I would go with a Schecter Omen 8
I don't know what you use for playing but let's say that 99% of the cases the problem lays in the player. It's just a matter of practise.
If it can help watch this guy. It's difficult but it's a great challenge.
To be honest I don't know the actual notes of any particular scale but I have a good idea of the notes on the fretboard and that helps me to work on a song, improvising solos etc. I learned some of the hundreds of patterns out there and it's pretty cool messing around with them while jamming with friends.
I would like to spend more time on the music theory but I can't.
Keep rockin'!
I don't know if it could help but I use Hydrogen. You have different libraries of drums and it's not difficult to understand, just take a look at the tutorial on their website and than start messing around. there's only one thing: For start just copy the drum tabs you find on UltimateGuitar and use them for your songs, it'll help you understanding better how Drums work and find out the right combination between all the instruments, ignore this last comment if you are already aware of such a thing. At the moment I don't have any idea about vocals
It's a start, It depends what you want to achieve, if you're looking for some kind of amusement or something for your friend it's ok, you can try..... nevertheless if you want to record for some better purpose it's not the best idea.
I started doing such a thing, I used to plug my guitar directly into the computer and than use Ardour to record.
Good luck
Meshuggah - Koloss
Lamb of god - Resolution
As I Lay Dying - Awakened

these are the best album on my opinion. I particulary enjoyed Koloss for the huge sound they 've achieved. The guitars are fantastic and the vocals too.
I'm looking for a singer, possibly oround 17 years old, who would like to work with me through the internet. I've recorded a couple of things and I would like to put some vocals on them. I'm doing this just for fun.
My influences are Metallica, Fear Factory , Chidren Of Bodom (check out my Last.Fm profile )
If you're interested write me on my profile or in the comments.

Hi everyone. If you like heavy-metal check out my new single. At the moment I'm working on a verision with vocals but It'll take a while so for the moment you have only the instrumental.
The recording quality is the best I could achieve from my little "home studio" (my bedroom).
I'm trying to improve everyday ...but now stop talking and enjoy my "music"
On SoundCloud
On Facebook (it's new)
If the main purpose is enjoy yourself doing music I don' see the point, if everybody has a little of brain. In my band the lead singer is a female and I had your same problem at the beginning but I never had problem. I find that without her we wouldn't be the band we're actually are, she's like our mother, she keeps everybody together in difficult situation. To sum up It can come out more useful than you think.
Good luck for your band
I think Schecter is the best choice
Hi everyone, check out my Soundcloud profile and listen some of my stuff. At the moment everything in my channel is instrumental because I'm not able record vocals, but I'm planning to do something about it in the future.
Most of the songs were written by me and some friends just for fun, I hope you'll enjoy!
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Oh dear... To be honest I think you're better off not doing anything audio related on Linux at all, unless you're very familiar with a good DAW (which I doubt since you're using audacity) and wine. Even then you're lucky if most things work properly with wine. If you're dual booting and have windows, or have a mac, just use that instead, will save you a ton of headaches.

As for what to actually use for drums, you could use midi with tuxguitar but you'll need to record the output with another program since tuxguitar can't export to a pcm format. I guess it would work just for recording ideas. Your other option is getting a drum machine of some sort, there's a very affordable but slimmed version of Steven Slate drums available here (long ass link) which I can strongly recommend. It's a complete drum kit that sounds very good even if you don't process it, should work in any daw that supports midi (won't work in audacity). I would personally recommend Reaper, it has everything you will need and is relatively easy to use if you just read some tutorials.

Thanks for your advice, the problem is that I can't afford a Mac, which I know it could solve a lot of my problems. As you said I haven't a lot of experience about recording stuff, I'm trying to learn as mush as possible. I have to work with what I have, and Linux for a number of reasons It's my only way now, so I was wondering if there is any possibility to find some program like you mentioned above for Linux in particular. However I thank you for your advice and I'll keep them for the future
Hi everyone.
I want to record a couple of ideas for my band. I have deal with recording bass, guitars , voice, I use Audacity, but I don't know what to do for drums. I used various programs like Hydrogen, or Tuxguitar ( I have Linux on my computer) but everything have some problem that I can't deal with, with tuxguitar I write the drums but then I have to convert them into midi than in mp3 which format can be read by Audacity, but I lose quality of the audio. Hydrogen can't save me the songs with tempo changes, there is another way?? Let me know
Thank you.
There are a lot of good guitarists who are able to play the whammy bar
Steve Vai
Alexi laiho and many others.
I particulary enjoy Alexi laiho and Roope from COB.
hi guys
I want some opinion about this cover I did with my friends. enjoy!

Red Arrows - Breaking the law (cover)
when I jam with my band we don't talk too much...we play only.... It's fantastic to see how we understand to each other without a word. It took some time but in the end we did it
it's not bad at all..... what do you use for recording?
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Absolutely! The ESP LTD 400 (and some 300) series guitars are fantastic for the price. LTD guitars from the 400 series and up are shockingly well made in my experience, and are always loaded with hardware that betrays a higher price tag - EMG pickups and electronics, Grover tuners, Earvana nut etc. are all very good components. Best of all, the fret-work quality control is quite consistent....bad fretwork can make a guitar with all those components a real mess and/or not worth the money for someone who doesn't know how to work on guitars, but LTD does a great job keeping tight parameters on their fret-work, both at and above the 400 level.

hei man! Thank you for al your advice....the were very helpful.
Yesterday I took a look in the guitar shop ..and I tried again the Ltd ec-401...It was fantastic! and a couple of other ESP...and I tried a Schecter be precisely it was a Schecter Hellraiser Special C-7.
I don't know why but I'm very attracted from seven strings guitar ...I find the neck very comfortable or it's just because I play it a couple of time? I'm thinking about it...and I can't decide myself: 7 strings or not?
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If you don't know why you want a 7 or what EXACTLY you would be doing with one, I don't recommend getting one "just because", especially if you're only a few years deep in guitar playing. Most of the bands you listed don't use 7's, and if you're desperate for some de-tuned chuggin' there's no need to commit to an extra string for that - just tune down a good 6 string.

You haven't given us a budget yet, but based on the guitars you've mentioned I'm guessing you're in the sub-$1k zone. We need to know your budget and what other gear you have.

If you're looking for a metal guitar with 24 big frets and EMGs you won't do much better than either the ESP LTD guitars or the comparable Schecter models like the Hellraiser series. Also worth a look are the PRS SE Paul Allander model and the PRS SE Torero.

thanks for your advice....these guitar I mentioned were taken from a guitar shop I have here in Italy, I felt very comfortable with the 7 string guitar, but I don't know if it's worth it, in fact I prefer to take a simple 6 string and maybe tune it down.
And finally, my budget is variable...I play in many different places with other amp etc.. but I bring always with me my Digitech Death metal, it gave me all the distortion I want but can I do that with a simple guitar like the EC-401?
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Are you sure you want a 7 string?

that's another thing I'm thinking about...what do you suggest?
I want to buy a new guitar and I want some opinion which guitar is better and why .

now... I'm a metal fan, my favourites band are Metallica, Children Of Bodom , Fear Factory , Trivium , lamb of god and many others, but these are my major influence.

I want a guitar with the classic bridge (not floydrose or that kind of stuff), 24 frets and active EMG pickups which are particularly metal-oriented (or not? ).

my ideas were:
-ESP Viper 7

what do you think? I'm on the right way ? do you have some better idea?
Let me know
Hey guys! this is the new single from the upcoming new album The Industrialist.
What do you think? Personally I love this's similar to the last album Mechanize..and I'm a great fan of this one!
Metallica - Seek And Destroy
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Metallica - Fade to black
Yep , I'm a fan of Alexi Laiho too! and I learnt something about floyd rose and that kind of stuff just looking at his video on youtube : "Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, Melodic Speed, Shred & Heavy Riffs " and listening to COB all the time, but honestly I think that floyd rose isn't for me, I prefer the classic bridge.
If I will never write lyrics, probably I'll write about society particular, about consumerism, sex, drugs, war, school... you know..that kind of stuff!
Hi everyone! Me and my band want to record ourselves (all together).
We want to put our covers on internet and I think a mp3 format will be perfect so I was thinking about buying a Zoom H1 recorder, is it ok? I heard that is a very good recorder, but matter also the band position right? Where put the microphone etc...... by the way, I don't know nothing about this, can you help me?
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The LTD neck will definitely be thinner than the epi neck, and as Lespauljames said the Epiphone pickups are pretty crappy but get the one you find most comfortable, you can always switch the pickups later.

Thank you guys......however I was thinking about change the pickups , put the EMG on the Epi but how much it will cost me? I'm from italy maybe the cost are different, so give me only an opinion if it's very expensive or I can do it by myself ......... thank again \m/
Hi guys I want ask you an opinion:
I want buy one of the two guitar below:
-Epiphone "1958" Explorer Goth

but I can't decide myself what do you suggest me??
I listen metal music ,band like Metallica, Children Of Bodom , Fear Factory.
I read a lot of review about these two guitar, and all are good.

Make a band

Get a new guitar(an explorer)

Join the dark side

And get a girlfriend
that is a Ltd-mh100QM mine guitar is a Mh-100 and stop ...I don't know if you have understand
Hi guys! I have a there somebody who knows or have a Ltd MH-100??
Because I looked up everywhere in internet but I don't find nothing! Can you help
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I like Sheets of Sound for Guitar by Jack Zucker, but it might be a little advanced for you. I dunno.

It doesn't go into theory very much (although it touches on it at points), but it's full of scales and patterns and techniques.

I learned theory at school, and picked up where we left off afterward, so I can't really recommend any beginner theory books.

Great, thank you, in fact I haven't so much time to learn theory I play just for fun, but have a little bit of knowledge about music-theory is necessary, isn't it??

But I forgot one thing that maybe can help you, I like listen metal music, so maybe there is some difference.....
Hi guys, I am Marco, and I want advice for some book(not magazine) that explain you how improve your guitar-playing, with something of theory and example.
As theory I don't know a lot about scale and I want to know more about the guitar techniques(Palm Muting, sweep picking etc...).

Thanks for you help!
guys I have a problem!!!! yesterday I recording with a stupid recorder my cover of Metallica, and I want put it into my UG profile but the record format is in wav, I tried to convert it onto mp3 with VLC media player but It doesn't work....why?
Come on guys Sounds Of A Playground Fading isn't a bad album!I read a lot of bad reviews about it but I think is a great album however!
Very great question!......I remember the first time that I listened a guitar sound...I was on the radio, I listened Before I Forget (slipknot) I lost my mind and I said "wtf!!!!!", since that moment I always want play guitar, It doesn't matter: on my own,in a band or something else....the important for me is PLAY!
Guys, yesterday I bought a new product for clean my strings ( ghs Fast-Fret) but I have a question: when do I put this, every time I finish to play? or Before? It's a stupid question I know but I forgot to asked it at the lute maker!