These are the answers I was afraid of. Guess I'll just keep this one.
I could possibly strech to two hundred, but would prefer less.
I've had a cheap electric guitar for a good two years now, and I'm lookingmto get something better. I don't have much money to spend though, don't want to go too much over $100. Any suggestions?
I got a nice S101 for $150. Has a great sound.
Didn't figure anyone would, but it was worth a shot. ...-You're- stupid and annoying, meany...
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people who quote spammers are worse than spammers.

as for the topic at hand, what your slide does to your strings depends on what you use as a slide. I use a screwdriver from time to time and my strings are fine. I reckon if you use a file, there may be a problem.

Well, sorry about that, and thanks, that's all I needed to know. I would like all of the parts other than the drum-sounding one, of course. Thank you.
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I dislocated it in a play fight a couple years back

That is so very badass, 'fya ask me. :O
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Er... Thanks, that was really helpful.
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There a pack of 5 dollar strings that he changes before every show most likely. I don't think he would care even if it did ruin strings

I mean for me.
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Pretty much. I've seen people use scraps of metal welded together, the tone wasn't very nice but it worked.

Thank you both, but one more question... would I have to worry about something rough ruining my strings?
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He's using a slide like this and picking really fast with his fingers. Though, I prefer the glass variety.

So, that's just a metal ring, could I use anything for it?
At about 8:02, what is he doing to make that sound?
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I don't know why, but I've always thought that they would make a great band, all have heavy rock and blues influences.
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I've got some mismatched parts I found lying around on it now, and it sounds really good, I'm trying to find somewhere around here that I can buy the parts at.

Thank you all. You were a lot of help.
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what this? I wouldn't buy it for even 50 $

I'm only paying 10 to fix it. Would something like that be good? I don't think I'll be doing any modifications. I don't have the know-how.
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Squier. I got a Jazz one about a month ago and I've used it plenty. I play metal and it sounds great. I just got an LTD B10 and B15 in too. Hella cheap and they seem well built and sound great also. Of course, how much are you willing to spend? Used or new? I prefer new gear regardless because I don't trust used stuff, but that's just my preference.

Under $200. And I've only ever had used guitars because that's all I can get my hands on around here, but I'd go for new if it was cheap enough.
I should be getting a bridge pin from a similar guitar soon, which should work for now, and will buy strings over the weekend. Thank you all.
I've been playing an electric guitar for about a year, and am wondering what a good choice would be for a cheap electric bass that will sound good for all kinds of rock music. Any suggestions?
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It looks like it could use some real attention.

If the body and neck has no real damage, everything is in line and there are no problems with splitting or warping, it wouldn't be too expensive.

I reckon you could pick up new bridge pins, a nut and saddle in a set online. (Ive seen them on ebay for less than $10 with free or very cheap shipping.) Then give the fretboard a good cleaning with lemon oil and whatnot, and a new set of strings. (Oil and strings will cost you maybe $15.) After that.. you should be in okay condition.

Like I said, that's if the body and neck has no serious warping or damage.

Thank you, I'll look in to it.
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It doesn't look like a Uke. It's a silvertone acoustic (600 series I think so 1948-1969), so an old dept store special. They have some cool factor/appeal. So fix it up if you'd like

Thank You. Can someone tell me how much it would cost to fix?
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Its a silvertone. Haven't played one, but I see em cheap on craigslist all the time. REALLY cheap. I guess they're just old mass market starter guitars. probly imported. Very likely just a sentimental piece.

Better than nothing, I guess. Would it be worth fixing?
I have recently been in the market for an acoustic guitar, but haven't been able to afford one. I found this in a relatives barn, it was in pretty bad condition. I was told that it was a guitar by my grandpa, but other people told me it was a ukelele. Could someone tell me what it is, and if it's worth fixing? The bridge part for what would be the high E string on a guitar broke off. *