I have given the new album a few listens, and some time to sink in... I really like it.

It does take a bit to take off, before it goes into real "Autopsy" mode, but overall a lot of great material spread throughout.

Very much liking that they are keeping the momentum with recording. One of the few "revived" bands I want to hear more of.
Wait, rerecorded Dante's Inferno? Thanks, but no thanks.
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Newton did not 'create' the laws of thermodynamics, he discovered them, and it doesn't matter if the Death Star blows up the Earth, but 2+2 will continue to equal 4. The only counter-argument one can cling to is skepticism. I find that a pointless exercise and conveniently unfalsifiable (but I guess that would be the advantage).

Pretty much what I felt compelled to say.

I was with Riffmast all the way up to that thought...
I made a conscious decision not to buy Apple products, for better or for worse. They have had a rough history as far as product "quality", and I'd personally rather not be part of the problem i.e. Blindly supporting them.

They have had good products and ideas as well, don't get me wrong, they just rip them off other companies (proven fact, common knowledge and legal wise).
Organised Chaos.


<3 Riffmast.
I caught up with some mates last night at the pub. The reason for the occasion was that one of my mates just got a job as the branch manager at the bank (he was already a bank teller).

Anyway, this particular friend is pretty much my drinking partner when we go to anything - so ultimately it ended messy. And this was the first time I had to work after drinking that hard; it was indeed painful

My other friend practically never drinks and he has to be on call for work 24/7 (electrician/refrigeration mechanic), but we always have fun anyway.

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Can someone check out the track on my profile? It's some doom in the vein of Reverend Bizarre.

I like it. Keep up the good work mate.
You don't have to jump on the love bandwagon straight away, but just do yourself a favour; actually listen to most of their discography first.
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In a word - overrated.
Though I'm not sure how fair a judge I am, as all I have is Crush the Insects, who's strange mixture of awesome and boring, plodding, ass isn't really selling me on another album.
Is one supposed to listen to it as drone? Because the first three songs say otherwise, while that super-awesome/boring intro to the fourth confuses my simple mind.

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I don't understand the hype. They're mid paced songs are cool, but when they slow down they are boring as hell.

A thick smog of disappointment now fills this thread

I personally prefer the cover (Burzum), although it borders on too much low end. Overall it is much heavier, thicker and reaches a point of epic-ness - that I can feel was almost attained in the original.

Either way, Reverend Bizarre do covers how all bands should; by paying homage whilst leaving your own mark, own identity on it.
As much as they are one of my favourite bands, I have completely lost interest since this one expanding Something Wicked material (plus the vocalist changes). Definitely in the realm of "put it to rest" bands (ala Metallica, among others)
That record looks unreal Keppy. If I end up with money to burn any time soon (not all that likely), I'll grab that for sure.
Not as bad as having the "Death Metal" version of Friday stuck in your head...
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Some people take the family member thing too far though and treat theit pets as kings, and give them no training or discipline and that disgusts me almost as much as abuse. It is abuse, in a way. I saw something on television where a lady had her dogs in nappys and let them run around all over the house and chew things up and eat anything within reach, etc. There was shit and piss and filth all over the house, and the dogs were so agressive.

I think extreme cases like that are almost as bad as nelect an violence.

That is a case of not forming a proper pack. A separate issue from what I was talking about though. It is cringe-worthy to watch that type of living arrangement

The more I reflect on nature and animals, the more our human world makes sense. Although there are shit loads of stupid things humans do for no good reason, especially those actions that try to overshadow our animalism side.
Quote by Butt Rayge
That's absolutely ridiculous.

Care to elaborate so you don't sound so crazy? Be warned though, you might end up sounding more crazy.

Yep, will do.

If someone has a natural 'connection' with their animal brethren, it covers most encounters with any friendly animals (in this case, other people's pets). I was always told you could tell a lot about a person from how they interact with animals.

Now, in my experience, people who act with little respect towards animals in general; aren't 'animal people'.

For some reason I have seen, time and time again, these same people say they "Like dogs though", but go ahead and just rough house with the nearest dog and move on. There is no mutual respect involved.

And some of these said individuals also own dogs, but just have them as "pets" and not actual family members (which I guess may sound strange to some people, but those people are scum).
I have a (somewhat) strong view point on people, and animals. I believe you are either a "Animal person" or you are not.

As in, a person can still like dogs, whilst not being an animal person. But that person only likes dogs, specifically, because they like to have that whole dominating presence. They like having a slave creature.

This just lends itself to the fact that the person in question can't let go and get down to more simplistic animal instincts.
I developed a pretty severe case of tendinitis (thanks to my previous job + playing music), in my left wrist/hand. Not good. I was 22 at the time.
Set out on a listening journey...

You know in the movie "Event Horizon", when it starts happening; you get that feeling of "Oh shit"...

Portal is the Musical equivalent of that feeling.
Do you folks like coffee? Real coffee?
Circle Jerking \m/^_^\m/
Regardless of any other particular opinions, they are excellent to see live. Best live performance I've seen yet.
Got the album; Absolutely ruthless. My kind of DM.
I actually did have a big scientific explanation (off the top of my head, thanks Chemistry class) on this page. But a picture says a thousand words
On the downloading front, I am in no way a hypocrite, so my view is simple; try before you buy is acceptable with Metal music in the modern day environment (if you actually follow through with it). But if you don't bust your guts and spend your hard earned cash on the art, where ever possible, you are a poser.

Now, speaking of which, once my girlfriends birthday + bills are out the way (all this week), I have the Peaceville page open and ready to order the "AUTOPSY - MACABRE ETERNAL (CD + LARGE T-SHIRT BUNDLE)"
First impressions;

Stuck on a train just after leaving Cynic Station, on the way to Blotted Science Station.
I never really visit or post in 'The Pit', but I thought I'd jump into this thread.

I had seen the couple who made their meeting/courtship very public in The Pit, but just wanted to say that Ashleigh and I met and started our relationship well before that happened and it was started via UG (more specifically the Metal Forum... REP-RE-SENT ).

Long story short, we started getting to know each other in the Metal Forum, spread to MSN chat, then phone conversations, then I met her on holiday up in her neck of the woods.

For those playing at home, I was living in South Australia and she was on the NSW/QLD border in Byron Bay.

We have been living together pretty much ever since, and this August will have been in a relationship for 3 years.
Just giving them a listen now... I like it.

I am quite fond of proto-old-Old-School Doom and the like, and that goes triple for Jex Thoth - so this is in the vain.

Will post my impression after more listening.
I don't know what country you are from, but get these;
Etymotic: ER-20

I'd had them for a while, and I used them for work (very loud factory) and Metal concerts. The key bit here is that they lower the overall dB you hear, instead of muffling the overall sound. Don't underestimate that, it means you can comfortably enjoy a concert and not miss out on anything (except static and pain).
I'm liking what I've heard so far, will keep listening, keep the Doom rec's coming
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Jon Schaffer should let go of that retarded Something Wicked shit and make another raw album like Burnt Offerings.

I think it must be hard not to like Cathedral

The Garden, in my honest opinion, is one of the greatest realised efforts by any Metal band. It just oozes Metal in its purest form, without adhering to anything musically generic, other than the style Cathedral themselves have crafted (which is far from 'standard').

Oh, and for anyone wondering, The Guessing Game is a pleasant surprise, even for long time Cathedral fans. I didn't know what to expect, and that's how they seem to deliver.
Sounds bloody marvellous to me
Excellent band. Keppy summed my thoughts up perfectly

I'll just go on the record and state my thoughts that "The Funeral Pyre" is the Doom "Stairway to Heaven" in a literal equalised sense. Listen and think about it for a minute.
<3 Old-School DM
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Langqvist just fucked right off after Epicus and never returned, didn't he? Just asking because his vocals are simply incredible.

Not to discredit Messiah, of course, I will never insult anyone with hair that glorious.

He actually never had any intention of being in the band, or being a "professional" Musician. The other blokes in the band pretty much talked him into doing the vocals on the debut, and that was it.

He also, essentially, came along for the anniversary concert after all that time, with out doing anything Musical in between.
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After seeing Nile's Dallas and Sami, I can safely say that the trend is now to go bald. Maybe that's what Muhammad was doing wrong all along? He spend too long growing his hair instead of writing music.

Wait, what? No skullet?
Excellent band. They have had some excellent vocal performances on their albums, in my opinion.

About as close to true Hardcore Punk / Metal hybrid (influence) as I like to dabble in, but excellently done all the same
I enjoyed the most dirgetastic ov destroyed chicken embryo this morning

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They are Mexican walking fish, we used to have one as a class pet. But that doesn't look like one anyway.
All I have to say is; "Kill Everyone, Start Over" is one of the best Metal song names ever

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I just have this idea that it's how King talks normally. Seems to suit his build

And I was thinking the exact same thing
[quote=""[It's Alex"]"]mghhhrrrrrrrphhh

I hate boyfriends who call me in the morning...they know no boundaries. >:[

^Dude, it's that guy who I haven't talked to in are you and that one girl??

Hi Alex. I'm going fairly well, thanks. (If you go back a page or 2 I summed up everything that has being going on with Ashleigh and myself, which I posted to Jack)

Ash and I have a new(ish) puppy, she just turned 5 months, and she is MASSIVE. Pretty much a wolf pup; really brutal
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The bass line to Could You Be Loved is brekin me fingas, mon.

This isn't something I didn't already know, but now that I have a bass, good basslines in metal seem even harder to find.

Crackas don't got no groove.

Now you feel my pain brother, we share it together .

(Although your lack of love for Doom will be your downfall if in search for the beauty that is 'Metal Groove')