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your sig is really annoying.

you have every right to be annoyed.
have a great day.
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which? the 2JZ sporting 3 series?

to be fair, is there ANYONE who would put that engine in that car without intending to use it for at least some form of racing

Me, sir.

She's my daily driver, and has not been tracked. I just wanted the power, is all. I can't race, and I don't have the guts to race either.
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It very much is possible to do it at that synapse level.

why fire of ONE cell when you could fire off a million at once?
Speaking from experience. YES. It IS possible, theoretically. Not at synapse level though - on a more macro scale. It WILL TAKE DECADES for current technology to advance to that level, but I'm very sure amputees will have better, more precise, more articulate and more deft prostheses in the not too distant future.

It will be done. The average human? Science might. But Ethics. lots of ethics.
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aaaaaaand i've got a boner. A 2jz in a 3-Series. You are certified crazy in the best way possible.

it was the cheaper thing to do, finances weren't great, and japanese parts are cheaper than continental parts.
Also, it needed minimum work, the 2JZ just sits as though it was meant to. Ride's a BIIIIIT hard, as the 2JZ is heavier, but the front stays planted during corners (and powerslides)
It's not too hard to do, as long as your rear is strengthened up, as the e46 is notorious for having it's rear subframe mounting points CRACK and TEAR, especially in the 2002-2005 M3s.

Thanks for the compliment. Pics will come soon. vids too.
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^fuckin awesome

not really feeling the red rims though. Consider black?

The rims were an experiment, they're going off soon. Widebody in the plans with CF hood and trunk. Soon all hardware will go black.

thanks tho!
hey guys. So I thought I'd share. Might be a blasphemy for some.

E46. Ive always loved this car.

here in malaysia, we dont get many BMWs with stickshifts, barely 0.5% of imports are stickshifts, and the larger engines seldom find their way in. Road tax is a bitch with larger capacity engines. Since BMW swaps are really expensive here, I decided to pull the stops out.

She's fully engineered.
M3 rear axles/diff/brake/strengthened undercarriage/front brakes
BC BR custom suspension system - fully adjustable
Ultra Racing bars ALL AROUND.

and this under the hood.
(pic taken before paintjob)

2jgte (non vvti) and r154 transmission.

no driver aids. She handles like a beast. Like a beast, she chews up tyres too.

Ive just pulled everything out, as I was running a BHG for a year, but engine didnt show any signs. Being rebuilt with stronger, lighter more POWERful parts.
Pics when she's done.
Thanks Tom.
Loved my Classic back then. The 85 was awesome for quick runs, and then 81 cut through easily with heavy riffing. Only issue I had was with the 81 'dying' one fine day. Pickup died for no obvious reason after two years. Sad, that. Those pups really spoilt me.

This LP surprised me though - single piece of mahogany. I figured it'd be a 2piece mahogany back + alder with maple cap, but surprisingly, this isn't.

Looks like i lucked out.
I hope it ain't too late to join this thread.

been a bit of an england fanboy since back when becks was playing, and also a bit of a del piero fan, but still, I'm on the fence with tonight's match. Can't really say who's in for what. I realllly hope Rooney does something spectacular. I also hope Ballotelli does something worthy as well. I've got a soft spot for him. I see a draw being the result though.

Hello everyone. It's been ages since I posted here. Sold a well modded epi LP classic with emgs, got meself an grassroots/ esp Random Star to shred, put it down for 6 years in favour of cutting people up, and couldnt resist this when it came along. Problem is.. I can't play like I used to. Oh well. Here's my contribution. Sure, she's not a Gibson, but still.

and because I'm a huge fan of Zakk's work in Ozzy and P&G

hope the post is acceptable, in general (a bit worried, because it isn't a Gibson)

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you have my axe

and my bow.

Understand but don't speak Tamil.

Trying to learn Norwegian.
Happy Birthday Dylan!
I got you some n00ds, but I can't post them here. I also got you a cookie, but I eated it.

Machtkampf by Arch Enemy. Excellent stuff.
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I have lots of eTestosterone .

Which means you're going to go bald sooner or later. Don't argue.
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You don't need gain to do a pich harmonic. It's possible to do it on a clean tone, or an acoustic guitar. Gain just magnifies the sound of the harmonic.
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Hello everyone.

I'd appreciate if anyone could help me with this dilemma I have.
Before I go on, this is what I'm using for the drums :

Random Drum Sound Clips
Acid Pro Six

All this on a decent pc.

Well then, this is my dilemma :

If you go to my profile, and check out "Rider Of The Sands" , which was recorded in the studio, you'll notice that the drums during the intro bit is a paradiddle. I'm having problems transcribing it onto Acid Pro. I know for sure that the Rhythm is this :

[Hi Tom Hi Tom Hi Tom Mid Tom Hi Tom Hi Tom Hi Tom Snare
    ] X2

    The ony problem is, it doesn't sound anything at all when I transcribe it to Acid Pro.

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could come up with a small clip of the intro paradiddle, as I'm really really lost.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Best food to use in the bedroom?

    My vote: Strawberry syrup.

    .....that.was. my.idea.

    For those of you who REALLY appreciate the Terminator series for what it really is, you're gonna love this. Thank me later. This is everything you need to know. History, Resistance,weapons, terminators, specs..EVERYTHING.
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    yesterday i saw a cat and i was like "STUPID CAT!!!!" and it ran away. cuz i gave a manly roar

    Are you trying to copy Maddox? If so, you do a bad impression. A VERY bad impression.

    Otherwise, I think your post was pointless.

    I like cats.
    Dude, I had an epi LP with the 85/81 combo. The cube30 is definitely a good amp. EMGs and the cube go really well, if you want some above average metal tone. Go for it. Just remember, the tone gets worse with battery loss. I hope this helps. IM me if you want mor answers, I'll be happy to reply.



    I wake up after a nap ,and I see this. I lold , though.

    Those could just be moles and dirt/lint etc etc. Clean it out with a Q-tip.
    Dude, bunk beds are awesome.

    Couldn't agree more! I have notes plastered to the ceiling above my bed. I usually read them when I'm listening to music; just constants ,values, medication and certain common diseases.

    The drop side is , we have a ceiling fan. I've hit my forehead,fingers and arms on the blades many times. Its made of wood and it isn't sharp so it doesn't hurt too much. It did cut me open once though. I'm lucky it hasn't touched my neck. That could have severe repercussions. While it wouldn't be able to decapitate me, it could lead to terrible nerve damage. My poor nerves

    okay, off topic. Ima stop.
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    Is it too much to show a little bit more respect towards women?


    Some people just don't get it. Stupid teens with their heads up their asses. Not all of them, I hasten to add.

    Mine is as follows:

    Alarm goes off, I check the time, think about whether I really should go to class, look outside, check the temperature and the weather, wonder if I should brave the snow.
    If I decide to wake up , then jump off the top (double decker) , get the pc on, check my messages, shower, change, reply to whomever I can, and get out of the room.

    Otherwise, I sleep in XD
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    Holy Crap u never get ne closer!

    That's what you call a fractal.
    Been to Brissy and the Coast twice. It's awesome
    I love the weather in the coast, and the people are really nice. The beaches are beautiful. Though, if you don't earn in Aussie $, you're paying helluva lot. Otherwise, it's awesome.

    I'm actually trying to get an internship in QLD
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    i live with 7 others at uni, i only live at home over summer.

    +1 on living with em in summer.

    I live with 3 other guys in our hostel here. It is teh suck.
    Not australian but,

    1) how the hell can anyone NOT like vegemite!?!??!?! It ARE delicious!

    2) Emmanuel, ofc.
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    Just because he did something very stupid, doesn't mean he deserves to die.

    I hope it's just a lame attempt at humour; but if he DID do that, I'll give that he doesn't deserve to die, but the world would be a little bit of a better place if his genes disappeared.

    The first thing that came to my mind was -

    " I hope this dude gets banned."
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    For sarcastic purposes yes.

    +1 .

    Because i r teh shReDZzorrzz, and I iz br00talz and mettlezzz!!
    Your belly button is there because your umbilical cord was there. Wazzat? Umbilical cord , thats the thing that connected you to your mother's system for the purpose of nourishment, oxygen and waste excretion.

    Also that feeling you feel on your dingaling when you push on your belly button is because there's a nerve plexus a bit of a ways behind it, and pressure is applied onto it when you press on your belly. The sensation is felt in your dingaling. I dunno why. I haven't asked any of my professors that question.. you know. One day , I will.
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    ya, well my 4skin is allso attatched to teh top to my glans, so i actually ahve to get it cut. when i move out for uni im gunna get it done, untill then, maybe i just gotta pop a coupe viagras to keep johnson up for that long

    Phimosis. Circumcision is your only way out, bro. Sorry :\


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    Hey I remember when i was a virgin i went through the same fear. Bleeding only happens AFTER sex unless he is really rough. So make sure you tell him gentle.

    Bleeding isnt huge... only a few drops if it even happens.

    Condom breaking is a common fear. Check the use-by date and use lubricant. Make sure its on properly and the right size and you should be fine =] If it does break, there is always the morning after pill


    Note : The pills have to be take within the first 72 hours, or else they're nearly useless. Remember this ; Morning After, innit?

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    contribute something

    get an original name

    and stop phailing

    1) I explained the sand, and I connected it with Inertia. Where is YOUR contribution?

    2) Noob. I was here in 2002. You were digging for worms.

    3) Speak for yourself.

    killedbyaspork : was here late 2001, GNR tabs ftw

    Bennetts_strat : You made me lol. I appreciate that
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    i'd say you're the prick (& fanboi) now... other dude was just making a joke (failed for some people though)

    Yes, I agree.

    also its spelt : R E T A R D E D. not r e t a r t e d.

    I think he had a point. Or not.

    You might want to finish it with a layer of polyurethane to keep it fast.