I second that
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Should be able to get it from the lexicon website.
EDIT: If not, get in contact with their customer service guys.


last resort EBAY IT
Depending on whos playing. A friend and I usually just make fun of the wild people, crazily headbanging or jumping or time we just stood stock still in the mosh pit and some guy turned around and shouted "are you alright?!?!?"

I usually check out their guitars too.
We have a day off. Somebody else's queen had a birthday last month and for the past 100 years Shes been giving us a long weekend. For some reason its now.

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His full name is Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, hence the nickname Rodya.

Marmelada could be German (it definitely does mean jam), but I know that more or less all Slavic languages use marmelada or something similar. And I forgot, why he's called Marmeladov. I think it is somehow connected to the fact that he spends his days drinking and contributing nothing to his family. We reviewed most of the names in school but I can't find my notes There's probably a good article somewhere.

ALSO: I noticed that my profile still states that I have no favorite books. I guess I didn't change it from the day I signed up Have to correct that immediately

Ive been to Slovenia! What.... 3 years ago now?

Ah that makes more sense. I will google it some time...

Yeah my profile doesnt mention favorite books. Too many... but Crime and Punishment would be at the top WOOOOOOOOOOOO

(btw sorry for the late reply... sleeeeeeep O.o)
If someone gave me a new amp I would stop coming to the pit.

Makes sense to me.

Do I hear people rushing to give me a new amp?

sigh. welcome to the pit...mention something in the slightest intelligent and someone mentions drugs/alcohol.
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You just saved me from killing myself

Youre very welcome.

I wonder what the psychology is in posting this thread.
...not sure if this is positive or not but my perfect world doesnt involve UG.

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No, but if it makes you feel any less weird, whenever a particular facial expression is described in detail in a book then I must make that face.

^love this

nah i normally create whole new worlds... like St Petersberg for example. I sm dissapointed when I go there for real and its not as good
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Certainly one of the greatest. And the names actually play a big part.
Raskol (Razkol in my language) means 'devide' and Marmelada means jam/marmelade (No shit Sherlock). I think there is a good Wikipedia article about it.


note to self: learn russian

isnt Marmelada german for jam?

The thing that got me most confused was the nick names... how does Raskolnikov become Rodya?'

also sorry i dont get how marmalade has anyy significance.
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Great Russian book: The Master and Margarita

batman is worth it? am i slow or just very confused?
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Nah, my title = fictional character
I really enjoyed the book, but I unfoftunately read the shortened version since it was for school and I a limited amount of time to read it. I'm one slow reader.


seriously... dostoevsky, what a man!

i read the whole version... took me a few months (a bit sad for me) because i kept putting it down.

and im unfamilier with russian names etc so it was a touch hard :/

BUT MAN IT WAS WORTH IT.... all that time spend in his psychological torture... and thn the redemption at the end... that last page was pretty awesome.

sorry tangent to everyone else...
nah damn i did - spelt it wrong :'(

Note: talking about the fictional character. i have no idea if theres anyone on here with the actual name.


oh btw <3 RASKOLIKOV
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I just remembered why god made fingernails, for acoustic and classical guitar! duh

(and hot chicks)

disregarding the last part i would have prefered carbon fibre flexible wolverine claws.

...or fingernails are just fine.

what about ears? random flaps of skin? and lips... WHY ISTHERE A HOLE IN MY FACE WITH STUFF AROUND IT?!?!
With guitar there are 2 motives:

First of all play the songs you love. For me, I try them, if I cant play them i move onto something else. Then I might come back to them a while later and find theyre easier than I thought. A love of something (ie guitar) is not something you can buy... but it tends to be the best motive.

Second is frank hard discipline. If you get lessons you'd be given deadlines and schedules and there might be something all too human inside you that wants to impress your teacher and get things done.

So try these. If you give up you bviously dont have either. Perservere man.
i watched an episode once...

or a movie (dont ask me why...)

it had no complication. well it did, the Pegesus Ponies were too shy :/

"Oh sugar fluff... look at all the icecream!!!" *prances around*
God must have one Heck of a sense of humour.

Fingers especially... and fingernails!?!?
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What would happen if I had two dicks?

you'd be an echidna...and a male one at that
"The thrill is in the chase, never in the capture." - Agatha Christie

Simple psychology: serial killers tend to target people they dont know much about, which is why theyre so successful: there isnt an obvious pattern. They thrive on learning about this person, how they carryout their everyday life, just to have the power to take that life from them.

Where would the thrill be in suicide?
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Who the Christ has windows without curtains?? What kind of sick, twisted lives do they lead?

venetian blinds man. the epitome of epic.
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Seriously, though, are there people out there who don't close their curtains when they go to sleep? If so: why not?

...because they dont HAVE curtains...?
From what Ive seen it should be okay.

People do.
Sorry, I was unaware that only pro guitarists were allowed to name guitars. Honest officer!
Yeah dont upgrade unless you're actually upgrading. Unless theres something drastically wrong with the Schecter, save up more cash before you buy another guitar.
So pit, the question; do you?

I dunno it seems a strange habit but I tend to

Most often they seem to be of the opposite gender...

My acoustic is Gourdon and my little AC adapter is Larry... trying to decide on a name for my strat ^^

(Hey im strange so what)
Man, does it matter?

if the world doesnt end in october, its gonna be December next year anyway. Or 2121... or all those other apocalyptic dates...

seriously, this is my excusee to my maths teacher for why maths is inreliable...XD
When I buy an average guitar(around $500), when I go to the shop would they give me the guitar off the wall, or do I expect to get a new one in a box?

And should I call ahead to see if they have what I want in stock?

Find a friend who'd support you for a month while you stabilise your life a bit.

Meanwhile, get a job, sell what you dont necessarily need and start looking for a cheap apartment of something.

Good luck cause it probobly wont be easy.
Find songs you like. Play the songs you can. Keep practicing, then try the harder songs.

It all about the love of it.
2 - Colds? Ignore them. Except I always forget tissues. Dang

3- I have no idea whats on when, but maybe

Top Gear, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Spooks, Life on Mars...
Its a ring. If its from him, it should be special enough.

And yeah its not cheap so the 'its the thought that counts' is backed up by price

14, Female.

PLays videogames...not on a frequent basis though/

RPG, strategy and third person (whatever Assasins Creed is)

Hmm... I dont think you did anything wrong. Although obviously your Bassist is hurt.

Depending on your relationship mabe talk to him... I dunno
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What if they asked you personally with no one around?

Well... lets see.

Its illegal... immoral.... highly unlikely... improbable... unethical... NO.
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Another hypothetical situation/question thread...

I would say "Son, cancer's ****ing you anyway."

Imagine life without hypothetical situations...
Technically they can't legally as its a part of child protection and illegal anyway.

IF a child asked that they would keep asking until they got a different answer. I highly doubt a dying 8 year olf would do that anyway.
If youre music is good it shouldnt matter.

Although it does seem to help if theres some... ah 'sex appeal'.

Oh and good luck with the waitloss thing! ^^
Rain is pretty cool. I dont appreciate it as much as I should (being in Australia)

Yes and no. I dislike rain because my shoes and socks get soggy for THE ENTIRE DAY and my poor rabbits outside never get any light and because I have to walk carefully and watch my footing... and there are things I generally cant do (as well), general outdoorsyness and lighting a bonfire and stuff

But Yes because its SO COOL. I love it when I can just have fun in the rain. No umbrella. Just get soaked. Whether Im by myself or not, riding a bike, walkking, outright being crazy... it can be heaps of fun.

Or lying in a warm hammock on my veranda and reading a good book...

Rain in itself it pretty cool.