Hey guys, I just purchased the noisy cricket, best mod I've ever had btw, but I heard there's a mod out there that has the best of both worlds: quad batteries, two wired in parallel, and two in series, and this is called "The Hammer of God". Only 200 of them were made though, and I'm curious if anyone knows of anything else similar to that. Now that I've converted to mech mods, I'd like to get into the more advanced artfully crafted ones. So yeah, if anyone knows a modder or something like that, a site to purchase these sweet beauties, throw me a link, and I'll probably kiss you on the lips.
Hey, I'm looking for someone that I would be able to sing and play shows with me in the Northern New Jersey area. If you want to know what kind of music I play and my style, visit my profile, and it'll explain everything for you.

Doesn't matter if you're male or female, I would prefer if you're female to compliment the style, but it doesn't really matter.

If you're interested in either jamming because you like my style, or seeing if we could comprise or something, contact me and we can meet up somewhere and jam/drink coffee all day.


So I started vaping a while ago to stop smoking, and I had to keep getting bigger and bigger tanks/battery packs to keep me from stopping a craving. I was using really basic set ups so that explains that. After the Nautilus tank and 15w iStick, which was keeping me away from cigs, but still didn't take away all the cravings in the world, I had enough money for an Arctic tank, and a 65w SmokeBox set up. That was nice, but the chip was working properly so after a few weeks, I bought a Sigelei box mod 50w. That was lower in watts, but gave out more vapor than the 65w set up, with the same arctic tank. At one point, I decided because RDA's are so cheap, I bought a deck. I forget the name of the deck, but I kept and currently am using the Sigelei 50w with that. I just built my first coil after the coil that was made for me at my vape shop started tasting like... Coil.


I think I built a better coil than the guy did at the vape shop. This isn't me boasting, because that guy was the only one there, and there were customer's that just came in, so I suppose he had to make it quick. It looks a lot like what he did, EXCEPT, I have .01 less ohm's than what the guy built. I'm pretty sure that's amazing, but I'm not certain. I used 26 gauge Kanthal, and did 6 wraps each along the tiny screw driver. Even at 50w, it's stays at .3 ohms. I cleaned the deck with rubbing alcohol btw, so I assume that's why my throat was burning a bit after the fist 10 or so drags.

The thing is, the coil is really hot. It's not hot now, but it was.

Everything is .3 ohm as stated, but I'm curious if the hot coils is because I didn't put enough cotton?

I've learned to not put a truck load on there, so I did smaller than I usually do.

It seems fine now, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, or if they can verify my hypothesis, than that would be sweet as poo.
Cool cool, I appreciate the replies, and advice guys. As to the pick ups, I just saw seymour Duncan do some acoustic things, which I've never seen before, and obvy, I love that company, so I'll deff look into some more pickup options.

Otherwise, Taylor makes the T5 guitars, and not only would they be friendly for quick intricate riffs, but also, I think I saw a vid with the guitar coming with an overdrive preamp on it. Cool stuff.
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A magnetic soundhole pickup might do the trick in a technical sense, but how it wold sound is another matter.

You mean like a fishmann pick up?
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You can plug an acoustic-electric into your amp, but it may not sound that great.

Adding distortion to acoustic almost always turns out really bad.

I know a guy who does a solo punk/hardcore thing. He uses no distortion at all and it sounds good.

That's what I want to do, but I like to screaming too, and for that I feel like I need a bit more punch. I've done it before on the ole Soundcloud, but I want to hear it with distortion.
So, recording this genre isn't hard, just switch guitars/amps, and keep on going. Live sound is a different story. I need to be able to do live sound before I record for obvious reasons.

Question is: is there a way to mod my acoustic to get distortion? I realize one could buy an acoustic pedal, and turn down the volume blah blah with the electric, but I need a raw acoustic sound for the songs, so the electric is not an option.

I have a Vox distortion pedal, I already plugged it into my acoustic amp, and it got some distortion, but it wasn't good at all. I was thinking if I buy an equalizer, or something I might be able to do something, yes or no?

There's no way I could plug my orange amp head into the acoustic is there? It's a modeling amp, so I figure no way, but if I could I think that would be fairly amazing.

Those are just ideas, if anyone has ever had similar thoughts, or other ideas, I'd love you forever.
Jim root was really the first thing that I could think of, but I don't really like buying signature guitars with artists I don't like.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys despite my abscence! I was on Vaca with terrible WiFi and then my phone drowned, lol. But I seriously appreciate it!
Does it play well? Thin neck? The one thing about the Fender's I don't like is that the neck is thicker than I like.
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Yeah, how much does the red ASAT(?) cost? That looks beautiful!
And if charvel is doing something like that, but me up, I'm really interested in Charvel guitars right now!
Jim root Tele I saw and I admired it, but I also don't want it, lol. Idk, it's strange. What gets me I think is the Fender tele single neck coil, that's honestly gorgeous.
I do like the look and everything of the one in the link, but I dislike the head. My budget is pretty much anything over $500 I don't really trust anything less than that, but like I said it also has to have a payment plan option.
So, I used to hate the Tele look, but I've recently gotten into it... Possibly just because I saw Steve the lead guitarist and clean vocals for Wolves at the Gate play that at his concerts...

But whatever the case, I'm kinda wanting one.

My dream is to mod it out with some nice seymore duncans, but I honestly would have no idea what I'm doing, as much as I'd like to, so that's not really an option.

I have an Orange half stack that produces some pretty delicious tones, so I'm just curious if a tele on full gain would be able to give me those heavy distorted tones I'm looking for.

If not, any suggestions on other brands that do the same tele shape? I saw Schecter did one, and I heard something about a Model 7, but I couldn't find any of those for sale or anything, and I know Hufschmid guitars and such do some of those, but unless there's a monthly plan to pay it off I wouldn't be able to do that.

Just curious! Any info would be great.

Also, if anyone is looking for a great quality perfect condition Schecter C-1 Custom, I have it for sale on Ebay, if you're interested I could send the link to ya.
Thanks man, I'll try it out.
So I have Presonus Artist.

My vocalist has Pro Tools, and I've never actually paid attention when he did this, but whenever we went to set the metronome in the song, obviously we had the verse tempo, and we'd either speed up for the chorus, or slow down for the breakdown, in which case he just started pressing buttons, and whenever we wanted to hit the chorus, or something the tempo would be good to go.

My Presonus, I want to change the tempo, I do so whenever I stop for the chorus for example, but the rest of the audio changes to the tempo. I think that's kinda cool, but it's not for useful at all for me, lol.

I went into Song- Song setup- and I UNchecked the stretch to audio loop button, but it still is doing the same thing.

I'm assuming there's a marker or something I have to put, to indicate when in the song the tempo should change.

So, I got at least 4 hours before work, and I want to keep going on this song before I loose my ideas, so speedy replies are much appreciated!
Yeah the box that it came with said "PPC112", not even a "c", but I did order the C. If you look up on GC it'll give you two diff descriptions. I got it for the color mostly... But idk. It does say 16 on the back, and I've been playing through the 16, sounds delicious.... I probs don't need to know about the coupling thing until I buy another cab, which won't be for awhile, because gigs aren't exactly happening right now, but even if they were... What would be the point of coupling cabs, if the output is half? It would be the same as playing through the one cab, wouldn't it?
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i will assume this is spec'd the same as a PPC112 as i can't/don't feel like finding info on a 'C' cab.

the way you want to hook this is up is to use the 16 ohm jack out of the back of the TT and use a speaker cable to connect it to one of the jacks on the PPC112.

can you use the 8 ohm out on the TT to use with the PPC112? i wouldn't advise it, the amp will work less efficiently. you'll want to 'match' the impedance from the head with the impedance provided by the cabinet.

if you get another PPC112, then you can hook both 1x12's to the 8 ohm jacks because two 16 ohm loads run in parallel is only 8 ohms.

Thanks a bunch! And yeah, the amp coupling makes sense as to why there are two 8 ohm's with the TT. 0.0
Okay, easy enough. I just thought that I remember noting in GC that the same cab "PPC112" was plugged in at 8 ohms. But if it doesn't make a diff I don't care, just as long as I'm doing everything right and not blowing anything out.
So I have an Orange 1x12 PPC112c idk if the "c" is important but it's a diff model from the PPC112, I think? It's just black to my knowledge instead of Orange, and apparently more compact?
Either way, I have a Tiny Terror head, which has two 8 ohm output's, and a 16 Ohm output... It says right on the back of my amp "Impedance: 16 Ohm", so I'm logically assuming I use the 16 ohm on the amp head.. But can I use 8? Or does 8 have an effect?
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Another option: Do you have any other amps? You could use the other amp for clean tones and your Orange for distortion. You would just need to buy an A/B pedal.

Oh, and there are lots of people who use pedals to get their distortion sounds. But yeah, you kind of bought the amp for its distortion. And it would be kind of stupid to buy it for distortion sounds only and then decide not to use the amp distortion but pedals.

By amp you mean the head right? Because in the general sense, I have a little Orange combo amp.. But otherwise this was my first half stack purchase. :/
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ah sorry if that was confusing I'll try to elaborate on it a bit

Treble bleed

You may well not need a treble bleed cap, if your guitar sounds fine when you roll the volume down you don't need to do anything (or it may already have a treble bleed cap fitted).

There are a couple of (very simple) circuits for doing it. Normally you just wire a capacitor across the volume pot, or you can use a capacitor plus a resistor. That's more information than you need, the second half of that page is where it shows you the wiring diagrams. But if you can be bothered reading it all, you might as well.

Amp settings

Ok, say you normally set your amp up to get the distortion amount you want with the gain control on 8.

Instead of setting the gain control on the amp to 8, set it to 6. This'll give you less distortion than usual, but that's the whole point.

When you want cleans, roll your guitar's volume control down to 2 or 3. (Because you have less distortion dialled in to the amp, the amp should clean up better. If it still doesn't clean up well with your guitar's volume control, turn the amp's gain control down a little more. You're basically trying to turn the amp's gain control to the highest amount where it still cleans up with your guitar's volume control.)

When you want more distortion, roll your guitar's volume control back up to 10. And kick in the overdrive pedal.

You normally set the overdrive pedal with the pedal's gain control on 0, but its level/volume control on 10 (and tone to taste, normally around 12-2 o'clock). What this does is give your signal a massive boost, a bit like using hotter pickups. It means that the pedal is adding no (or very little) of its own distortion, but it's boosting your amp so the amp's preamp tubes overdrive more (which is similar to, though not exactly the same as, turning the gain control up on your amp).

Basically it's a clever little trick which lets you fool a single channel amp into acting like a multi-channel amp. And where the vast majority of the distortion is still created by your tube amp, as opposed to using a distortion pedal into your amp set up clean, where all the distortion is coming from the pedal.

if you want an extra boost for solos, you can kick in a second overdrive pedal set the same way. Also, bear in mind that those settings on the pedal only work if your amp is already fairly distorted. if your amp is clean it'll give you a massive boost in volume which'll blow your ears out. So be careful, lol.

This basically gives you several different tones at your feet:

Clean: all pedals off with guitar volume rolled down to 2 or 3 (in fact, sometimes you can even roll back to clean with the pedals still on, if you're lucky).

Crunch: All pedals off with guitar volume up full.

High Gain rhythm tone: Guitar volume up full, one overdrive pedal turned on.

Lead: Guitar volume up full, both overdrive pedals on.

(You can also get slight variations there too, depending on which od pedal you have turned on, and by adjusting your guitar volume control when you also have the pedals on to get a wide variety of distortion amounts and tones.)

if you still don't understand, just ask again and I'll try to simplify it further.

Thanks man, I think I got it this time. I'm getting my cab tomorrow, so if I'll experiment with it and hopefully see what's up with it. But thanks for taking the time and explaining it to a silly shnub like myself.
Thanks for the quick replies everyone.
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That amp doesn't have an FX loop, right?

Nopey. :/
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it's gonna be a compromise nomatter what you do, unfortunately.

the way that works best for me when using a single channel amp (when I want to use the amp's distortion) is to dial in a crunch tone on the amp. Clean it up with the guitar's volume control (a treble bleed cap on the guitar volume will help it retain treble when the volume is rolled down, if your guitar goes all murky when you roll the guitar's volume knob down). When you want heavier distortion hit it with an overdrive/boost pedal. Personally I use a transparent od pedal for a rhythm boost for high gain rhythm tones (e.g. a timmy/bluesbreaker/bd2/digitech screamin blues or something like that) and then a tubescreamer-style pedal for a lead boost (i.e. both pedals on at once).

you can dial in the amp clean and use a distortion pedal if you wish, but you won't get the amp's distortion tone, either, you'll mainly be getting the sound of the pedal. that won't necessarily sound bad per se (and doing that can be a way to get distortion tones which your amp doesn't do if you need a variety of different distortion tones), but if you bought the amp because you like its distortion tone, then going the boost route I outlined above is probably a better idea.

of course, you can always do both and get all the pedals

... Uh, treble bleed cap? -_-

And... I think I get what you're saying... SO CONFUSING. You mean use the pedal backwards kinda? Like Get the crunch on the amp, but then make the crunch clean, so when I hit the pedal off it goes to the amp crunch? Whaa?
Legit, talk to me like I'm a four year old.
OR, now that I read it over... The pedal is still playing a part in the crunch, but it won't sound like the pedal in the format that you've attempted to explain to me?
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How long ago and where did you get the Tiny Terror? I'd take it back and invest in a 2 channel amp. What was your budget?

I got it a couple days ago from GC. I trust the company, and know it's reliable, so besides that, I got it because I really love the orange tone. I got it for $300... And I would've gotten a 2 channel if the amp were all I was getting. I had to buy a cab too. But yeah. I wasn't aware of any reliable company that would sell a 2 channel amp for that much. :/
So your saying, I can totes plug in a pedal, just an extra distortion is completely unnecessary, and therefore will give me some crap sound?

And... I got the Tiny Terror, because it was cheapish? And I liked the sound...
So, I just bought an Orange Tiny Terror, and I'm gonna be plugging it in a 1x12 Orange cab... My amp only has one channel. I really wanted two, obvy, but it was a little up there on the price for now... Sooo.... If I want to go from clean to crunch, can I plug in my OCD, or distortion pedal on clean through the tube amp?

I mean... I don't want to... I'll be rocking on the high gain as much as I can, but a lot of my songs I like to put in a clean intro, and then blast some distortion at everyone.... So, can I do that?

I don't know everything there is to know about the amp stuff. Totally new, I've been jammin' on a combo amp up until now, and that's pretty straight forward.. But yeah.. Help?
Beginning from age 6ish, and below I used to go hiking with my dad... On the way back he played Simon and Garfunkel, and that's where I realized how amazing guitar was, such a versatile instrument. In 4th grade, my dad bought me my first crappy $100 acoustic gig pack type guitar, Ibanez. I tried playing some stuff, I saw on Youtube, and did play it, but I didn't do much.
The next year in 5th grade my teacher, who knew/knows some guitar, played a song. I nearly cried to how beautiful it was. I asked him how he played it, and he gave me a small book on chords. Literally, on the bus ride home, I opened the book, and started memorizing chords with my guitar. I became extremely fluent in transitioning simple chords, like Am, C, G, D, Dm, and others.
I forget when but around 7th grade I guess, or 8th, I got a new acoustic guitar. Also Ibanez. It's an acoustic electric though. The amp costs more than the guitar, and I experimented with that. I still use it frequently. I mainly played chords, to country, as was my music obsession.
In the recent years, my gf broke up with me, for the stupidest reasons, and got me really depressed. I started listening to country/Classic Rock, and soon enough, I ditched country all together, because it was nothing compared to Classic Rock, and it sounds more like pop to be honest (yucky).
Though the years I've really just been making up my own songs. I know music in other areas, such as Cello, and trumpet, and I'm currently learning the piano, but otherwise I've always composed my own music, without a lot of guitar knowledge.
Ever since I got my recording gear, and electric, I've been doing a lot more with the wonderful music-Rock.
I'm 16, working on my first album, and I really need to be taught some Music Theory!
I think, I do that, in some case, I act myself in school, but I just don't want to show that side of me, while singing. You know?
But, I think the other guys have a point too, because I used to be the same way with my lyrics, but now I'm comfortable letting people see all of them, so, yeah.
Okay, thanks for the advice, I'll try it tomorrow.
I have a... Lowish, but sweet voice really, when I sing when I play, but I can't sing in front of other people. When I record, I don't care if people hear me, because I'm proud of it, but I can't sing in front of other people, like I find I'm revealing my inner passion, that's not something I want people to see. I submitted for the talent show; we are creating a song, where it involves me being lead vocals, and guitar... Guitar is easy, but I need to know how I can overcome this fear, and sing live. Anything anyone knows would most likely be useful.
I would go with the Gibson... It's good that the one in the picture has the little protector like coverings over the humbuckers, it makes some feedback in a certain kind of light I heard.
Gibson is known for being legendary, and epic, with major history, and even if you bought their crapiest of crap, the Gibson would still be better than half the guitars on the wall. It's a Gibson, there's no such thing as a bad Gibson. You know?
I hear both good and bad things about Epiphone's. Besides them being the knock-off brand for the expensive ones, which just welcomes laughter, you're gambling money. You could be wasting a lot for a "bad batch."
Besides facts, which you should take into consideration, there's also the fact that the store may take your decision into a complete different direction. When you get yours hands on a variety of guitars in the store, you might chose something else.
Pearl Jam has a great unique sound, but everyone is settled on other popular artists. That's probs why. Which is gay, because I think his talent is... Unexplored, I hope he gets more attention sometime in the near future.
Half his songs are about sex and partying. Last I checked, that music goes under pop, which is complete garbage.
Plus my ex best friend over played his newer song, something about standing together, and even the first time I heard it, I didn't really like it. That person is also a big fan of pop, so.... Yeah. Garbage.
Can you blame them? Stealing music today gets easier and easier. You listen to some Jimi Hendrix, bam you're inspired on your guitar, and playing for the next three hours crappy riffs that you might consider Jimi Hendrix material. Or at least, that's what I do, haha. Led Zeppelin as I read, has had an interesting mix of people, that created moods. Maybe they were just whatever with everyone else, and just played another song, and added new stuff to it. But as Pearljammer says, it's not gonna make me stop listening to it. It's some good stuff man, and I don't really care what they did, we have to stay strong in this world to unite against just about everyone else who declares pop is good music.
I see your points. My fav album is deff 45, because I really like the chords, and singing in it. Us and Them I think is also a great album, and yeah... The Sound of Madness album sounds popish, but I'm still getting his newest album, deff.
That link I just clicked on is interesting.... If it's a 7 in the morning show, I couldn't hit those notes either, but yeah... Making me skeptical.
Word yo.
Yeah, I was leaving the guitar part in, and I had still connected to my amp. Thanks a bunch yo.
After a summer filled with break ups and all around crap, I started listening to the fathers of today's rock, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and I'm sad to report I listened to Country before all this. My findings were that Chevelle, Foo Fighters, and Shinedown ended up being my favorite of my three favorite artists...... Tied with Chevelle and Foo Fighters.
Soooooooo.... Maybe the point of this is talk about how Shinedown is great, why, and how.
I think, (even if not knowing consciously) Shinedown creates their music very well lyrically, and fits the tone of the song with epic power chords, and some great distortion. His experience allows him to create songs that resemble aggression, and that's why it's so awesome. His newest single "bully" is something, people everywhere can relate to. Other songs which are complete metaphors like "45" are perfect for anyone, because the chorus: "And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 (45), Swimming through the ashes of another life, ('nother life), no real reason to accept the way things have changed, staring down the barrel of a 45."- can mean for a random listener, exactly that, just a ballad in his song.... To someone with other personal trouble may interpret that completely different! And that's the beauty of poetry and of all rock. It's the only music that still uses poetry, and metaphors.