I can fall asleep upside down while having a conversation if i want to, but if it's late and i really need to go to bed my brain's like "fuck you man i do what i want"
Oh Joshua your picture's so big!

I damn sure hope you read that in a female porn star voice
It doesn't take me that long to fall asleep usually, it's only when i actually need to go to sleep...

If i'm in the middle of doing something important i could fall asleep in 5 seconds while standing, but in bed when i really need to sleep already? A couple hours at the very minimum

My brain's a cunt like that
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6 hours sleep is plenty, I pretty much run on 5-6 hours sleep most of the time. Anything less than 2-3 hours isnt worth it imo though

Well it'd take me probably an hour, an hour and a half to fall asleep, but then there's the problem it'd be just painfully hard to wake up, so idk if i should even bother :/
Deciding what i wanna do with my life

Or having a girlfriend for a few month and having lots of sex

Probably the latter.
So it's 2am and i need to get up tomorrow at 8am, question is, do i even bother trying to sleep or do i just drink a shit load of coffee and get by on that until i come home tomorrow?
I'd call the rusty spoon thing a texture fetish as well

But anyway, i need to sleep soon so i won't be checking those out
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Sorry if that didn't make sense haha. Off-topic: that picture reminds me of this extremely drunk guy who was trying to talk to me the other day. I didn't understand much of anything because the words were too slurred together, but he definitely had that expression.

Are you taking some form of meds?
The dude digs up a body and talks to it and shit as if it's a person on temp leave from the army or some shit and he gets all emotional because of it

And so much more

Idc what anyone says, it's one of the creepiest things out there
Could be creepier

I mean hell, Salad Finger is much creepier than that
They should make some form of game from Salad Fingers.
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Riffs are so '70s, man.

This is 2013. We use notes, man.

C# is obviously the best note.
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"you know you're poor when", he had some good ones. The poor british electronic fan dude.

I... i don't even.
I'm currently looking for a job at a (fairly) local music store. If i get it they said one of the guys will take a whole day jamming with me on all the things ever so i'll get to know them

Even if i get fired i day later, i need this to be a thing that happens.
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I liked the you know you're poor when things will mentioned in some other thread.

The headache was because the photograph reminded of being 8 years old with a bunch of teenaged filipinos in a car with ear shattering house music on racing another car at about 110mph. Too much proyde for one road.

So much wat compressed into such a small post.
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Isn't the crunchlab like super expensive yo

I wish I had money for that but honestly I just don't, or I'd have really started on my pedal board. I really want the TC Corona Chorus and the Pigtronix Philosophers Tone. And maybe a wah or something. Haven't decided which delay pedal I'd get either

I the only pedal i have to my name is my brother's tech21 overdrive he gave me because he doesn't play anymore

There's so much shit i wanna get but i'm just too broke
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Silent Hill is incredible.

2 being the best.

yet another one of those well known things i've never watched
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Honestly, I think it's just another way to demonize the poor.

"Oh look at those fucking pikeys over there wearing snapbacks and spending their money on clothes because it's just about the only way they can gather a feeling of self-respect in what is otherwise a pretty fucking demeaning existence. They aren't real men like me because my banker prick of a dad can afford to get me a tailored suit every time we go to a wedding between two posh fucks who don't even love each other anyway"

Of course someone had to go ahead and make this political at some point.
Dimarzio crunchlab and liquifire is what you're looking for.

Also if you have serious dope get piezo for best acoustic/clean sounds
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See originally I was thinking DiMarzio, but I think Suhr are lower output and more budget friendly, so I think that might work better for what I want

Idk, i think Dimarzios are more versatile and would work for a lot more different kinda tones, but if you're looking for a rockish kinda sound with all the crunchiness and single coily kinda sound then Suhr are great for that.

Then again i don't know much about Suhr so i might be speaking out of my ass here, in which case ignore me.
Whatever you feel like, i don't know you well enough to say what'll fit you.

But definitely cello.
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adamgur96.exe is not responding

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I want to do this as well. Although I debated going with Suhr pickups for a while as well. Do you know anything about them?

From what i heard they're great, i don't have any experience with them though
Happy getting-old-day.

Here, have some scooby snacks

Now tell me, in here, where there're forums for this exact thing and with many very useful people, why would anyone go all the way to fb for you?
^ That's great
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I don't know, mine would probably sound pretty good if Ibanez stock pickups weren't terrible.

Tell me about it

Get some good Dimarzios in there
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I quite like the thin thing.

Might as well just roll your fingernail over a piece of paper for tone with how thin his S is.
I wish my stomach would stop growling at me.

I practically ate half a cow like an hour ago, how much does it want?

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Yeah, most floating bridges would be too much for me, but I have an S as well, and the ZPS makes things a lot easier.

My brother has an Ibanez S, it holds tuning pretty well but i still don't like it very much because it's super super thin
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According to /cgl/, that girl was probably OC, if anyone cared.

You guys have seen my Ibanez RG and Jackson Tele, right?

RG, yes of course, don't like it though. Neck as thin as paper and a FR, which as i said, i hate.

Jackson tele, no, haven't played it.

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Actually, this is the 666th page for those that have post count set to 20 like inferior people

ftfy bby <3
Also, page 666

That's cool, i guess
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I want decent gear

I feel ya man ;_; I still need an external sound card and a bass amp

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i don't think i'll ever get another guitar with a floating bridge again. i love almost everything about my guitar but they're just too much work.

Exactly. I have a pretty good Cort but i don't play on it because of the FR
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It's an Ibanez RG827QMZ, which I had to look up just then because Ibanez names are silly.
I'll probably post pics when it gets here, but here's some other pic of it for now.


Mine doesn't have a floating bridge though (i'll tell that much atleast) because they're too much maintenance for me.
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I had something to tell you adam, but I completely forgot what it was

Well ok then. Thanks for letting me know.
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Nice, pics please

I'm planning in making a thread for it on mtb in a couple days when i have the time, so i'm not posting nothing about it till then (including brand, model, etc. I like to tease ). I'll link it when it's done.

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I ordered a 7 on tuesday, just waiting for it to be delivered.

Nice! What model? pics?

Dat double standard, amiright? lol

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I don't have a 7-string. Do I need to?

It's glorious.
Sup pony fags!

I got me a new 7 string!
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what kind are you looking for?

7 string

Already have my eyes out for a certain Ibanez that doesn't have a paper thin neck and is pretty good

But i should really get to bed now

g'night people