3/1 and I can't wait!
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Bitch, I'll be back to 275 soon

275x10 is beastly bro. I think last time I benched 275 I only put it up 3 times.
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I'll ask here since it's so hard to tell who's genuine and who's not a rep of some sort on

But does anyone any test boosters like Triazole? I was in the gym yesterday and this guy was mentioning his supplements and how he loved stacking Triazole with some other supplement (the name escapes me at the moment) and he swears it has helped him put on more muscle and burn fat in the 3 weeks he has been using it. All I've been using is whey, creatine, and a preworkout but all the praise Triazole is getting makes me curious. Likewise, when I went into the shop to buy my whey, the guy there said a lot of bodybuilders swear by GH Freak, but emphasized it's not necessary.

I'm 99% sure he is stacking Triazole with Bioforge. I found out about this stack on I'm not foinf to lie its a pretty righteous, I'm currently on it and HIGHLY recomend it.
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Any idea on the easiest way to get a free/semifree 5-600 lbs tractor tire?

Read stories about people just stumbling upon or checking feed/farm supply type stores.

Just figured I'd ask if anyone had a sure fire type of experience before I go out and spend weekends/weeks searching.

I've done a basic Internet search but it keeps giving me small tires

Anyone that has experience or thoughts I'd love you forever !

Also, cheapest battling ropes that are quality?

Again, love you forever !

Last thing I swear, best weight sledge hammer for tire work?

Love you all, please and thank you's all around !

Recycling plants will give tires away (that's usually where you get the biggest ones too). It costs them extra money to properly dispose of rubber so they would rather give them away. I don’t have a recycling plant around me so I bought a tire from an auto salvage yard for $20. My sledge is 10lbs. At first it was a good weight but it got really light really quick.

So I wreckd my back twice this week, the first time I came down too far down on the leg press. When my back felt better I went back to the gym a few days later and deadlifted and hurt it again. I’m stuck on the couch icing it now, it sucks and is boring. I’m going to have to take this next week off, any tips for a quick recovery?