I've found my ideal partner and I just realised he's nothing like the guy I thought I was looking for. He doesn't have dark hair, or any facial hair. He's not into music, not artistic at all. He almost always needs me when he wants to buy nice clothes. He's really a mommy's boy and I'm not a family person at all. He comes from a small village and he's not the big city boy I was really looking for.
Yet I fell for him. He's sweet, selfless, down to earth. He's not afraid or ashamed to show his emotions. He's ambitious, obsessed with architecture and house building. He knows what he wants. He makes sure that I know that all problems between us can be discussed and sorted out. He knows when he's wrong. And I think that's what really matters; I love him because he doesn't hide who he is.
It's been about 7 or 8 months since my last haircut.. My hair looks terrible now, I've got split ends and I look like a male hippie. Which would have been great if I were a guy. Ajwell, I'll get it cut next week.
Two days ago.. Me and my boyfriend can't be apart for too long sometimes I skip a lecture so we can go to school (in Amsterdam, so that means about 40 minutes of quality time) together..
I had a dream that I had sex with a Pole in a tiny bathroom (I have a thing for Polish guys.. don't ask).. And I borrowed a condom from a friend. She told my boyfriend about it and I didn't even feel guilty I'm a bad person.
I don't know. My sister is still in love with a guy who cheated on her and has mental problems.. He even got her arrested.

I always fall in love with the good guys. My current boyfriend has never done anything wrong. He is so good for his parents and sisters, it really makes me happy to see that there still are amazing guys like him.

I don't trust myself (with loving you) - John Mayer
Why would you make your own capo?
5. I used to be able to name them all, but hey, I grew up.
Eat it. Yum, uranium.
Looks awesome.. how much was it?

I mean, look at the hair!
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Or maybe that bitch is just enourmous. Ever think of that? Apparently not.

I didn't.
My mom. I don't really talk to my father..
Edward Natapei > Political party > Ideology > Feminism > Homophobia > Homosexuality > Anal Sex.

American University of Armenia > Rector > Stephen Fry > Homosexuality > Anal Sex.

God this is fun.
Ryan Adams - Cold Roses
Kaiser Chiefs - I can do it without you
Bright Eyes - Pull my hair
Ben Folds - In between days
Counting Crows - Carriage
I'd buy it

Bad quality, but who cares.
I'm sorry.
My username is my real name, so if you don't like it, I'm going to kill you.
Novastar - Rome
OK, I didn't expect him to dance like that..
Rats are so awesome. I used to have two, but one died of cancer and the other was paralysed . Yours are pretty old already..
I don't. I'm a very ****ed up person
It's so hilarious. I love "Benny Lava".. and "I'd love to see you pee on us tonight".
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best: McDonalds playground (no bs)
worst: beach also .. to public

You really are a pervert

Well I ALMOST did it on a train, but I really prefer the bedroom
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Sorry lol. Did it for the giggle lol. This thread can be deleted if be lol,

What are you waiting for?
That 'music' made me cry.
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Naw brah, a woman can't get a period if she's pregnant.

She can. It's not really a "period" but still..
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I got half-male half-female. Not bad, I guess.

Yeah, I got that too.
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BEHOLD! The almighty Lunchable!

Dear God that looks disgusting..


Quick & delicious.
Between 300 and 1000 a month. I pay €10 a month for 1000 text messages, so I try to send as many as possible
Three of my exes still like me, which I can't understand AT ALL, because I've been a total bitch to them..
My first kiss was absolutely terrible. I was, 11 or 12 (pretty young, or maybe not..). And my boyfriend at the time just tried to eat me or something. Pretty funny, looking back at it now.

First awesome kiss was 2 years later.. That guy made me forget the world around me, like I was trippin'.
All I could hear was this weird "rrrrrr" noise. But still, pretty good, I guess. I'm not an expert.
Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 91%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 9%

I only use UG, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Jango, I think..