Thank you, You guys rule!
If anyone doesn't have them and is interested, there's a codemasters Humble sale happening, including F1 2013/14 and a load of the Grid games.
Formula 1 2015: Fans Predict Worst Season Since the Last One.
Had mine today. The person in front of me in the queue got Xenogos the planeswalker and Xenagos the God. My best card was Sage of Hours. In the end, I got one prize pack, with a second Battlefield Thaumaturge. So something good came from it.

Another friend pulled Ajani and the RW God. I was angered- as I need both of these things for various stupid ideas I have.

But yeah, magic is incredibly literal. Except when cards are shittily worded and then become incredibly convoluted because of the mechanics and how they're worded.

Lookin' at you

And on the subject of Mikeus the Unhallowed, love that card in my Kaalia of the Vast deck. "You killed my Dragons? Guess again, now they're even worse. [evil cackling goes here]"

Going to the pre-release for the new set tomorrow. Hoping for an Aetheros, but I know how these go for me, and I'll get crap in the tournament and something only halfway good in the prizes.

EDIT: Player Priority is fine, its Layers that make my head hurt. (if you ever want to annoy a judge or give yourself a brain injury, try and work out how and interact.
Red/Blue are the Instant/Sorcery colours, as a quite general rule, Red is more burn-y and blue more control-y.
Its a real shame for Ricciardo, but them's the rules sadly.
He deserved the second place- the Red Bull is a quick car, and he's been consistently topping sessions all weekend. This puts Mclaren into an even better position in the championship, and means Checo scores a point.

It always bugs me that there's a 2 week gap between the first two races. It feels like F1 comes back, then just stops again after one weekend. I mean, I guess it's useful for the teams to have that break to review and develop, so I can understand why its there. It just annoys me.
My laptop died with 5 laps to go. Thankfully, I live on a uni campus, so there's always something nearby.
I've never jumped out of bed and run to a computer room so fast in my life.

Did anyone catch Daniel's "trippin' balls" line on the podium? Probably my favourite driver to listen to- even if I don't really support Red Bull.
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^I imagine since they got Maldonado's first sponsor cheque

Somehow I missed that. I've been staring at a screen for 18 straight hours now. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I'm writing final assessments for my uni course right now, so missed most of Practice 1. Have to do a big rewrite so probably going to end up missing most of FP2 as well

I'm happy to see both Williams up the order. It feels like that team has really been reborn. Does any one know how long they were working on this year's car?
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Bad news: it's probably nothing more than a reskin of 2011, which was a reskin of 2010

Good news: 2.5 hours until Practice. Just enough time to download it, going by Steam's usual download speeds on my machine
I put Exquisite Blood/ Sanguine Bond into my Kaalia Deck, but Melek and Daxos don't have anything yet.

Once I get hold of some Darksteel Plate, then I'll but it and Worldslayer into Daxos. Because I clearly hate everyone. Now I think about it- might add Rest in Peace to exile everything....
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Am I the only person who wants these as interesting room decorations?

I don't think I've been this excited for a season in ages. I don't think we'll see things settle until at least May sometime.
If we're doing predictions, I'm thinking the top end will look something like this:

3. ALO
4. RAI
5. BUT
6. Magnusson/VET (if he makes it race distance)

I've not paid a massive amount of attention to testing, but I've but ALO above RAI on a whim, and I think Button's experience will beat Magnusson in Aus.

A total mess of random drivers and exploded engines.
Good luck

The Duel decks are alternated, the summer ones are Planeswalker vs Planeswalker and the Autumn ones are Faction based, and sneak preview some of the upcoming cards.
There are a couple of things you could try:
Either go into a local game store (somewhere with places to sit and learn would be best) and say you're interested. Most places will be more than happy to help.

If that's not an option, I would recommend picking up either a Deck Builder's Toolkit (comes with enough to make 2 starting decks, and some "how to play" guides), or some Starter Decks. They should be fairly balanced against each other, and again come with how to play and strategy guides.

Finally, in summer, Wizards are releasing a product called Clash Packs. These are decks balanced against each other, and can be combined for more power.

If you'd like a slightly more challenging introduction, while still being able to play balanced games against each other, try picking up a Duel Deck. They're not exactly for beginners, but they are good fun.
Painter's + Grindstone is boring Mill. If you're going to Combo, make it 4+ cards and at least 3 colours. It's more fun for everyone that way.

For example:
Horizon Chimera + Sanguine Bond is good, you drain one life from someone every time you draw a card.

But we can do better than that.
We add this:

Now we have "Draw some Cards, and drain that much life- but this is only half way.

Whispering Madness has Cipher, so we want a creature to stick it on for MAXIMUM VALUE. We could use the Chimera, but if they have fliers then it might not get through, thankfully, there is some unblockable still hanging around:

Encode Whispering Madness on this dude, or Invisible Stalker if you're a fan of being efficient and not playing Standard.

Then give your Whisperer of choice a source of double strike, I would go for Fireshrieker because it's a artefact.

You are now casting Whispering Madness 3 times- and draining 1 life for each card you draw from it. That's enough for now.

On a more achievable note, I managed this in an EDH game earlier:

It felt so mean, and yet so right...
Born of the Gods previews start Monday. But until then, here's a super awesome Minotaur God:

I bought Kaalia of the Vast when the first lot came out, and even with all the cool stuff that comes in it (Sol Ring especially), I've never once thought of taking it apart. More than anything else I play, that deck is my baby.

I also made decks for Melek, Izzet Paragon- it doesn't have a win condition, it just wants to be silly- and Daxos of Meletis. Both made from whatever I had lying around in the right colours.

Commander is best format.
After the Prerelease, I've found out one thing- Grey Merchant of Ashpodel is insane. I'm going to try and fit 4 of them into something with lots of flickering effects to make the most of them.
Whip of Erebos is equally good, if not better, for giving everything lifelink.

I'm building a GW arua deck, although it needs more auras right now. And I'm planning a Heroic deck to abuse the one that puts counters on all your creatures.

I've also recently made two more commander decks, one for Melek, Izzet Paragon and another for Daxos of Meletis. If you've not played commander (also known as EDH) then now is a damn good time to start with over 20 legendary creatures available to chose from.
I'll just leave this here:
The whole set went up some time recently.
What does everyone think of it?
Quote by BladeSlinger
Thanks for the correction. I wasn't around for Suspend or time counters really and I've never played with them much before. I've only seen them used a few times.

No worries- It's only due to planechase that I know that. Suspend is a really cool thing, I'd like to see it come back somehow, but I don't know if it will ever be in a main set. It's more likely to be a "casual" release like planechase or commander.

Shameless plug-Buy Planechase! And Commander! Then play them together! That was a fun game.
Quote by BladeSlinger
The spell is cast then activates later. Those enchantments on work when the spell is cast. So they wouldn't receive life.

Wrong- Suspending something from the hand doesn't count as casting it. (Suspend is the only thing I can think of that gives Time Counters.)
The suspended spell is cast when all it's time counters are removed, until then it is Exiled with Time Counters.

As long as the enchantment was in play when the last TC was removed, then the player gains life.

Also, does applying hexproof after an enchantment has been placed on the creature remove the enchantment?

There a multiple ways this could work. Bladesinger's example is right if the creature is no longer on the battlefeld (like with O-Ring), but if it's an Aura like Claustrophobia, then Hexproof won't cause it to fall off because your creature has already been targeted. If however you gave it Protection from Blue then yes, it would fall off because Protection stops Enchantments.
Hope that makes sense- I'm a little tired and Hexproof is weird.
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I'm excited for Slivers. :O

I'm with this guy. To an extent. I like most of the art (Megantic Sliver can **** off along with . I like the mechanics. Mirror matches aren't complete cluster****s of keeping track of every sliver ever.
I missed the first Sliver time, and the Premium Deck they did a while ago. So I'm excited for them, hopefully, they'll reveal some Blue and Black ones. 5 colour Slivers are the only way to go.

In other creature type news:

Making a deck for it, just to play Blood and Thunder everytime the ability goes off.
Pithing Needle is another great card against PW. And it's an artefact, so it'll fit anywhere! Just name the PW giving you most trouble, and it'll shut them down nicely.
Looked it up on Wizards site:
If a source you control would deal noncombat damage to an opponent, you may have that source deal that damage to a planeswalker that opponent controls instead. This is a redirection effect: you choose whether to redirect the damage as the redirection effect is applied, and it's subject to the normal rules for ordering replacement effects. The player affected by the damage chooses the order in which to apply such effects, but the controller of the source of the damage chooses whether the damage is redirected. Note that this redirection can't be applied to combat damage.

I've bolded the important bits.

The person you were talking to was probably confused about what they could do. You, as the controller of the spell get to choose the target. Your opponent cannot say "I'll let Jace take the Lightning Bolt for me" or "I'll take the Bolt for Jace." The caster of the Bolt chooses what it targets.

I'm pretty sure that Riot Control doesn't prevent damage to Planeswalkers because it explicitly says "damage done to you". To save a PW you'd want something like Fog that prevents all combat damage.
I'm not super interested in competitive play: game day, FNM and pre releases are the only events I'm likely to ever go to.

It really sucks not having a store to play at, where I live now is fine, there are actually two shops, that seem to have naturally seperated into competative and more casual play, but when I finish uni and go home next weekend, the nearest shop is in the next town, and I have no car and buses don't go that late.

The Axebane deck is just 16 defenders (inc Axebane), 4 Alchemists to untap him with, stuff to dig through your library, and then a win con or 2. I managed one win with an overloaded Dragonshift and another with Door to Nothingness. It was a good day.
That's awesome

I just play my decks against themselves. I've got a spreadsheet with a results table for it all, complete with win percentages. It's the way I get my fix. Neither done anything as in-depth as yours though.

Did anyone else go to a Game Day event? If you did, what did you play, and how it go?
I took my Axebane/Defenders combo and came in second place in the rounds, making it into the Top 4 playoff, where I got utterly smacked down by Predator Oozes and Removal by the eventual winner. Still, got my Melek promo. And very pretty it is too.

Or, if you're in somewhere that's still to have Saturday afternoon, good luck!
I prefer the the M10 style of dual land personally. The drawback is rarely important in a two colour deck, and once they go down, they're no different to Gates or Shocklands.
A playset of M10 style lands like Hinterland Harbo(u)r costs around £30, my local shop does them at £7 each. For that £30 you can get one and a very small bit shocks.
With Gates, you get what you pay for. Dual Lands at rare always have that avoidable drawback, if the Gates had that, we have good dual lands at Common rarity.

Gates do have their place, in Mazes End.dec, and I think you can use them in slow or reactive decks that don't need mana on the opening turns. Although, I still don't play them in Constructed.

Shocks and Fetchlands in combination to me are just boring. When it costs 3 life to play a land untapped, that's ridiculous. 2 is fine, but 3 life to cast Lightning Bolt? I'm not ahead anymore. I'm drawing- you're down a creature, but I'm down the same amount of life it would hit me for.
It also just turns the game into Magic: The Shuffling when both players are searching for land every turn.

Don't get me wrong, I play Shocks when they come to me, but I won't go out of my way to find them. Same with Fetchlands. They're worth more to me as trade fodder for things I need.

That became longer than I meant.
I second this. In particular, play Kaalia of the Vast if you want to play a deck full of Angels and Demons.

EDH is also known as Commander- rules here:

Get some friends, build crazy awesome decks.
By RG I'm just using shorthand for Red/Green. W is white, B is Black and U is blUe. Tis a strange world.

If by some awesome miracle you're able to get both of your Dragons out, you'll probably win. Give Balefire trample somehow, use Moonveil to buff them both, Balefire hits, wipes the board. Rinse. Repeat. With a Boros Charm in your hand, you'll be able to protect your Dragons or give them Double Strike for added pain.
I'm more of a Clan Defiance man myself, as Green has access to Farseek and Arbor Elves, that even with only Basic Lands (as I play- budget decks FTW) can get you to big mana quickly. It's good for punching through those big threats, and burning the opponent down at the same time for the final attack. It also doesn't divide damage like AF.
Although if you're going R/W then there's not much use for a RG spell.

Balefire Dragon is fun as hell. Nothing to add to that. It just needs to be said.
I quite like my Reckoner really- 3/3 for 3 is already value, and adding all dose effects just makes it obscenely good. It's acually the biggest creature in the deck I run it in- tied with Krenko. This makes me ask, does anyone have any "pet" cards? Ones that they just have to fit in their decks? For me, it's Chromatic Lantern. Picking up 4 of those is much easier than finding all the dual lands.

One of the pros, I think it's John Finkel, is a professional poker player, who plays professional Magic in his spare time. That's pretty awesome, but I couldn't do it myself. i just dislike playing "The Good Deck" too much to ever make it. Give me 6 mana combo pieces and bullshit like that.
Burning-Tree Emmisary into Lightning Mauler and Hellrider? Boring.
Using Sphinx of the Chimes to draw into Laboratory Maniac and win with that? Impractical, but Awesome.
I think my most expensive is a Voice of Resurgence- which I'm trying to sell because it's coming to £30, and I don't see it getting much higher than that.

I pulled a Boros Reckoner in my prerelease packs, never sure whether to sell that or not. I think the window's closed for now though.

I like looking at ark42 Price History page, seeing how much a card's changed in price entertains me.
I started playing at the M12 release, although I was around for original Rav Block. As of now, I've got 11 odd cheap decks made, mostly through trading my expensive stuff for the cheap rares and combo pieces. My favourite decks to play at the moment are:

  • Possibility Storm Lock
  • "Blasphemous Dolls"
  • Axebane Combo
  • Orzhov Extort
  • "Maniac Chimes"
  • UG(+rw) Flicker
  • Kaalia of the Vast EDH

If anyone wants details, I'll post them another time.

Might've missed this in the other pages, but has anyone got fun things to play with Sire of Insanity? I'm trying to get hold of Blood Scriveners, and those black enchantment that deals damage if the opponent has a small hand, but I'm not sure on what else I need.

This is a cool thread to see. Props to you TS.
I had this, if you hover over the ads, somewhere, there'll be a link to the site that put the ad on your computer in the first place. In my case it was Dropdowncoupons or something like that.

Just google the name you find and "remove" and you should find the details for it.
The ****? How am I 3rd in the leauge?
I agree with it being hard, 9 teams scored last race, so you can't even just throw both member of one team and know you'll score on both.
Oh well. I suppose that's the fun of the game
Lurker GP Racing is in.

Just a week to go now. I'm getting a Christian Horner style twitch in anticipation.
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Anyone know of any decent and free Fantasy F1 sites? Last year ESPNF1 did one, but now they want 10 pounds for it, which is 10 pounds more than what I would pay for something supported by ESPN.

I'm in the Badger F1 one, that's free. I'm not sure about decent though, that remains to be seen.
Signed up and ready to fail!