Before the electrics stopped working I used to just run mine through my amp. I'd have one channel distorted, one channel clean and just muck around with the EQ and drive until I got a good enough sound out of it. The only problem I had with running it through distortion was whilst it worked really well and sounded great it REALLY over-powered the clean, something which wasn't a problem on my electric. I dunno if anyone else has found that.

If I could remember the EQ settings I'd give them to you, but it's just trial and error 'til you find something you like. Dunno if that's been any help :S.
You could try a Schecter C-1 Classic or C-1 Exotic Star.
Try New Found Glory, Senses Fail, Muse - These all sound pretty good with just drums and guitar, depending on the Muse song. oh and +44 and Brand New also