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212 ain't too much bigger than a 112, it would really be a waste of money going off the fact of you wanting more room in your room.

But if you persist, then I would go for a 6505+ combo
Naw, I have a Raven RG200 currently so I am definitely looking for an upgrade also. I just do not want the new one to be as big.
I'm looking for a pretty good tube 112 combo amp for metal. My current 212 takes up too much space and would rather have something that does not take up so much real estate in my room. I play mostly metalcore type stuff and punk. Does not need to be too loud, just have good crunch. Budget is $500 tops. Guitars I play are a Schecter Omen 6 and Schecter Damien 6 so I am good on that account.
Heaviest - Behemoth

Lightest - 90's R&B. I think I have some Jodeci and and like Keith Sweat in there.

My taste in music is all over the place.
Take some Lexapro. You'll be fine.
I hate to say it, but my favorite tones come from the guitarists from Linkin Park and Disturbed. They have great distortion.
If they are below smoking age it is to look cool.

The thing about smoking is that a lot of the effects come from the mechanics of smoking. One of the things that feeds a nicotine addiction is simply the act of smoking and now the tobacco. That person may get a relaxing feeling just from taking a drag.

But the person is probably young so most likely the first statement.
I don't know if it was mentioned, but the chorus to Beast and the Harlot has a lot of sweep picking and it is not too difficult. It is done at medium speed.

I know its not A7X, but its played in drop-D so you may want to look into it... The solo for Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle by Dethklok has some really cool sweeping in it. And there is a funny instructional video on Youtube where Skisgaar teaches you how to play the solo.
I use them for opening bands/bands I do not care about. For heavily distorted guitars it sounds like a wishy washy mess with ear plugs.
Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats. Ren and Stimpy was really twisted.
Format C:
Too early. The late teens to mid twenties are a critical time in a person's life. A lot of change occurs during that period. Who knows if you will still love the person come 25. Now dating a person that long is ok. You may miss out, but if you love the person then run with it. The problem with marriage is that it is a cheap piece of paper to create, but an expensive one to destroy. This is in terms of monetary and emotional value.
350Z, Firebird/Trans Am/Camaro, Mustang 5.0, etc.
Not to sound gay and all, but it looks a helluva lot better shaved.
Nirvana - Come As You Are is a ripoff of Killing Joke - 80's. I Never Wanted by As I Lay Dying has a very similar riff to Change (In The House of Flies) by Deftones. I always thought Last Resort ripped off Genghis Kahn by Maiden. And I know this is vague, but the Offspring have a song on their latest album that takes the vocal melody from Running Out of Time or Time Is Running Out or something by Muse. its only for a few seconds before the chorus.
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andrei arlvovski? ehmm there are 4 years since he submitted silvia.. you probably mean fedor emelianenko.
**** my bad. You are right. It was Fedor at Affliction last year. Either way the last few times I have seen Sylvia fight he has looked terrible.

I am going to the Strikeforce event in August. Must be hard to get talent because they have chicks headlining. I think they are trying to market the hell out of Gina Corano. She is fighting Chris "Cyborg" at this event. They are good fighters, but I could never see women being headliners. On the topic of Chris Cyborg I watched her fight some Japanese chick in Strikeforce a few months back. The fight was so mismatched it was ridiculous. The beating the Japanese girl took was almost criminal.
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....And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Not only is the band name not really fitting of the genre, but it's just too damn long lol
When I first heard that name I thought they were going to be a hardcore or metal band. Turns out they are a college/indie rock band from what I remember. Last time I listened to them was in 2002 and it was only for a few minutes.
Happy b-day. I am 26 looking like I am 20. I felt old when I turned 25. Everything still functions like I am young, but life becomes extremely routine with work and all that.

What part of Cali are you from? I am in the southbay.
Tim Sylvia hasn't looked good in awhile. Andre Arlovski dropped him in like 30 seconds last time I saw him fight.
0 - 17 - Rap
17 - 18 - Pop punk and nu metal
18 - 20 - Harder punk, screamo. Bands like Thrice, Thursday, Avenged Sevenfold, The Unseen, etc.
21 - 22 - Metalcore
22 - 25 - Hardcore, metalcore, melodeath, with some death and black metal thrown in here and there.
25 - 26 - Nothing new really. I have kind of lost the desire to find new music. For the past few months I have been mainly listening to the rap I listened to when I was a teenager.

During my phases I never really stoppped listening to the stuff I listened to in the past. So even during my most metal days I would bust out some Blink 182 or Sum 41.
Simpsons kind of died out early in the century. In the 90's it was the best show on TV.
Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I've never seen a room for higher end amps. Whenever I go there they just asked if I need some help then leave me alone. They are usually pretty bored so if you need help they will probably give you more than you care for.
Listen to your local hip hop station for about 10 hours. You should get enough songs to fill up about 15 minutes.
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You could still get it and tape it

I don't think he needs to call it quits...but he needs to do something...

Yes! I've been really impressed with the recent WEC and Faber-Brown II was utterly AMAZING!

Actually I am going to D/L it

And I could have gone to that WEC, but I was busy that weekend

And if Lesnar beats Mir it is of my opinion that he will hold the belt for a very long time. I understand he is a world class wrestler, but to be as good as he is with as little cage experience as he has, he only has potential ahead of him and will only get better with time. Probably the only person that could hang is Fedor.
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Will Ferrell as Chad Smith

Thank you. You are the only one that I know that agrees.
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So...who else is counting the days until UFC 100?
I would be, but it is the same day as Mayhemfest.

Wanderlei Silva needs to call it quits. He has been rocked by Lidell, Rampage, and now Franklin. Either he is over the hill or he just can't adapt to a cage environment. Either way other than his name and Pride rep he doesn't offer much to UFC.

And the recent WEC card was one of the best events I have seen in a long time.
Crunchy. I put minimal milk in my cereals.
I watched it all the way through, but I cringed through most of the way. I have no problem with gay guys, but he takes it way too far. I do not have a very high opinion of people who wear their sexuality on their sleeve. This guy is the equivalent of meatheads who are constantly proving how masculine they are. It takes it way too far and screams they are just looking for attention.
Gran Torino. The acting was painful to watch.
My ex's sister went there. Stockton is ok, but it can get pretty hood in a lot of places. It is in the absolute middle of nowhere and basically surrounded by agriculture. Its also one of the top 5 cities for stolen cars in the country. Its not so near the bay. If you want to hit the water you can't be choosy about when you leave because the highway that leads to the coast is always packed. My 50 or so mile drive to there could take almost 3 hours. The good part about its isolated nature is that there is more community in the school. I went to a school that was in teh bay area and it was a total commuter school. Completely dead on the weekends because everyone just went home.

As for the school itself. Its private and not the most recognized so you don't get your bang for your buck. If that is one of the few places with your major then go for it, if you just want to go there I would suggest somewhere else.
I've been to a ton of concerts and have never seen this kind of surveillance. Hell I have gone to concerts where people have smoked in front of security. There have been a couple of concerts where the band commented of how much it wreaked of weed in the venue. Most places are more concerned with underage drinking than weed.

I caveat this by saying I live in the US and have only been to concerts here.
I still have my old SNES games and maybe even my NES games still around. I played an NES emulator recently and had no clue why I was entertained by those games. Although Mike Tyson's Punch Out is still badass.
Rockstar is one thing. He actually did it as a job. If you fail out of med school 3 times it maybe a hint to look into other career paths.
Comic book from back in the day.
Hit first snooze at 6
Hit last snooze at about 6:30
get dressed
brush teeth
off to pay the bills
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You've forgotten all the times that prayer hasn't done anything.

The efficacy of prayer as a healing aid has been disproved. Google it.
I would think there would be some benefit. Prayer gives hope and people who are in good spirits tend to do better at overcoming adversity.
Its ok. It shows emotion. Do it sparingly though. To much is probably a sign of bigger problems.

And it is ok to cry over a breakup. Maybe not too much in high school since your relationships are doomed from the start anyway and you will breakup, but it becomes a little more intense when you are my age and dealing with the end of long term relationships or maybe even divorce.
One thing that is cool about PC's are local networks. Back in teh day when I was a freshman in college and Counterstrike had just come out someone setup a dedicated server for all the dorms on campus. I believe he set it up to keep stats also. I only played it for a couple of months, but it was still pretty cool that we had these huge games with people from school. You could do it with consoles, I just doubt it would be successful.
I pray every night before I go to bed.
Consoles for me. As was said I prefer to chill on the couch or my bed to play and playing on a huge screen is awesome. In general consoles have better controls. And for those who say you can use gaming controllers on PC, I have done that before and they never seemed quite a precise as on a console. Other than MMO's and RTS's a console can play pretty much any game a PC can. Even for FPS's the console controllers are so intuitive that after a quick learning curve they actually control really well. As for graphics you are constantly upgrading PC's. It is so frustrating to see the graphics choices and to not be able to pick the highest level of detail. Yeah you can't upgrade consoles, but developers are aware of this and do what they can to squeeze graphic ability out of a console. This day and age consoles keep up pretty damn close to PC until the console completely dies.
Wow that was horrible. I feel sorry for the kids and their music today.

I say this as I listen to some Ice Cube from 1994.