pretty sure it's glam metal, or hair metal, whatever name you fancy
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I'm gonna sue you.
Not if I sue you first.

Ahah, countersuit! It was very effective.
Taking walks and instead of just walking actually go INTO the forest, pick up rocks and look at the bugs, see if there are any fish in the water, discovering fungi (they are surreal).
Cleaning stuff is very soothing too, like my laptop, camera,.. something I liked to do as a kid was just skip the channels constantly to see what kind of phrases it would make up in the process.

^I take my time because I loooove it. Only time of the day I don't think anything.
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This is a sad day in history. I can't imagine the how disillusioned and lethargic their youth will be 10 years from now. I'm glad I don't live in a country like Uruguay where such an evil is being permitted.

Herb is the tree of life, bro. Jah commands you to smoke it.
This blind guy in my town doesn't use a stick, he just uses echolocation to sketch his environment. It's kinda weird to see him walk (a bit like a cool tipsy guy wearing sunglasses), sometimes he trips over small objects or trash on the ground (doesn't fall tho).
I saw a part of Lost Highway that synchronised perfectly with the live version of No Quarter. The moment the solo starts, you see him playing his sax, the moment he meets the weird fella at the party Plant sings about the new that must get through and the moment the song ends is when he is staring into the hallway after watching the tape with his dead wife.

Shit was disturbing
I always said that if I'd **** up, I'll own the best pizza restaurant in my city. But that's not even hard, best place is round the corner so they can hire me
I think it's a mixture of natural talent and hard working. Hendrix was a natural, no doubt bout it but he practiced at least 3 hours every day. Not because he needed to, but because he wanted to.

Dedication goes a long road for any art form, once you start slacking you become just a shadow of yourself (like U2).
I went to a Local Natives concert and a Halloweened pub after. Best Halloween ever

oh yeah, I'm watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre now. Drunk.
Hasselblad 500C or my laptop.
Once because the teacher wouldn't let me go, when I finally got there it was too late.

Not such a great story.

EDIT: ^^^^^That story made me burst a rib
Ah, to have your first beer at 13 without a trouble. Europe is grand!
my grandfather escaped the Germans when they were invading Belgium. It was either that or dying.

Me, I was born on Jimi's birthday to Smells Like Teen Spirit. That's it
Wait, can they reach it too? Cos otherwise it wouldn't be fair. And I'd win.

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How about this one:
If you had the chance to save the lives of 2 people by killing another person would you?

If I can kill two for myself, sure I can kill one for others.
glide with a suit (like a flying squirrel) off a mountain, have a job I actually won't get tired of after a month, get accepted to art college and make whatever my heart desires.
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How is that paranormal? like, at all?

I said it was the weirdest, doors that are LOCKED shouldn't open by themselves. Almost all my other experiences with the paranormal were happy or revealing ones, like dead relatives visiting or a burning cross on my wall last Easter. That paranormal enough for ya?
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^ He's the fucker that did it.

I am a conjurer of fire, not of newt.

^still an attic
Tons, it's like I'm a paranormal magnet ._.

the weirdest one was at an ex's house. She lived on the top floor and her cat always snuck up the attic. Her door would sometimes fly open and make squeaking noises like a minute and the floorboards would sometimes crack as well. One time her cat was up the attic and she asked me to go get him. When I got there I saw an empty bed frame and the cat was sitting in the middle of it. He didn't want to leave, not even when I picked him up. He'd scratch violently and go back to the bed. I asked my then gf what was up and she said it used to be her room but she moved down because she always had nightmares.

It might not sound scary but the door, the cat and the story made me freak out. Plus it's an attic, I've never heard of a happy attic in my life.
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I used to not like The Backstreet Boys, but they're growing on me. Shit's dope.

Backstreet's BACK, AWW YEAH!
Reading this thread makes me judge OP.
I didn't really think the UK would become a dystopia for human rights this quickly.
Origami is the manliest hobby of them all, woodchucks prefer to spend their free time ****ing with their wives and having a nice after-sex folding as a nightcap so they're full of zen energy for a day of wood cutting.
Not really, everyone has their right to think whatever they want. There's almost always a reason why people think those things (experiences, ideals, morals, religions, etc.) and talking with these persons about such topics can be mind expanding for both parties. Ignoring or judging is just a negative response to a negative energy and it only adds up in the end.

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Only children tend to act a bit older, and similar to first children, though they do tend to have somewhat diminished social skills, and in my experience they either have parents that put too much pressure on them, or parents that spoil them too much leading to many people thinking they are a little strange

This, also only children seem to be alot less careful with other's stuff and don't get out of your face that easily (ie they're like duct tape)
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When did/will YOU become an adult that truly gives a shit about money and career and stuff?
Is it a bad thing or should I be glad that I'm not a dumb kid anymore?

Probably never, my dream is to be an artist. Don't care bout money, don't care bout nothing else but havin fun and making awesome shit.

I think it's bad if you only think bout money, though. I don't have much and I'm never worried.
I met a singer once in a veggie store, I had beers with guys from dEUS and the creator of a cartoon because they were in the same pub as we were. Lotta people are "famous" over here, you need to show your face once on tv, get remembered and BAM you're all the gossip.
I only like BIG butts!
I don't know how patents work, but it should be illegal to patent something that you didn't create. On the other hand, people don't know what to do with themselves when they smell money. They're like dogs chasing tails, quite sad actually.
I'd tell you, if I cared.
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THIS. Jah bless who lets Jah in
When it started being an organized religion, probably. Church stealing from the people, telling to pay to wash away their sins, pedophiles (I don't know how long this has been going on, but mid-20th century is being polite) etc etc

Or as you see in Islam, when you start demanding your people for wars (which Christians did with the crusades, jews are doing now with Israel).

There are many reasons why religion becomes corrupt, the MAIN reason is probably radicalisation or extremist faith in religion and the abuse of this by the institute of that religion.

EDIT: on a little (provocative) sidenote, I wanted to state some things that make the church look corrupt or bad is actually inflicted by the commoners. Priests used to go to *****houses if they really needed some sex, or had their nuns (I know one like that). When the commoners heard about this, they raged and priests were forbidden to ever do this again. Smart priests continued to do this, but I think this is also why so many priests have turned pedophile. They're easy targets and if you can't control your urges, you turn into an animal

I'm NOT saying it isn't wrong to **** kids, what I'm saying is they should abolish abstinence or allow them to go back to hookers.
Just say "Hey guys, everyone who's still in the band strike a chord!"
just good


not much atm


apparently I'm underweight, but I don't look like it

all lifting I ever do is taking my spliff and putting it in my mouth
watching westerns on a french channel is always funny, they all talk like Clint Eastwood
well, maybe Amy's more comfortable by having a cable stuck up her hole than when she was Jimmy and got it in what was then the other hole