just use some banter - have a laugh about it. she'll pick up the underlying seriousness of it unless she's stupid!
When producing an album, the producer often becomes a 4th/5th/6th member of the band (depending on the size of your band) and should offer a different prespective on your music - this works as its often hard to see where youre going wrong when looking from the inside. Bands like the Rolling Stones used this to great effect in their hayday, with Jimmy Miller hanging with the band and even filling in on other instuments. Many modern artists (Jake Bugg, Miles Kane etc) share co-writing credits with their producers
that sounds like enough info, cheers guys

EDIT: apart from WillT08 youre a ****ing wiesel
couldnt see what category to post in so here goes:

i need a gig worthy, decent microphone. budget is £50/$75

please recommend something. cheers
this band sounds like a disaster - original songs should always be given priority unless you plan on being a covers ie wedding/function band - quit now
if youre the singer then you'll be safe - you cant replace a singer with someone who cant sing. anyway, unless your mates a complete twat then i doubt he'll ask you to leave. if i were you i'd take some time to get to know the new guitar player, what he can do and what he cant and enjoy playing guitar with another guy - it opens up way more possibilities for playing than just one guitar
Well some people get their kicks out of listening to doom metal and death metal, so i guess on the face of it, liking pitbull aint too bad
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Finger picking isn't very rock and rollish tho

If Jimmy Page does it, it's rock n roll
Hey can people recommend me some songs to learn that will help develop my finger picking style?
1. I can't stand metal
2. I cant stand progressive music, i like in your face rock n roll
3. I hardly ever go out of my way to listen to new music
4. I dont have any music in my collection from a band that wasnt hugely popular
5. I have poison's greatest hits
No worries mate, honestys the best policy when it comes to music imo. found you on facebook and gave you a like - my bands called the brackets weve got a few rough demos recorded on our page if u wanna check em out. Break on Frees another well written song, killer chorus again - love the husky vocal too. how long u guys been going?

here's my band's link:
Listened to I Know What You Want - great track i love the groove - kinda like Stevie Wonder's Superstition with a killer chorus. If i could offer some advice maybe some more passion in the vocals on the chorus, it just feels like the singer's holding back a bit. Apart from that it's a quality track
Band from Bristol UK formed in January 13 - links to our shit below. if you like it, please click the "like" button or if you don't like it, don't.



Let us know what you think

Cheers for listening
Steve Jones - Sex Pistols
the stones? might take ages would would be one hell of a listen
Who else thinks that Help! and Revolver are easily the best 2 albums?
Slade, T.Rex & The Faces are seriously amazing - great tunes
Rumour has it that the Stones are headlining Glastonbury this year - mega
I'd always rather have a few lines of coke, but alcohols always a lot more accessible to me
In general i am happy and i dont ever really get "down", but i'll never be completely happy - no one can unless theyre noel gallagher
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5 cm of snow?

Germany laughs in your face, Britain. You sure have become severe pussies.

Well we laughed in your face in 1945 bro
i count a friend as someone who i would meet outside school/work and go for a drink/whatever (just you and them) which is actually less than i first thought - i'd say about 5
Weird thread but yeah they can be sexy, a lot arent (could say same for white girls) but they'd have to be really fit for me to fancy them
Can someone recommend me some acoustic strings that are easy to finger pick and sound good strummed??

Any suggestions will be appreciated
Loads of function bands play Beatles Get Back and Saw Her Standing There. Also Stones Satisfaction, Brown Sugar. Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love, Kinks - Really Got Me are standards too

Loads out there man
Maybe a was a spooky ghost?
I'm open to ghosts, just like i am to god and aliens and shit. i just dont have any first hand experience of any of these things so to say i "believe" in these things would be a load of crap
Chill out man, who gives a shit about the up/downvotes?? If youve got something to say, say it. otherwise just read the article and ignore the crud at the bottom of the page
One song sprung to mind straight away - Rocks Off by Rolling Stones - never gets boring
Met a chap the other day whos 21 and called Arthur..... poor bastard
since when has the drummer had the first pick of the girls?
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Guns N' Roses.

2013 not 2030!!
i would spend most of it on drugs, booze and fags but thats just me - have a band meeting to decide.

anyway, you got a link to a soundcloud or youtube or something i can listen to?

EDIT: dont bother ive just seen your a metalhead
Pretty much nothing - might buy Beady Eye's new album but i dont see it being that good so i'm not really "looking forward" to it.

Last album i looked forward to was aerosmith's new one but thats shit
Sounds like you need to get rid of him - this is music, you gotta be ruthless
Many people can put a solid instrumental piece together, but what seperates the best from the rest is quality lyrics that make a deep connection with people - still some riffs are so good they can carry a song but people still need to be able to sing along to something