Sorry for the resurrection! But wouldn't it be an idea to add the JVM to this list? It would be great to be able to compare the JVM 410/210/205 with the other classic marshalls.
Thanks but the amp is acctually really good it's surprisingly loud defenatly gigable, and sounds awesome, and @iwannabesedated i was thinking of getting a ten band eq and just using it all the time to get a more defined tight sound, but should I prioritize an eq and make do with what have gain wise?
also ive got a 10x9v dc power supply if that helps, any opinion/help is greatly appreaciated
This is my first post on hear but i need some help, our band wants to start gigging more so i need a pedal board, we play anything from metal to like muse to foo to paul gilbert that kinda style; hardrock/metalyy, i don't know what pedals to get next, any ideas?

My current setup isa marshall vs100 head running into a 1922 marsha 2x12 which i can get highish gain, a nice crunch and good clean from, i also have an ibanez sonic distortion 9 an octave fuzz, and a cheap multi fx that i wanna chuck

The sonic distortion cant quite get that high tight gain sound and neither can my amp on its own, and together its too muddy. I was thinking of buying a vox satchurator as it has a boost and a high gain distortion, but i also want a phase 90 for evh-ey tone, an airplane flange, and maybe something else but which pedals should i prioritize? and if i got a satchurator would it be too many distortion pedals? i need to know as soon as possible any help is appreciated also i cant break the bank so not too much! any help is greatly appreciated
Knights of cydonia by muse has alot of tremelo picking in it