vox ac30 - mesa mark 4 maybe?
Mxr 10-band, best pedal on the market!
^It's the combination I'm going to get myself too so +1
Bleh I don't like the tone of those swinesheads. Most of their pickups have scooped mids wich I personally don't like, it might be good if you like to sound like dimebag all the time though.
hehe, after reading this trough I'm quite set on the sennheiser 280 pro's, never heard anything bad about them and I need a really good isolation, I hate it when I still hear my amp even when I have my (übercheapass) headphones on.
You could get an attenuator if your amp really is impossible to crank, altough some people say this looses some sound, I'm not one of them though.
They'll be great, even though I prefer the paf pro over the air norton.
Hey Erock,

I've got the nano head for two weeks now. The tubes are meant to last forever (mister Z. Vex can be contacted at the forum but you can buy replacement tubes at his site, and the customer service is incredible! I don't really understand the thing with the aligator clip, I saw that too in the mike thompson movie, but my amp doesnt hum AT ALL, not even at highest volume, ... I use humbuckers, no single coils though. Currently I'm using the cabinet from my vox ad60vt amp, but it lacks alot in the low end, I'm thinking of buying a 2*12 greenback cabinet, probably an orange, I'll cost quite much but I'm not sure how much.
for me it sounds a bit harsh, You might want to look into a dimarzio tonezone?
Does it really rattles that much?! that's weird!

The celestion 30's are 'harder' while the greenbacks are mellower, so your choice would be the V30's but it's all opinion really.
EQ? Mxr 10-Band
Fuzz? Fuzz Factory
the zvex is a .5 watt amp, it's got a 2" speaker, but that's more of a joke. If you want to get a good tone you'll need a cabinet, you don't need a bit 4*12 (although it's possible) maybe a small 1*12 cab will do, or even a 1 * 10.
kk, I'll stop, I just went crazy with all the people wanting to buy ****ty MG amps just because they aren't expencive.

If you want tone, read on, if you don't stop.

Here's the deal:

ENGL screamer
Traynor YCV blue
Zvex Nano head with a good cabinet (orange cabinets) - not loud enough for anything exept home practice but killer tone! (I have one)

These amps offer alot of good tones and all have a killer distortion sound wich is what you wanted.
People are not too happy with rocktron, but if your fave artist uses it ... it might be good to try it out your own, you never know what they did to the mix to get that awesome tone. I don't recommend it, but I won't say you shouldn't get it.
I recommend ENGL screamer, 50watts of sweet tones. With it's 4 channels it's got everything you will ever need to rock! It's built like a tank too, so you won't have trouble loading it into your car when you want to play in a band. The cleans AND the distortion sound is totally awesome. Its also got reverb, it's probably the only effect that really need to be built in the amp to sound good. You can also get a seperate footswitch if you want to go gigging alot.
Oh sorry, I didn't see your price range, but the zvex will be in your range and if you get a good cab with it you'll never buy another tube amp, the only problem might that you'll have to mic the cab for giging.
You have to use the knobs that are on there. EQing is very underrated.

get a marshall MG
A stack is not only about power, the low end you get with a decent cab is really worth the extra money. Get a jcm 800 with a good overdrive pedal. OR a marshall mg.
get a zvex nano head, or a mesa Mark IV
get a traynor ycv blue or a engl screamer.
Vox valvestate? that doesn't even exist, but yeah vox valvetronix are good amps for your first 2 years of guitar playin'
get the marshall MG ones, they rock.
marshall avt's suck, get an MG
Jimi hendrix crybaby
The bosses rock, TRUE BYPASS TO WIN!!!
All the pickups mentioned here suck arse, get a marshall MG.
Most of the time it's a loose backplate, jsut screw it on descently.
Marshall Mg, it nails every possible tone from 50's rock to nu-metal.
Zvex nano head! Or maybe a marshall MG, altough they aren't tube amps.
Marshall MG series, kick ass. Or maybe a mesa rectifier, but it won't really matter, marshall equals mesa ...
the boss mt2 lacks of good low end, the keeley modded might be alot better!
I'd go for the RG because it rocks, but I don't really like the dimarzio's they chose, maybe you should go for a guitar with stock pickups and change them yourself.
hey yeah it says it's made for the valvetronix, I wonder, I have the vc 12 footswitch but the plug in seems very diffrent, I wonder how you plug that one in.

Sorry, my mistake.
JP uses a mark IV alot, he even shows it at his dvd rock discipline.
zvex wah probe is awesome
that footswitch really won't work with a valvetronix amp if you ask me
+ not to forget, alot of layering is done to get that really smooth tone. A big key to their sound is also the different 4 * 12 cabinets that are used + mic positioning on the recording to get those punches in the low end. And for some stuff I even heard bob rock say he placed the mic behind the amp to get an even darker sound. But as said, the tone comes from the mesa's.