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shred became the new you, so we stopped talking to him.

I've been convinced for quite a while that Shred's persona for the past couple of years is some bizarre lovechild of Ichi and me.

Has he been acting more like me lately?

I don't even act like me anymore. I'm not entirely sure why. I certainly didn't grow up.

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Man Gundam dynasty warriors 3 is such cathartic shit

Every Dynasty Warriors game ever is.

Been kinda wanting to get Ken's Rage 2 for a few months now.
I-It's not like I'm going to be posting in here regularly again or anything; I just happened to find this thread in a Google search.

Actually, I really did. I found one of my old posts in here mentioning that Masumi Itou sounds a lot like Kate Bush by coincidence, and decided to see what's been going on. Not much has changed, I see.
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I didn't vote in last year's
and I've went from not reviving a mention to getting a couple 'best user/best veteran' votes

It's funny how much of a rep you can get from a simple color change.
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Apparently she is more fugly in the manga. I wouldn't know, I've never watched the show.

Sorta, but it's more due to the art style than anything else, which is kinda rough-looking. She looks pretty similar, IMHO.

Also, hi guys.
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Anyone have any writing experience here? I have none whatsoever. Whenever I'm not playing games, working outside, or at work, I'm usually just refreshing reddit and UG and youtube bored out of my mind. I figure that I like games, so why not write about them? I was thinking of starting a blog and writing reviews in that bored off-time, but I have zero idea where to start. I never really write aside from forums posts.

I have some. I don't think I'd want to delve into reviewing video games, though.

Not because I think it's "below" me, but because I guarantee they'd be extremely self-indulgent Tim Rogers-style reviews that are more personal essay than game review.

I also generally suck with writing advice unless I can actually see the writing in question.
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Dual audio?

The Japanese voice track along with the English one.

I happen to really like the Japanese voice actors for Milla and Alvin (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro and Tomokazu Sugita, respectively). Although their pick for Alvin's English VA, Matthew Mercer, isn't bad at all. He does a pretty decent Troy Baker impression (he actually replaced him as Kanji for the second half of the Persona 4 anime dub because Troy was on his honeymoon during the recording).

And based on what I've seen of Alvin in English, Matthew Mercer is indeed pulling out his Troy Baker voice.

I'm liking him as Walter in SMT IV, too.
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I order all my games from there, tis a great store.

I wants HL-3

Looks sweet. Co-op and all.

But Xillia in nine days, booo yaaaaaa

I'm gonna wait to hear the reviews for Xillia, plus, I dunno, clear out some more of my backlog (I'm way way way behind on SMT IV, honestly; from what I've heard most of the people who got it at launch like me beat it really quickly, but then RPGs always take forever with me for some reason; then there's Snake Eater and Persona 3, plus all the actual PS3 games I still haven't beaten).

I haven't played any Tales games other than Symphonia and the GBA version of Phantasia (which I've heard is a horrible port), and I've only beaten Symphonia, so I don't know what to expect, really.

I'd buy it day one if it had dual audio, but that's never gonna happen in anything but fighting games

I want to believe, too.
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Hey guys, Half-Life 3 is available for pre-order on a Swedish online store:


It hasn't even been announced yet, though.
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maybe buying Shin Megami Tensei 4 this weekend.

woop woop for $30 free eshop credit!

Do it do it do it do it do it!
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well damn...
i love Pokemon and that sounds too fun to pass up
the turn thing, negotiation, fusion
the only contact i've had with SMT/Persona/anything atlus is that I watched the Devil Survivor 2 anime last season

why is it $10 more than any other 3DS game?
i'm poor right now :/

It comes with a soundtrack CD (albeit not the actual OST) and a book that's both an artbook and a guide for the first third or so of the game.
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is SMT4 fun? like...
well, i've never played an atlus game. no SMT, no persona, nothing.
because i have no sony consoles.
but is it good?

It's really fun. Do you like the combat system in Pokemon?

Because it's kinda like that, but better.

Basically, it's got the whole elemental weakness/strength/immunity thing going on, but there's also repelling and absorption (that is, the attack heals the enemy, natch).

Then there's the Press Turn system, which ties into that, and basically is like this: you've got a turn for everyone in your party, and the enemy does, too. If you hit an enemy's weakness, or if you get a critical hit, you gain an extra turn. If an attack is nulled or misses, you lose an extra turn. If an attack is reflected or absorbed, you lose all your turns. This applies to enemies as well, of course. So the object is to exploit the living fuck out of elemental weaknesses so you'll stomp all over the enemy, as you can easily be wiped out by enemies several levels weaker than you if you don't.

There's also a new mechanic called Smirk, which sometimes happens if you get a critical or an attack is nulled or reflected. Basically, if you get it, your character (or demon) gets pretty massive buffs for a couple of rounds, as well as making you extremely hard to hit (you're more likely to dodge an attack, your weaknesses are treated as if they were just regular attacks, and nobody can land a crit on you). Enemies can get it as well, of course, and it's extremely annoying when they do.

I also prefer the demon negotiation system to using Pokeballs and stuff. It can be kinda frustrating when it seems like you're about to get them to join you and they either run off with the stuff you gave them (items, money, HP and/or MP) or decide to retaliate, but that just makes things more thrilling. Also, some of the dialogue you have with demons can be pretty amusing (I won't exactly call it funny).

There's also fusion, which is a critical mechanic. You don't want to get attached to any demons you have, since it's probably in your best interest to fuse them once they learn all the skills they're able to, as they'll probably be of limited use shortly thereafter. You get to pick the skills the new demon inherits from its "parents" (a mechanic they introduced in Persona 4 Golden's fusion system), which is good because rerolling to get the skills you want is really annoying.
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are we getting that deal in EU

are we even getting SMT4 in EU

not that it matters, i dont like the idea of having money in my account with nothing to spend on
actaully yes i do i think PW is going to be download only in the west

I dunno if it's happening in Europe; I think it's a promotion Nintendo of America came up with, so I dunno if Nintendo of Europe will do anything similar. If they aren't saying anything about it, probably not, but then I don't think NOA mentioned this promotion until about a month before the game came out, so I dunno.

And yeah, SMT IV is coming to Europe on September 19. Apparently Nintendo themselves are publishing it.
I somehow managed to get into NeoGAF.

Now I'm scared to post, though, since the mods love eating new members. :/

Anyway, I'm planning on buying Fire Emblem: Awakening next month, partly because I played the demo and loved it (reminded me of FF Tactics Advance, only better), and partly because of the promo they've got going on where you can get $30 eShop credit for registering both Shin Megami Tensei IV and FE: Awakening.

I still have not bought The Last of Us.
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So did anyone else have Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2 for N64 "back in the day"?

Someone might remember it from this:

That game was awesome.

3 hour Fallout 3 session commence!

I didn't have it, but I rented it at least twice, probably more than that.

I could never figure out exactly what to do, because I sucked at games back then even more than I do now.
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Or the Street Fighter II manual for Mega Drive, which was thick as a Bible and had the character back stories written in it.

The SMT IV manual that comes with the first-print copies is fantastic.

Granted, it's really a combination artbook and guide to the first third or so of the game, but I'd say it counts as a manual.

Well, okay, not really, because when you turn it on it shows a notification that the game has a digital manual, but I still really like the book it comes with. The maps are useful, and it's nice knowing demon weaknesses and not having to play a very deadly guessing game.
It's pretty great. Cyberpunk with magic and typical fantasy races.

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I heard some dingy dudes in a basement have put up the rom for the snes version online for free. It's cool

The SNES version is an overlooked classic.
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Anyone get the new Shadowrun game? I hear it's good, but I really don't want to shell out $20 for it.

I'm interested, but don't really have the money right now.

Plus my backlog is kinda big now anyway.

But I like Shadowrun; even tried to get a campaign started once, which never worked out. It's a cool setting.
Anyone else have SMT IV?

I haven't played it in a few days because I was waiting for more info to be out. I'm trying for Neutral, so it's important, even though alignment apparently doesn't even really come into play until over halfway through the game.
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nise > bake >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit > neko

im not watching S2 until they give it a proper name, and one that makes sense at that

Well, if it means anything right now, it's currently calling itself Nekomonogatari White during the title sequence.

It'll almost certainly change its name over time. Next is Kabukimonogatari. Then Hanamonogatari, then Otorimonogatari, then Onimonogatari, then Koimonogatari. They all have single story arcs in them, so it's doable within 26 episodes if they do three books per cour.

That's the whole "second season" of the books. Apparently that's where they got the name from.

The LNs are actually about to end.
Hi, Shred.

I started Monogatari Series Season 2 because I've been dying to see it and as such it took precedence over everything else, including series I didn't finish from last season. It's kinda underwhelming right now, although I haven't seen episode 3 yet.

It still has that Godard-like distance to it, though. Which is like half the reason I watch it.
Replaced my hard drive. Will recommence watching anime once I get MPC set up.
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you can't call whatever they did to the characters "development"

i also can't tell if it's really self-aware and over the top or just ridiculous

It's NisiOisiN; it's both at the same time.
Practically everything is 10-bit now; I'm pretty sure you have to go out of your way to find 8-bit stuff. I think Horriblesubs still encodes in 8-bit, but I'm not entirely sure.
I have actually mentioned before that it's really season 3, albeit not on here, and yeah, it's pretty dumb.

I think they're calling it that because they're planning on adapting several different titles in the Monogatari series instead of just one like they were before. It's a 2-cour series.
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whats the new bakemono thing and whos subbing it im confused because they decided not to give it a name or something

It's called Monogatari Series Season 2, but I have no idea who's subbing it.

Probably gg. And HS will probably have it, since it'll probably be on Crunchyroll.

But I dunno, because I can't watch it now, so I haven't checked subbers for the stuff I want to watch this season.
But Homura isn't a pedo; she's a lesbian.
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I was hoping you'd like it :3
A bit of both in my mom's case.

And they know my old username, and something that happened two weeks ago gave my mom new reasons to look me up again.

Also, Chihiro is the crossdresser, yes?

Yeah, but I think it was supposed to be a spoiler.

Too bad the fucking fandom on Tumblr doesn't care about shit like that.

Although I honestly wouldn't have even cared about it if I didn't know about him.

They also just announced the Vita version is coming to the US and Europe. I was honestly surprised. It seems too niche.
It guarantees he'll die in the most glorious way possible: in an extremely homoerotic robot fight with the greatest anime character ever.
But anyway, I assume Obama probably knows more about me than my parents do.
I think it's really weird your parents do things like Google your usernames, Jay. Do they not have anything better to do, or are they just really overprotective?

I mean, I assume they Google your usernames, since you changed them and all.

Also I'm watching the shit out of Danganronpa when I get my computer fixed, because Chihiro.
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Also, Jesus flag, do you tell this thread everything I tell you over Facebook?

Quote by Hydra150
I was wondering what happened with that

Whose dick did you suck, Hydra?
Yep, there it is on his Tumblr.

I should really stay up later like everyone else I know my age. I feel like an old man.

I don't think this is funny, btw, it's just that I hate finding out about things during their aftermath.
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It has more to do with Jay accidentally putting his phone's screen on the TV by accidentally pressing a button he didn't know.

His living room got bombarded with irl traps and incriminating lyrics with his whole family there.


Was I asleep when this happened? I've been going to bed absurdly early recently.
Well, only Jay and element have done it so it's not so much a trend as it is that I have a feeling it will soon become one.
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I don't even know who you are anymore.

It's now trendy for the mods to change their names to confuse people and also probably to wave their big green cocks around.
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A man can dream.
I haven't even been in here for a while, so I dunno if anyone's mentioned this yet, but apparently JAST USA's finally decided to release the Steins;Gate VN.

They were sitting on that license for a long-ass time. Apparently it got announced a couple of days ago.

Really hope it gets on Steam.
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I don't even know what a roguelike is

Super-hardcore dungeon-crawlan RPGs that got their start on university mainframes, namely with the game Rogue.

As everyone else has said, they feature permadeath, and until fairly recently were almost entirely made of ASCII graphics.

NetHack is sort of the definitive one. It certainly had the longest development (it came out in 1987, but most updates are basically just to improve compatibility with OS X these days; they haven't added anything major in like a decade).

I've played it a few times before. It's extremely easy to die within a couple of minutes. But the gameplay is absurdly deep, and there are a ton of easter eggs.

You can get it on pretty much any OS you want, too. I mean, you can get most classic roguelikes on any OS you want, but yeah.