I like that. Thinking outside of the box.
Which will it be?
Hey, I'm looking to get a good set up for around 400 dollars, I realize I'm not gonna get the best quality stuff, but of course I want the best for my money. I've heard Rondo has really good products for the money, and I own the Agile 2500 guitar from there, I have to say it is nice, so I figured I'd stick with them for a cheap bass.

I've got this one picked out:

I need a nice amp for around 200 dollars that will compliment the bass. I play a mix of funk rock, jazz, classic rock, and just a lot of jamming, so I need something that would go well with that. I also want something that will allow me to train my slapping and popping.

I've looked at plenty of amps on Musiciansfriend, and I can't get out to Guitar Center for a couple weeks or so, so I wanna go ahead and start getting some ideas.

Any help is extremely appreciated. Thanks for reading.
Thank you, all of you.
I know.
I've been hearing a lot of bad shit about Behringer though ...
Which lower priced bass amps have the best quality for the money? I'm really confused as to what amp to buy, and I won't be getting to a guitar store for maybe about 3-4 weeks, so I wanna go ahead and start looking around before I actually go in, and get educated on it.

I play jazz, funk rock (like old RHCP), punk, classic rock, sometimes metal.

So please keep that in mind.

Thank you.

Is this a good amp for funk-rock, jam band, classic rock, punk, etc?

Does anybody own this amp, or has anyone played through it? If so, what is your opinion?

Also, how is this

Are these good basses for that type of music? Could I get better for the price range? Please reccomend.

Thank you.
Did anybody hear about this besides me?
Alright sounds good, but why are you getting like a 300 dollars bass and a 70 dollar amp lespaul? The amp is the biggest factor.

I'm assuming a jazz bass would be better than a p for that music. right?
What is a good bass combination for around 300-350 dollars? Right now, I'm using my friends First Act bass and bass amp, which is ok, kind of toneless, and it distorts a lot. I'm picking up the bass, we play a mix of like funk-rock,jam band,classic rock,coheed and such type stuff. What should I get?

I'm thinking of a rondo bass, I hear they have really good basses for the price at, and I don't have any idea what kind of bass amp or bass model to get for that price range and for that music. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you.
World keeps on spinnin' man.
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Sorry but a million dollars isnt a lifetrime of wealth...

It'd still be really nice to have.
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you know once you get the money, someones gonna ask you how you became rich...

Lottery or a hell of a lot of Bingo playing.
Would you lick a dog's pussy for one million dollars? Just a quick lick, then you could brush your teeth and stuff.

You would probably never have to work to survive, living a comfortable lifestyle all thanks to a couple seconds work.
Could I tune a 12 string with a 6 string tuner, if not how much do the 12 string tuners usually run for cheap models?
I care! *thumbs up and cheesy smile*
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My chemistry teacher has a bumper sticker in his room that says "Get hooked on fishing, not drugs!"

But he also has one that says "It must suck to be you."

lmao, I don't know why, but I have got to sig that.

Well, I have a friend who seems like she'd enjoy smoking weed, so I asked why she doesn't. She told me "It's to expensive, it's a gateway drug"

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No I don't agree with that. Your saying only sick people can drink alcohol? I'm sorry man but I don't quite fully see your logic. I feel that drugs should be used by whoever desires to use them. Yes some people are stupid and will do stupid things with drugs and on them. But should the rest of us really suffer for those incosiderate peoples mistakes? Thats like banning the use of cars because some people run red lights and crash into someone.


Amen, man.
He probably has a sidekick or something. Sounds pretty sweet though. As long as you had the money (which obviously you're not to bad off if you had an extra $2500 sitting around ) I doubt she'll care.
No, I'm just having a little fun with her, she's not uptight or anything, she'll laugh after I tell her. I'm gonna throw in there what I actually want to, so she can get some real info.
I'd hang out with you, you've got my approval.
to check on some prices for my Christmas present. She's asking me what I want, so I'm trying to think of some things to get her to ask the guitar shop if they have in stock.

So far, I'm going to get her to ask about the "ultimate metal banjo 1600"

and Jesus Christ the musical sheet music

Any other suggestions?
Actually you can still go to community college, if you can pass the sat, and then any regular college with a GED.
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All I gots to say is that sucker is sAweet, now that i ditched the metal fittings and crafted one from a wood 2x2. It looks so Hick. I gotta post pics.

Yeah, I made a wood pipe a couple months back, hit like a bitch, man. So hard on the lungs, but I got me a glass pipe now. 14 bucks, well worth it.
For anyone interested in this kind of stuff, I reccomend Great site
Yeah, kind of rambles...

Fu/ck it all
Tired of the same old same old
Force fed regurgatated bullsh/it
About one man is one man
One man plus public opinion equals dominance
Well, fu/ck that
I could live to be one hundred and sixty
And still know you're not with me
If you're against me then we've forgotten our cause
So lay the "facts" on the table, minister
Officer, Principal, based on the moral ethic code
Of what your God once said
My God hates your God, and thus hates you
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Define a decision, promised once in time
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FREEDOM! shouted from the rooftop before a one hundred foot fall
Freedom for us all, God bless fantasyland
It's just another way to get us in trouble. We don't use them, but the bastards want to ****ing bring us down.
No replies after a day? :/
Quote by canonrock101

Pot shouldnt be leaglized, what for?

Uh, maybe because people like to smoke it? You ever though about someone besides yourself? Maybe they should make playing guitar a crime, what good does it do anyone?

Oh for the record, pot isn't addicting, unlike your precious morphine. Get educated.
Quote by pugnapugnapugna
Yeah, but if it was legalized, everyone would just sit and smoke pot all day.. Then eat.. Then use the bathroom.. Then smoke more pot..

yep, because all pot smokers do is sit around, you ignorant ****.
I haven't posted any lyrics on here in a long time, but I tried a new writing style out, and I'm not to sure how I feel about this one, so any criticism or comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Sit back with the octopus spine
Demanding all the respect a nazi would get
Fretting over the inevitable
Your silent creed of intolerance
And despicably change your pace

Proudly fly your peace sign sticker
On the way to the voting center
Cast a ballot for your machine gun colleagues
Making love to the idea of war

Find yourself in a bottomless hole
Slipping to the epitomy of the hipocritical disgrace
Such potential that went to waste
Such potential that went to waste
****ing bitch, man. She must lead a sad life.
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^^ Get her on your own and ask her. Who would you be rejected by?

Yeah I wanna get her on her own and ask her, but it's kind of hard because we don't get to see each other much out of school, and school is kind of a ****ty place to ask someone out in my opinion. I was thinking about resorting to the phone, but I don't know.
I'm tired of waiting around with this girl. I really like her, but I'm scared of being rejected because over the summer her best friend and I were really close, and I asked her out but she turned me down. This girl seems to like me though, all of my friends think she does too. I just can't bring myself to ask her out for some reason. Any advice? I really want to ask her, I've wanted to for a while now.

Does anyone have any experience with the Epiphone PR5-E Acoustic Electric? I'd mainly be playing it acoustic, actually probably only acoustic, don't really care about it being electric too, but I really like how it has a cutaway, and I've read a few mf reviews, but they're so short.

I play everything from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin to Bright Eyes to James Blunt, etc

Basically I play any song I think sounds good.

So would this guitar fit me? I want to get in and try it out, but I don't when I could get over to Guitar Center.
Ok, I've been wanting to ask this girl out for about a month now. We talk everyday online and on the phone. I can't describe the way she makes me feel, but it's wonderful. All of my friends tell me I need to just go ahead and ask her out, but I'm scared of rejection from her, because the last two times a relationship didn't work out with a girl, we pretty much stopped talking. Both times. I don't want to lose her as a friend, and I talk to her best friend a lot too. It would just be awkward. :[ I don't want to ask her out on the phone or online. I've been wanting to hang out with her THREE TIMES NOW, and we always set it up, and I always plan to ask her out, but something happens and we don't get to hang out. Should I take that as a sign?