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Okay so you can't play through a tube amplifier with headphones. That rules out the marshall. Also 50w tube vs 150w solid state is quite different, tube amplifiers can go very loud. So can solid state but the tone remains the same.

If you are looking for something to play through headphones with and other stuff, you're probably better off looking at something like an Axe FX or something digital.

I saw an headphone Jack in the back of the JMD. Well if I can't use it with headphones then that's a deal breaker for me=/
Will go back to the store tomorrow and make sure of it.
Hi and thanks for all the help. My main concern is also the resale value on this amps since whenever I buy something nowadays I also have to consider how much money I will loose on this amp few years down the line.
The Mustang II I can buy for 145$ wich is great value but say I need to sale it on Ebay 2 years down the line the shipping alone would be probably more then the amp.
The Fender super champ sounds great but my local store doesn't have it and they just want to sale their inventory.
I tried the JMD501 today and the mustang IV and although I am a beginner even I could tell the huge difference in tone between the two.
The JMD , especially on the dirty channel , sounded amazing a million times more real then the Mustang IV.
But the mustang with all those extras, the LCD screen and the ability to be connected to a PC to further tweak the tone is really nice especially for a beginner like me.
Also the Mustang headphone plug is on the top of the amp wile on the JMD is all the way in the back.
But the JMD sounds so much better..................OMG WHAT DO I DO!!!!!
I think I will go for the JMD I can have it for only 100$ more then the stang. Just seems like the better investment.
Thanks for the help.
What I would really like is the Orange TH30 combo that can also be played at 5W but I can't find one here in Canada and I think that amp is a total waste for a guy that has been playing the guitar for a little over 7 months=)
I honestly don't even know what they go for. I saw a few reviews and they sound amazing with a nice crunch to it.
Hi guys,

Since I am a beginner I would like a decent modelling amp that can also be played with headphones for late night playing.
I was thinking one of this two:

Marshall JMD502 ( I can get a demo version of this for 600$)
Mustang IV ( 600$ with taxes)

The JMD is more expensive then the Mustang and it's also only 50W compared to 150W.
What you guys think? Something tells me that the JMD should be better quality but I am not sure.

Thanks in advanced.
Hi selling this 2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom. This guitar was hardly used and there are no scratches/marks on it.
It's in perfect conditions.
It also comes with an SKB hard shell case for Les Paul guitars.
Sorry for the quality of the pictures but they were taken with an iPhone.
I can let this go for around 400$(canadians) + shipping unless you can pick it up.

I also would like to buy a Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe. Since I don't have that much money ATM I would be tempted to sale my 1 month old 2011 Jackson Demmelition King V. It also comes with an SKB V shaped hard shell case. I could let this go if I get close to what I paid for it.
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Just relax and lower the neck . Putting something under your left feet helps too when playing sit ( Beer boxes are PERFECT for this purpose ) Just realax and get comfy with it.

You have been playing for 7 months and already got your Demmelition ? Waited 2 years until I actually bought mine

What color is yours ?

It's all black with silver bevels=)

Thanks for all the help guys. I will try just now to work on it.
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Thats how classical guitar is usually played. It's more correct but looks somewhat dumb, however id do whats most comfortable for you

You hit the nail on the head. After I saw your post I went and looked at you tube videos for classic guitar and they all play it like that lol.
Maybe I should keep the V shape guitar in it's case untill I learn better and grab a classic guitar to learn.
Once I am good I think i will not have any trouble switching guitars. For now placing the electric guitar in the middles of my legs just feels so much more comfortable, I actually feel the guitar better in that position.

Thanks for helping.
My cousin came to my house today and I think he is still laughing
He's been playing the base guitar since he was a kid and now plays the double bass. When he saw me with the Jackson Demmelition he started laughing and I can understand lol.
I have only been playing the guitar for about 7 months now and that thing is way over my head, especially in Drop B tuning but.................In my little experience with this guitar I notice , or at least I think,that it is teaching me how to properly position my hands on the fret board because of it's V shape.
I am right handed so I put the guitar in the middle of my legs and my right leg is in between the V and I use my left leg to balance it out , stop laughing please. Because of this the neck of the guitar is literally pointing to the roof unlike other guitars I have tried and it forces my thumb to stay right in the middle of the neck instead of coming up close to the 6th string.
I tried my friend stratocaster today and I couldn't find my self on it , keep in mind I am a beginner and that doesn't help. So i did the same thing with it and placed it in between my legs instead of having it standing on my right leg.
Am i setting my self up for disaster here? Maybe I should go to guitar classes before this bad habits take over.
Need some help picking one of this amps.

I can get a good deal on this two amps:

Marshall JMD102 850$
fender 65 deluxe reverb this was a demo and I can get it for 800$

or a brand new fender deluxe vintage modified 825$

The fender 65 is only 22 watts and the marshall is 100 watts. I believe not alway more watta = better quality but I am not sure.
This amp will have to last me for a long time before I will be able to buy anything else.

I mostly like blues, rock and metal. I will need a versatile amp.

My instinct tell me the marshall jdm102 but I am not sure.

From what I understand the fender is a tube amp and the marshall is solid state/valve ?
Do you guys this this is a waste of money for a beginner?
I know the quality it's not going to be great on this guitar but I wonder if they can actually help to learn the guitar faster.

This guitars range from 300$ up to 800$. With the included software they will show fingering position on the guitar.
I know it's not ideal to learnt he guitar this way but at my late age anything to speed up the process.
I am in your same situation. Been playing for 5 months and can only do very little at the moment and I blame my inconsistency for it.
I recently purchased a book called 'From zero to guitar hero' and it's helping me a ton to move along. It's very simple and gets right into the good stuff.
What I do at the moment is a lot of finger exercise on the guita. I think it's vital to be able to move your fingers around the guitar well and being able to hit scales when you need to without delays.
So if I am watching TV or anything I will have the guitar with me and will keep exercising my fingers.
I think that is crucial. I see a lot of licks on you tube that I could easily do but the problem is my fingers don't move fast enough and don't have the coordination and dexterity to effectively hit the right chords when I have to and the sound is just all over the places.
IMHO finger exercise everyday and pick one song that you like and master it what ever it takes.
In my life I never had a lot of determination so I always start things and never finish them. Now that I am a little older I need to teach my self to stick with one thing and I picked the guitar, since I always loved it.
I look at it this way I am 37 years old and I know I will never become a rock start, it just not going to happen.
I will never be good like people that have been playing the guitar since they were 10 years old and I am fine with that.
What I want is to be able to entertain myself and that is my only goal.
Guitar lessons are good but they are not going to make you a guitarist. No teacher can make miracles and some of them are not good to begin with and might make things more boring for you in the end.
There is no magic trick to learn how to play an instrument, it's all up to you. Like sports and other things in life it's all about repetition and pit bull like determination and a lot of boring hours practicing.

I am trying this song at the moment

it's a 45 minutes lesson to learn shoot to thrill.
The problem with this lessons is that there is no way to slow down the playback when it's showing the action and that hurts. On garage band I can slow down the playback and it helps me a lot to learn faster.
The thing is that I have been playing on this guitar pretty much since I started. And if I try and grab my old classic guitar it murders my finger tips to the point I have to let go for a few seconds =)
For some reason this guitar it's not doing anything to my finger tips. I can play it for hours and press all kinds of chords and nothing , absolutely zero pain on my finger tips.
The guitar is stock nothing was changed on it. The string are the correct strings for B tuning. The only thing I can think of is since it is in B tuning and the chords are much looser then standard tuning they take little pressure to press on them and they are not working my fingers.
I have zero calluses on my left hand they are soft like butter the finger tips =/
Lol sorry guys. I am on an apple cinema display and the resolution is so high I didn't see the thread properly =)
Yes it has the Floys Rose and it' set up in B tuning.
I will go to my local shop and let them set it up in regular tuning. I guess the B tuning is why my finger tips are not hurting correct?
It's the king V Phil Demmel signature guitar.
Hello I am back with more noob questions=)
I have only been playing the guitar for a little over 5 months and I think that the jackson king V was probably a waste for a noob like me. But since i got it for a good price I went for it.
I always heard people saying that when you start playing the guitar you develop calluses on your right hand for pressing down on the chords. So far I have zero pain in my finger tips from playing this guitar Is it because it's in B tune and the strings are a little loose compared to regular tuning?
I also notice that with this guitar, compared to my old one, for some reason I am able to hit chords a lot easier without touching the ones that I am not supposed to.
I am thinking maybe I should by a really cheap guitar to keep practicing on and not have it tuned in drop B?
Wanted to ask a few questions since I am a beginner and need a lot of advise=)
I don't have a great guitar amp , actually it's pretty crappy. At the moment I use my guitar with my Mac Pro and two krk rokit 5 studio monitors and the audio interface I use is the Apogee Duet.
Is this a decent set up or am I missing out on the quality of the guitar without an amp?
Keep in mind I use garage band a lot for learning=)

Also are studio monitor safe to use with a guitar or could they be damaged?
Thanks for all the help.

I went to my local store today and had it tuned to drop B but........The guy went into a lot of tech details with me and some I didn't understand but I made sure i explained to him I was a noob at all of this.
The way the guitar is set now is that if I try to loose the string fromt he top it will not do anything?
Not sure if this is good or bad. From what I understand he locked something on the top of the guitar so when I loose the string the chords don't drop in tone they only get loosen before the neck starts.

Hope you could understand this.

Let me know what you think. He also straightner up the floyd rose bridge and put it more parallel to the neck.
Wokrs great now I am just not sure what to do if I need to retune the guitar since the chords are locked in position.
Hi and thanks for replies.
The guitar should be optimized specifically for drop B. It's a Jackson King V demmelition demmel, I bought it from a friends used for 700$.
It just need it new string and I made sure they where the thick ones for drop B tuning.
I am pretty sure I am doing something terribly wrong here=) My friend tuned it for me but since I went away for 2 weeks when I got back I decided to tune it myself.....Big mistake.
In the state it's in now I brought all the chords down low to try and work my way up to tune it properly but it's not working. I think I might need a good tuner since I can not plug the guitar in the iPhoen tuner it might not read the notes well?
I always tuned all my guitars with this tuner no problem but on this guitar I am having nightmares.
I even tried to tuned to standard tuning and I couldn't find the notes. Maybe this guitar is not set up for standard tuning?

I am lost

Thanks in advanced for all the help.

And excuse my spelling and total noobness


I have access to a shop. I just wanted to try on my own cause if I have to tune this guitar like every other day those guys at my local guitar shop will close down =)
Hello all,

Keep in mind I have been only playing the guitar for 5 months and I am a total noob=)
I am trying to downtone my electric guitar to Down B and having problems.
I changed the chords to the thickers one but I just can not figure out how to tune it to drop B.
I know I am suppost to get BADGBE for drop B but can't find it on this tuner on my iPhone. Maybe I need a better tuner that I plug my guitar in?
And whenever I find B on the 6th string at like 61 HZ the chord rumbles against the fret board=/
I can not do it by ears since I am a noob and my tuner sucks =(


sorry for my spelling.