thanks man! i will
hi i am just starting to write lyrics but i have been playing guitar for a number of years i am looking for a book wich will help me to write lyrics that i can buy,

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thank you
i have been playing guitar for a year and i am starting out playing slide guitar ind i was wondering what might be a good book to start on. I was wondering what book you guys use if you play slide guitar or what might be a good one to start out slide guitar on.
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yeah but ive tryed the tab on this site and there inacurate
thanks for the help
sorry but... i don't trust the tab on this site thanks anyways
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i was looking for a slash's snakepit songbook and was wondering if there is one and where i can buy it .
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there is i know there is
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thanks evryone exept this dude^^^^^^^^^
i am looking for the GN'R The Spaghetti Incident guitar tab book new and not used and am asking if anyone knows where to find one or knows of any sites where you can buy guitar tab books (i dont want to go to ebay and i have tryed amazon and the musicroom already)
whats power tab?
sorry i made a typing error i ment starting hevy metal
Dose Anyone Know What Tuning Seether And Disturbed Use For Guitar
i am starting out at hevy metal and have some questions:

dose anyone have a list of hevy metal bands and thair tunings? and what tuning is used the moast in heavy metal and what metal bands use the same tuning for evry song if any

thanks to all of you
i am going to start seeing hevy metal and i need to have a list of bands and the tuning (pitch) that they use or the tunings for each album or something i just need something to go on..oh and i am looking for 1980-2005-6 kind of thing
thank you
i like ordering sheet music online but the site i am already using has limated stock and is expensive.So i am asking if any one knows of any good sites (in the UK) for guitar sheet music exept amazon or ebay.
i want to buy it from a shop
i like my chemical romance but is there a solgbook thats sold in the uk ??
whats moere important a good guitar or a good amp?
what is the real differanse in sound between a gibson and an epiphone les paul??
im going to lern classical guitar is there any books (for beginers) to help me lern classical guitar?
rock blues and chacago blues are my favorate
i have lerned a bit of blues dose anyone know of any good blues songbooks i dont relly have a style of blues im just looking for a mixed songbook of blues
darth is actualy helpfull thanks