I drafted up this logo today and I can't help but think it's someone else's logo, or something similar. Other than it being a mediocre logo, any thoughts on who I've ripped off?

I started teaching guitar lessons out of my house at the start of the year.
I just had a new student today, who is left handed, but he has a right handed acoustic guitar. He's a kid, so he doesn't have money for a lefty guitar and his mom isn't going to just buy him one. So what am I to do?

I thought about several options:
1. Make him play righty. I mean, it'd be easier because the majority of players are right handed, so talking to other guitarist and buying guitars in the future would be easier for him. Joe Perry is left-handed naturally but plays guitar right handed. But, unlike Joe Perry, playing righty may feel unnatural and uncomfortable to my student. Paul McCartney started right handed, but decided it wasn't working out and switched to lefty.

2. Lefty-flip Hendrix style: Just turn the guitar upside down and restring it like a lefty. It would be just like playing a lefty guitar. However, wouldn't he have to modify the nut and the bridge? How much would that cost? (its a cheap Harmony acoustic guitar) Any estimate at all on the price of the modifications?

3. Lefty-flip Dick Dale style: Turn the guitar upside down and leave it stringed as it is. This would be easiest as there's no modifications to the guitar, but could there be disadvantages in playing guitar with the strings reversed? Would it be inconvenient in learning? People have done it before.

Any food for though? what would you do?
check out live music prodcuer Tom Jackson. the man's practically insane but has some good ideas.
Okay, I have a Yamaha DtXplorer elect drum kit. I'm trying to record midi with it in Reason 2.5 (old huh?). I have it hooked up to through a Cakewalk UM-1G.
Okay, reason Redrum only registers the floor tom (a high hat sound comes out), so there is a mapping problem. However, I can NOT (i repeat CAN NOT) change the MIDI notes on the Yahama drum brain. Is there any way I can change the note on Reason or something and get this thing properly mapped?


(ignore my earlier topic)
Okay, so I have Reason 2.5 (old and ghetto right? I'm wondering if this is my problem)
either way, something isn't working right. I want to record MIDI into reason from my keyboard or y electronic drum set.
I plug the MIDI out from my Cakewalk UM-1G interface into my elec drum set. no sound comes out. In Reason, I went to "prefrences" and set the MIDI to the UM-1G on channel 1. still no sound or recognition. I brought redrum up, selected it on the sequencer but can't get any sound or midi info. what am I doing wrong?

UPDATE: I've plugged in my keyboard and i get sound when I use the subtracter. still no sound with redrum.
Okay cool thanks. Now, these interface's cables have a midi in and out chord. My drum set only has a midi out jack. I assume I could still record with this and that a midi in jack would be only to send midi to the drum set (which i don't need). right?
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Get some way to get Midi Input on your PC (Most interfaces have Midi In), plug the midi out on your drums to the midi in on your interface, record, ???, Profit

Easy as that

Thanks. Okay, so the interface I buy would need a "midi in"? I was thinking about getting the Line 6 ux2 (cause it comes with pod farm) but I guess that's out cause I don't think it has a midi in. maybe.

Hey, someone showed me an M-audio "Uno" MIDI interface. it's cheap (probably not the best quality) but would I be able to record and replace the drum kit with this thing?

(again, sorry if this is repetitive, but I really know nothing about all this and am trying to learn)
Okay. I'm going to buy some stuff to start recording on my computer soon, but before I start grabbing stuff blindly I'd like to some info if someone wouldn't mind helping a noob.

I have a Yamaha Dtxplorer electronic drum set. It has a "midi out" jack, not sure what that does though. I have Reason, and am hoping to get Reason Drum Kits. I do not have an interface yet.
What I want to do is something I saw a local engineer do on an album. I want to record with my electronic drum kit, but I want it trigger the sounds from Reason Drums Kits so I can edit them however I want after I record.
What will I need to do this? an interface? like, how do I hook that up? can I do it with a simple "midi out" jack into an interface?
Any insight would be appreciated.

It can ruin the vibe to hear the sound of retunings. As for looking bad, not really, just as long as it doesn't take forever. I would suggest getting a snark clip on tuner. I got mine for ten bucks. all guitarists in your band can afford that. You just turn the volume knob down on your guitar, clip this thing on your headstock (it's small so it doesn't look stupid) and tune up! then clip it off and your good.

we just did a set last night where our bassist changed tuning 4 times, going from to drop D and back standard various times. Hey just clips on the snark and tunes in like 5 seconds. no akward pauses just quick tuning.
And as everyone else has said, a pedal with a mute function will do the same, but a snark is cheaper and just as accurate.
^ anything above ^

and do you know all the names of the notes at any given fret or string? knowing that, not just mindless tab numbers will help.
also, know the chords to the song. the bass line will make more sense if you know the chords being played over it.
The other guy's advice is better than what I got but I would try panning some of the tracks. It's needs wider sound. I have a few ideas what to do.

1. I would put the the guitar far left (it's doesn't have to be left, it could be panned right but for the sake of this I'm just gonna say left).and then overdub another guitar (or something) on the other side. Like another acoustic guitar part, that's maybe a slight variation on the part the guitarist is already playing.
And if you wanna go all out, have two acoustics during the verse (one left and one right) and then have the panned-right guitar switch to a distorted electric guitar on the chorus.

Somethings up with the vocals. not the performance, but the sound. Needs EQing or maybe a better mic or preamp.

By the way, the song is great. keep it up.
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Hey thanks I'll check it out. I do not have a bass amp, I've heard running a bass direct actually works out alright (unlike guitar -_-). I also have a Fender Hotrod Delux, and that amp has a ton of low end to it. I think it would work good with bass, though I'm not sure. Can a bass guitar damage a guitar amp?

Bass can definitely damage your amp if you crank it loud. Playing quietly not might hurt but don't quote me on that.
If I were you, i'd do it direct. Most basses are recording direct these days. It's hard to record an amp and make it not sound noobish. Direct however, it much easier to get sounding good. but you might need some plugins or something to make it sound really good. what are you using to record? what programs? interface? any preamps?
I know what you are talking about lespaulkid123. No one can really answer it. Majority opinions constantly change, and right now we are in a rock n roll recession (corny eh?). But whatever, I listen to the music I like and they listen to the music they like and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. Almost everyone drinks coke or pepsi, I drink neither, but I just do my own thing and let it be.
I've haven't ever bothered to learn sweep picking until now (i listen to too much old rock).

okay, I'm sure you all have seen the classic c major sweep lick.


look at the 15 with the "*" next to it. Would you play that with an upstroke or downstroke when you are starting the pattern over?
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Amazing stuff. But just a few suggestions.

Stronger vocals.

Also, try to let your riffs dominate over the rhythm playing from time to time. Sometimes the rhythm guitar dominates a tad little much.

But seriously, great stuff overall. These days one doesn't get to hear stuff like this.

Thank you dude! Yeah, our singer is not happy with his performance on this album. I don't wanna sound like I'm making crappy excuses, but the cheap little studio we recorded in made him a little congested, so yeah he is a little weak on the album.

Heh, acutally yall won't believe all the crap we went through to make this album. It's a crazy story really. It took over a year to complete. We had half of the tracks recorded when all the files got erased and we had to start from starch! We lost our rhythm guitarist towards the end of the sessions and the first batch of CDs arrived completely blank. I was so glad when it was all finally finished. :P

But really, I'm glad you guys like the stuff!
Well, you could do that, but.....
I am the guitarist/backing vocalist of my band. I wasn't very good so I decided to work on my voice. I didn't take voice lessons though, I learned a lot just from the internet. Youtube has tons of stuff, rockthestagenyc has a bunch exercises and mini-lessons for free. You'd be surprised by all the stuff you can learn for free. I also borrowed some one's copy of Mark Baxters "Rock-N-Roll Singer's Survival Manual." I am much more confident in my singing, extended my range, and even do lead vocals on one song now.

Up to you. Also, the studio you linked looks legit, SLS is a method used by Brett Manning. Just don't take classical voice lessons, unless want to sing classical (which you don't).

Even if you do take the lessons, still google vocal lessons and exercises, it can only help you.

Name: Crosswire
Genre: Hard Rock
Sounds Like: AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, KISS, Cinderella

Classic sound with new attitude.
Wow, when I posted this I wasn't sure what to expect. Thanks for all these positive comments! Especially bout the solos
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Really love it man, keep it up!

Wow, thanks a lot dude!
I'm the guitarist for my band "Crosswire." I started it with my brother, who is the lead singer, and we've been around for about two years now. We kinda sound like bands scuh as AC/DC, Aerosmith, and GNR. so if you like those bands, why not give us a shot?

Enough talk, hear for yourself.

Our music video:

God bless,
Yeah, this is a "noob" or stupid question whatever blah blah blah.
The other day, I played a local acoustic show. I have never ever in my life bothered with playing acoustic live until this show, so I ran into some problems. I don't have an electric-acoustic or an acoustic pick up so I figured I'd just mic the guitar. However, whenever I put the mic up to the sound hole, it would let out this loud deep feedback. Is this common? Why did this happen? Is it my guitar or is it the mic? What is going on? Is it stupid to try to mic an acoustic?

Like I said, this was my first time ever playing an acoustic outside of my bedroom (I usually do electric). I am seriously thinking about getting an acoustic pick-up, but even if I do, I would still like to know why the feedback happened.

what kind of pick do you use?
Congrats on your decision. Honestly, I never had a set routine, but I found great ways to develop. Maybe you can incorporate them into your routine.
1. The internet. Youtube. No joke. I'd probably suck without it. The web is full of guitar exercises and lessons. Look around.
2. Listening to guitarists I like/Watching concerts DVDs. There's so much to learn just by watching or listening.
3. Learns songs you like. If it worked for them it can work for you. Take the coolest lick in a song you know and slow it down and work it out. Download tabs like crazy! Get powertab editor or guitar pro.

I know you're looking a routine, but these are still great tips if you use them right.
Honestly I think your best bet at this point is to take it to a shop and have it done there. Atleast, learn how to change the strings and then let the shop fix the action. I'm not even very good with action. Someone else probably has better advice, but this is what I would do.
There isn't a SINGLE person who can't write something good about you (even if you have to twist their leg)?
Doing something synchronized (and not gay). Like have all of you lift your instruments up at an apporiate point, or all stop then start headbanging in unison, just shooting some ideas. I don't know your songs, so I can;t help you to much. Come up with synchronized withyour music and do it all together at the same time.
Exaggerate your personality to its fullest. People love charisma. Make insane faces
Sounds like your really getting things going for you. I really like your enthusiasm. I just like to say that you gotta make sure you have the music done cause you everything else (keep in mind I haven't listened to you guys yet). Make sure your band is TIGHT. Get rhythmically great together. Get the drummer and bassists to be an engine together. also, make sure to get good quality for your EP, get someone to help you in a local studio if you have to.
He's jealous. His attempts won't hurt you guys.
The money ain't worth giving them a gig. They don't deserve to gig. You guys do.
Maybe really thick strings like SRV?
If it is just a little riff and you don't think he's going anywhere (and you guys are) then why not? Just give him writing credit anytime you can like on linear notes.
Ofcourse, he may form his own band, call it "Megadeth" and do a song called "The Mechanix" which is what you made into a song called "The Four Horsemen."
If you aren't already, always ask for their opinion when you show them a song or something. They may just continue to moan at first, but if you keep it up they might say "hey! he cares what I think!" and start be real about it.

That fact that you're worried about becoming a dictator is what makes you not a dictator. It shows you care about the band being the best it can be. In bands, its gotta have a leader or two to kind of push it all toward one way or the other and have the rest follow. If everyone was just a follower, no body would go anywhere. If everyone was a leader, they all just argue about where to go.
So, I know its frustrating, but its time to back off of the impatience. Either kick out the moaners (which is dictator like) or be patient and get something fixed. Tell them what you think and why you think (and do so with the utter most humility).
not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I was watching some old Zeppelin and Who concerts, and I noticed in both of them that the singers are holding two mics that are taped together. What would be the purpose and singing into two mics at once?
Great idea. I hope this thread goes far. I myself am pretty happy with my tone, after spending hours in front of my amp figuring out the tone of my dreams. Good luck mate.
Honestly mate, no one deserves to burn in any hell, amusing that your hell is eternal.
how are you tapping it?
like this:

Db|--------------------------------------------| X8 

use your left hand to hammer on or 7s and 0's, right hand for the 14s and 16s
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Try pushing around the input a little... Sometimes it doesn't connect fully and only 1 half of the earphones will work.

I've tried this as well. The sound goes into the left ear bud when you fool with it, but never fully restored. I'm appreciating the input though.