I just caught my brother yesterday. I walked in and there was a pair of pants on the ground, typical for him cause he's messy, so he's at his computer, and I notice a pair of underpants sitting on top of his shorts. Then I look at him and he's got no pants on... He's playing poker on the computer and I'm like... "wtf? Why are your pants on the ground?" and he said "I was about to go in the shower and a good hand came up". Funnily enough he had like a 4 of clubs and a 6 of spades or something. So I left, and said to him as i was leaving "If you were doing what I think you were doing, lock the door next time". I get back to my room, log on msn and he says "Next time knock before entering asshole". Haha it's funny, I told my cousin who has been staying with us and he picked it up after I simply said "I caught daniel". The look on his face was priceless.
I read about it in the paper, and she was blaming one of her assistants for telling her the wrong thing. One of the prosecutors asked her in court whether she had read the notice or not she said "I have people to do that for me" then she went on and said how the person who translated it so dumb blondes could read it, said it was only for 30 days and she could drive for "work related reasons". Stupid bitch, can't wait till the rape tapes leak on the net :P
Haha, Paris goes in with currently 1 sex tape, comes out with about 10 surveilliance sex tapes
Fuck!!!!!!!! Broncos lost again!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and yeah I'm following Bunnies as my second team, I've kind of adopted them since they came back into the comp lol. Gotta feel sorry for Mark Minicheillo and all the others who left the bunnies. They leave and then funnily enough they start winning.
GO THE BRONCOS! We got off to a slow start, although with a challenging and satisfying win over one of the most competitive teams in the NRL, the Roosters, we're bound to be back on our feet when we take on the Titans.
It sounds to me like your parents just want you to buy the car ASAP so they don't need to lend you any money or help you out with it.
Enough of the chat... more pics!
I post on a skateboarding forum, but thats the only other forum.
Haha... I love Pile ons, although we called em "Stacks on". ****ing hurts when your on the bottom, anywhere else its fun as hell.
Quote by seokorn
lol sick. you go to turramurra music?

they like rip off noobs.

what school?

you in school?


Yeah, learnt guitar at the Learning Lounge with Kim for about 3 years, then left when I went to high school, which I go to Riverview. It's out at Lane Cove, so I wouldn't be suprised if you haven't heard of it.
Go the Broncos!!!!!!!!! Haha, I'm backing Bunnies as my second team though, they've got a great side at the moment. Hey man, you're from Cherrybrook?? I live in Turramurra, I'm like 10-15 minutes drive from you :P
I've heard crappy things about WoW... Not the actual quality of the game, but how addicting it is, and I wouldn't pay any amount of money to play any game online. D2 LOD is sick, haven't played in a while, might play again some time, I don't know. It got annoying, every one was running round with BOTD's and Nigmas and calling me a noob because I didn't have friends who could hook me up with them in 2 seconds.
Just found out Rachel Bilson is one of my mate's first cousin.

Let's get some WWE Diva action going to revive the thread :P
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Call her, ask her what the hell is going on, if shes not cheating, then stay, if she is, dump her ass.
Ouch man, that sucks. Crash with some mates, talk to your priest to try and convince your parents to let you back in, either that or start looking for some places for rent. Sorry to hear that buddy.
Hmm, sorry mate I'm not the best with that kind of stuff. All I know is that you might be able to do something when the computer is flashing up, when it says stuff like "Press ESC for ______". Other than that, all I can say is, if Scourge comes in here, don't listen to a thing he says
Good luck with those buddy
Quote by Teh Traineez0rz
Your name is mike.

Oh my god! Your IQ must exceed Thomas Edisons! Great Observation buddy!
Incase he sigs this, he observed my name was Mike...
Well, I have many steryotypes of America, don't flame me, because I know they aren't true, although some might be.
Some include: Being fat, and other crap like fat people sueing mcdonalds.
Being a big ghetto, every one running around with guns in their back pocket, all this rap and drug shit everywhere.
Not very modest, and somewhat arrogant, "God bless America" and taking it upon them selves to reshape Iraq (yes I know that was Bush).

Can't say much though, I haven't really met any really nice yanks, or any assholes so to speak. So I can't really judge.
Well dude,
1. You don't decide what is unreasonable. She's the teacher, and although I act like a little whining bastard about what is neccessary and what isn't all the time, I/you should take it on the chin and realise that it is possible.

2. Winging on UG isn't a best place to start, because,
a) Your not learning the text in any way.
b) People on here aren't going to help you remember it.

although, if you honestly can't do it tommorow, fake sick, or wag your first lesson and say you had an appointment or something.
Your a little rat?
13 for me. My sig suggests im 12, but all those nice things were said last year
Yeah it's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Screw politically correctness. It's a traditional Aussie event, and the thing that makes it differnent from every other festival is that it's 120% Aussie. When they take away the Aussie symbol it's nothing more than another ordinary music festival!

Except the chicks at this one are hotter
Only if you are both smashed, and you don't even realise that she's trying to bang you up the ass, would I not wear a condom.
Your a hero!!!!!

(I'm not joking)
Woa... Scourge, when did you get back? Sorry if it was like 2 months ago, I'm not on here that often anymore. But hey, my holidays have been okay, I feel like they've gone to frickan fast though...
Uhh... well, maybe you do have a ghost in the house, but since when could ghosts delete songs off ipods?
Hey I was just wondering how close to full growth of the penis is when your 13. I seem to feel that I'm not really up to scratch, but I realise it grows and I'm only 13, so how close to full size should it be when you are around 13?
Hmm, I've never heard of Chavs before, but from what I've discovered, emos are worse. Chavs are just posers, theres always gonna be posers... emos are frickan annoying though. Telling everyone how bad life is, just because they're too lazy to fix whatever problem there is.
1. 13
2. 8
3. Guitar
4. About 5 years.
5. male
6. Yep
7. About 5-7 times.
8. No
9. Yes
10. no
11. -
12. -
13. -
14. -
15. Single
16. Nope
17. Not sure
18. Nope
19. Yeah sometimes
20. Every day
21. 24/12/1993 - Yep, christmas eve, no joke.
22. Perth, W.A - Australia
23. Xbox
24. Punk, pop punk, rock, emo
25. Not sure
26. Not sure
27. Scourge before he got banned
28. Not sure
29. Yes
30. 2
31. Sitting
32. Soap
33. Myspace
34. Yes,
35. No
37. Absolutely!
38. Summer holidays (It's an Aussie holiday)
39. Christmas / New Year
40. Pizza
41. no
42. Depends
43. -
44. -
45. -
46. No
47. No
48. No
49. A supermodels bedroom?
50. Possibly...
1/10 never seen you
Hey, I'm not a sex thread regular, but I've just got one question... when I'm having a wank, after I orgasm, unless i cum my dick starts to get a bit sore, and there is none of that pleasure what so ever. Is this normal?
Vanilla coke!
Hmm... Well, UG isn't the friendliest place, in fact, no matter what post you make, you'll just about get flamed by someone. Although, when you ask a serious question, most will give you a decent answer.
So in answer to your question...
Do I feel at home at UG.
UG = Maybe
The Pit = God no.
Quote by Some random weirdo
"I am a bit troubled. I believe my son has a girlfriend, because she left a dirty magazine with men in it under his bed. My son is only 16 and I really don't think he's ready to date yet. What's worse is that he's sneaking some girl to his room behind my back. I need help, God! I want my son to stop being so secretive!"

haha Your sons gay!
abso ****in lutely!!!!! 1 million bucks for licking something hairy?
Death by skinning

Would you rather have a 3 way anal train with 2 other guys or drink water out of a poo filled toilet...