this record is amazing. its been out for a little over 3 weeks and im surprised no one has posted anything from it. It would be totally awesome if someone could do a full tab.
Hey!! I am looking to change the pickups in my Fender Blacktop Jaguar. I really want a steel panther/motley crue sound and its just not quite happening with my current set. any suggestions as to what pickups i should get?

Heres a list of all the ones i have so far. everything on there is full score. Im sure a lot of people would really appriciate it if someone who could do it right tabbed some of them out just shoot me and email and i'll send you whatever you want.
I would send you whatever you wanted of you want to tab them out in guitar pro and post them to ultimate-guitar.

heres where you can find a list of everything i have so far
Hi, Im looking for a really good tab of Wednesday 13's Silver Bullets. I can't seem to find a good one. I mean, I need someone who knows how not kinda sorta thinks they have it right. Its not a hard song but tabbing out things myself just doesn't work. im no good at it. i mostly just need the solo parts. so....if anyone is interested.....let me know oh and i have guitar pro 6, i would really appriciate it if it could be in guitar pro! Thanks!!