I'm reading Invisible Monsters now, and not too long ago I read Choke & Haunted (where 'Guts' is from). Chuck Palahnuik's books are a favourite of mine
Get it checked out first, but I'm sure if you do get a kit you'll be able to work with your footwork to get the most out of the pedal while also caring for your knee. Ie: play around with heel-toe
Agreed with Cobus. He came to my town a few months ago and put on a stellar show; not to mention he's a real funny, down-to-earth kind of guy!
As said above, it's not loud. I play my electric mainly at night since it doesn't keep people up. The only loud part about it is if you're playing it on an upper level and someone can hear you stomping on the kick the floor under you.
What's the price range? I would suggest a Sabian HH ride. Nice warm, dark sound with great feel.
Now if price was no option, I'm all for the Sabian Manhattan ride

I myself have a HHX stage ride, and I have never looked back.
I hear there are some drugs around here

...wait, were you staring at the security tv screen as you walked in?
C-A-T (see-a-tee)
Anything by Boards Of Canada helps lull me to sleep
In The Arms Of Sleep by Smashing Pumpkins
Echo by Incubus
Muse / Silversun Pickups
Silverstein 4-day anniversary show
The Fall of Troy
Bon Jovi
Circa Survive (getting tickets soon)
who am I and why am I here
into Japanese
back into English
I am who I am and here is why
back into Japanese
back into English
Here is why I said that anyone
back into Japanese
back into English
Here's why I said, no one
back into Japanese
back into English
Now, why I was somebody else
back into Japanese
back into English
Now, anyone else why I was hoarse
back into Japanese
back into English
Now, I have someone faint
back into Japanese
back into English
Now, I have a faint
back into Japanese
back into English
Now, I was stunned
back into Japanese
back into English
Now, I was stunned
The shape of punk to come - Refused
Autobiography of a nation - Thursday
I've done that once, and you're literally going to shit a brick. The crap is going to come out hard and it's going to hurt.
mikeyElite - 10
aig91 - 17
divid3d - 14
nightraven - 9
ZeGuitarist - 23 Heal
Nelsean - 5
ZanasCross- 24
Colohue- 14
wahappen- 3 Hurt
zappp- 10
Hysteria isn't that hard.... but good for you?
40th anniversary of Sesame Street, I believe.

Don't forget Super Grover
Rush, The Fall of Troy, John Mayer Trio, Muse
I got a pair of Shure SRH440, and they sound great with my electric drum kit and iPod. Give them a try if you can. Also, the Sonys mentioned above are good as well.
Apple Jacks 20
Cheerios 25 HEAL
Honey Comb 20
Sugar Crisp 19
Corn Pops 26
Fruit Loops 21
Shreddies 20
Miniwheats 20
Life 21
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 24
Lucky Charms 21
Trix 21
Captain Crunch 21
Frosted Flakes 21
Reese Puffs 20 HURT
Cornflakes 20
Count Chocula 22
Raisin Bran 13
Rice Crispies 20
Honey Bunches Of Oats 17
All Bran 7
I know, and I can't seem to get away from this place either.... not that I want to, of course.

On topic: I haven't done any, though I have done some photo stuff for a couple people who have. They played a few covers but predominately their own stuff.
Quote by Z_cup_boy
I first read that as "Playing in Pubes".

I was dissapoint.

Me too
Cee-aye-tee (Cat sounded out)
Blue 100%. Blastoise is on the face of the cartridge for a reason.
Quote by mmm_watcha_say
I've got bronchitis

Same here. I've been coughing and blowing my nose for the past week. I'm giving out and eating some candy to pass to night away.
Years Playing: 3 years
Age: 18
Kit : Pearl Forum (but saving for an upgrade)
Roland TD-9 electric drum kit
Cymbals :
Sabian 16" AAX X-Plosion Crash
Sabian 20" HHX Stage Ride
Pearl 14" Hi-Hats (but getting HHX Stage/Groove Hats this Christmas)

Pearl Eliminator double bass pedal

Pro-Mark 5A Shira Kashi Oak sticks

Neil Peart, Paul Kohler, Dominic Howard, Aaron Gillespie, and Jimmy Chamberlin
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy, but all their stuff is good.
As for Aphex, maybe try "I", "Ageispolis", or "Tha".
Quote by The_Paranoia
15 if they have strollers.

Don't forget about the Bonus Multiplier that happens after the 5th one is hit! It goes all the way from X2 - X10.
Pedestrians are 10 points each.
I'm hoping you mean Tim Hortons coffee, Goo

At the shop I go to, we know each other by name and every time I go in me and a few of the workers start talking about various things. All in all, they're good guys and sometimes give me great deals of new drum and guitar gear.
Quote by Gregoric
There's little chance dude.

Although a little advice about ovulation...on a normal 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs between days 9 and 14....but the day your girlfriend gets her period is the first day of her cycle if you know what I mean.

So if she ovulates on day 9, that's 9 days after the first day of her period, not 9 days after it ends.

So if her period lasted 4-5 days and it's been 4 days since, chances are she could've been ovulating or close to.

BUT don't take that as me saying there's more of a chance of her being pregnant, because pre-cum on the hand really isn't going to do it.

Her periods don't come regularly; in the sense that she usually gets them either a month or a month and a half later (no strong rhythm to them yet). I wouldn't expect her to be ovulating until days later than the 28-day cycle says (educated guess with helpful info from her.) Regardless, thanks for your and DieDieDie's answers!
Just to help relieve some thoughts: Me and the girlfriend had some coitus in the back of the car. According to her I was sticky with pre-cum, so I asked her to give a quick blow-job to clean it up. She did, and I dried off with the shirt I was wearing not too long ago. I put the condom on and went inside (she guided me in). Moments pass, and she's ready for me to finish; I grab the base of the rubber as I pullout and finish outside of her. I dispose of the used condom and she gives me head once again (it was a flavoured condom, btw). So the question is, is there a chance (albeit a slim to none) that she could be pregnant? Even if she guided me in with the hand she used to help "clean" me with. She just finished her period 4 days ago, so she isn't expected to ovulate for a while right?
Yes, and they're best in a poutine!
Hamilton, Burlington/Oakville have some names to them, St. Catherines, Toronto, and Montreal.
Balisong knife (ie: a butterfly knife)
They look like black cats to me
Besides the obvious fact to stay away from seafood and surf & turf restaurants; just read the label every time you pick-up food from the mart. I have a peanut allergy (deathly as well), and all I have to do is check the ingredients and ask the servers if there are any nuts in the kitchen. You'll get used to it after a while though, even though it does suck majorly.

I can probably also add in that I can't seem to eat clams, though I only get a major itch in the throat from it.
My friends call me "Mancinachu"
'98 Civic
Considering it was a gift, I can't complain. It get's me around and it's quite reliable.
Perfect, thanks!