Israel is going in on the ground. This can only end badly.
Now remember both of you have to hi five everyone, just run down that clock.
Only on bondage night.
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"Real Ronaldo" annoys me though. Mainly because it makes me think that Cristiano is a figment of my imagination.

Top three words used by the media to describe each country at the World Cup.

"Uruguay: bite, disgrace, do-or-die"

Mink you need to go back on your meds there's only ever been one Ronaldo.
Awww i'm a little sad that Costa Rica lost, still they did damn well.

To help the Yanks cope with the grief.
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Wait are the Americans complaining about officiating now? Maybe they finally are adopting the sport

Ref should have gone to specsavers.
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So apt

Hard luck, 'muricans - you don't have the best players (by any means) but at least they gave 100% effort most of the time. And now you've experienced what WC is all about, with the tension and last-ditch scramble in knockout games

Literally was sat waiting with two images one a proud eagle and one a sad eagle until the result came up.
so my build as varus today went.

Dorans Start 1st back BF sword and 2nd dorans > Bilgewater cutlass boots + BotRK > Last whisper + bezerker greaves > IE > PD then we beat them before i could get 5th item.
We've aced them and they'll be up soon we could end the game. But first let me take a wraith camp.
My current adc path is BOTR > IE > PD > LW > BV/GA
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I'm still struggling to understand why though Why would a grown man bite another grown man in front of thousands of people, cameras and millions of people watching on their tellies

Didn't get his shreddies
Remember when reaching the quarter finals wasn't good enough for an England manager. Guess standards are lower if you're not foreign.
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He was taking the piss. He isnt world class in friendlies or qualifiers either

I know he isn't world class i was also taking the mickey, ya daft bugger.
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Rooney is world class mate. Has to play.

World class in qualifiers and friendlies, chokes when it matters.
Not bloody Nani such a twunt.
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hehehehe bewbies

Actually it was the pretty face and really nice legs that got me.

Don't want Korea to go out.
Well modern is easier to get into as the staples are cheaper to get, i mean fetch lands are £80 each where old dual lands are $350....oh wait this isn't about magic.
Looks like germany are Klose to getting back in this.
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so NiP can't play with alex ich here in the actually important challenger series games. sad because they'd win if they had him

Most of Gambit can't play either. Visa Issues, the LCS didn't give them enough time to sort out UK visas.
I think things are going to get a little Messi for Iran.
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Straya I reckon. Probably just went on a beer run.

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Is that seat for the USA?
Ardent censer has been changed. The mistake Move speed buff is gone and it doesn't affect self healing so basically if you drop a locket shield the rest of your team gets the buff you do not. So no more putting it on kayle healing yourself, turning on your E and murderising someone.
I wonder how much of a prick Adrian Chiles will be tonight.
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****ing neanderthals. I'm sure this isn't just the English either. Who the **** decides to beat their women/man because of a game?

People with small feet.
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Lineker, Ferdinand and that white guy are all horrible. Just give the floor to Seedorf and Henry and **** off.

Costa Rica played as a team not a collection of players.

Also Lineker is just awful.

Also lol at the sad montage because england are out.
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I like how every English fan is rooting for Italy now

It's because it's our solemn duty to care about the sportsball god save the queen etc.

Go Costa Rica Go!
Italy and Costa Rica to arrange to draw tommorrow because lolengland and epicmatchfixing
Ah Chiles having a go at Mueller again.