I want trade or buy an ibanez iceman 7 string in preferably good condition. Message me if you have one for sale or trade. I have references if you want them
Demmelition is down to $700. Trades are welcome.
Gear: Ibanez RGD2127z in mint condition. Has a small chip on the edge of the guitar. Other than that, mint condition.
Accessories: Hardshell case and bar and tools
References: I have references I can provide if needed. Just ask for them.
Price: $1100 plus shipping. Negotiable

Gear: Jackson Demmelition pro in black with silver bevels. I got it from someone on here. The headstock has had a chip glued back on but still plays perfectly fine.
Accessories: Hardshell case, and bar and tools.
Price: not really sure what these go for, but I'd say around $850 plus shipping.

Not looking at trades unless it's something interesting. Only thing I'd be really interested in are esp 7 strings. I can't post pics but I can email them upon request.
Both of these are gone
Schecter blackjack sls v7 for $685 shipped and ibanez rg8 for $250 shipped. I have references I can provide, and message for pics.
Up. Still have the rg8 and $700 on the schecter blackjack sls v7. It's a dead mint crimson red burst flame maple top, ebony fretboard, and ad blackouts
Still got the rg8. And I also have a schecter blackjack sls v7 for sale $725 shipped.
$250 shipped on the rg8. Found something I really want
Quote by NinjaStrez
I could have sworn this was a drum cover. guitar?

Neither. Jut some riffs I threw together. Are you saying the guitar is too quiet or that I'm blatantly ripping off something? If its the latter I don't do that an if I do I give credit where its due.
So I made this with my new guitar and I would appreciate some feedback on it. Any advice is welcomed.
NOTE: No hate
Ninja has been traded
Last chance on the ninja
Sell the rg7321 for $250-300 (possibly more or less based on modifications and condition). The mh50 for $180 to $230 (again based on if any mods and condition). A Guitars value is roughly 2/3 of their new price (1/3 mark up for profit by retailers). So you are usually able to sell it for this are a bit less. Hope this helped. Don't know anything on the amp.
Also interested in a jackson demmelition
Prices are OBO, interested in ibanez 7's or a straight sale as something I want is on sale
Interested in ibanez 7 strings. Price drop to $630 shipped on the ninja.
I'm putting my two guitars up for sale because there's a guitar I've had my eye on for a long time and its at a good price. The prices are OBO, I can't post pics here for some reason so please message me your email.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ltd ninja 600 Michael amott sig. This is the 2008 version with a black quilted maple top
Modifications (if any): NONE
Accessories (hardshell case etc): OHSC
Location (City,State or City,Country): ABQ, NM
International OK? : I'd you want to pay for it
Contact Info (No Phone #s) here
References (eBay or other forum userid): dude475 ebay, businessman in and
Price (include currency and if firm/obo): 650 shipped plus pp fees
Pictures: message for pics

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG8 in good condition (8.5/10). Been played a lot by me and the previous owner
Modifications (if any): previous owner painted the bridge, pups, tuners, and knobs a dark metallic blue. I also have a prototype seymour duncan "djent" pup I could throw in for a bit extra.
Accessories (hardshell case etc): levy gigbag
Location (City,State or City,Country): ABQ, NM
International OK? : If you want to pay for it
Contact Info (No Phone #s) message here
References (eBay or other forum userid): dude475 ebay, businessman on sevenstring,org and
Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $280 plus shipping
Pictures: message for pics

Please ask any and all questions you have. I'm also open to trade offers or partial trades.
So I have about $550 to buy a new guitar with. I usually have so,go kind of idea of what I want but this time I have no idea. Ideally something with active pups, set or neck thru. I don't mind a trem so those are fair game.
Trying my hand at adding drums to something. Nothing special, but let me know what you think and what I can improve upon!
It's a 2001 mij ibanez k7. What's the value of it?
Bolt on necks are replaceable. There isn't much of a sound difference other than the set neck would have a bit more sustain.
$1600 or trades plus cash. Interested in schecter 7's and ltd sigs
Ltd h 1007 and 900?
$1700 or trade
up. $1700 for a straight sale
To teh top. This is also up on
decided to keep this open for trades. so bump
close it up. Keeping it.
one more for you guys
last bump for any of the guitars up above before i end up keeping this guitar
dont be shy guys!