Do you want another modeling amp or a tube amp?
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Ok thanks. One other thing. I heard it doesnt have an MP3 player port to play along with other songs. Does that mean Im pretty much going to have to play along with them on the pc through some other software while I play? I play along to a lot of songs and its my main motivation for getting it, so thats kinda important.

That or you could get a small mixer and hook the g5 and your music device up to it if you're using headphones.
Get a Classic 30 and go from there. If you want a mfx to use with it, check out the zoom g3 and the new rp360xp. Both have great sounding fx that sound good in front of a tube amp.
The new vypyr's sound pretty good for the price. I'd check those out. I also like the Fender mustangs as well for cleaner tones.
Just ordered a new reverb tank and tubes for my ac15 from We'll see how it goes. Free shipping on orders over $50.
Sounds good ^.

Picked up an ac15c1 during a Columbus Day sale a month ago. Really enjoying it and is a nice change from playing through modelers for so long.
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Thanks a lot for all your replies, I went to a site of music shop I go and found this : it's a Roland Cube-15X as you can see. It costs about 130 euros. What you guys think? And what's the difference between 112J and 112V?

I have a 15x. It has a nice clean tone but the overdrive is worthless. It's built like a tank though.
What do guys think about the new Element series?

I like the look of the new chassis and the footswitches are a nice upgrade over previous units.
Love my ac-tone I picked up a while back. Much better than the ac-30 sim in the hd500. I like to run it through the loop of the pod and disable the internal amp sims.
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I actually ran it into the PA last night-not too bad but I need to dial it in there because it sounds soooo much different than my bose headphones.I need to go dig another instrament cable out of my shed then Ill try the amp through it.Figured Id leave 1-10 presets for headhones,11-20 for Live into Pa,21-30 for amp.We will see which sounds the best!

Cool. As long as you had fun that's all that matters!
Long time no post here, but I've been rocking an HD500 for five months and am thoroughly enjoying it!
I'd recommend a fender mustang i or ii. Both are great sounding amps for low volume play.
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So far so good-spending most of my time dialing in and tweaking my first 10 presets,(1 and 6 are Recs,2 and 7 Are classic rock marshalls,3 and 8 are DigiMetal and Sold metal presets,4 and 9 are clean,5 and 10 are 5150 and Orange metal presests)Have a gig tonight,anythinbg I need to hook it up tO PA?Or run it into my amp(Vox vt80+,not sure if it will work,you know Modeller into Modeller)

If your amp is at home, try setting it to a clean channel and plug your rp into it and see how it sounds. When I used my rp355, it sounded much better running it through an amp than it did direct.
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Use the 15% off at GC coupon to get a Zoom G3.


If you bought the Zoom MS, you wouldn't be able to use the amp sims because there is a high pitched noise problem with the amp models in that unit. The g3 is fine.
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Hi thanks so much for responding, I just wanna clarify that we're on the same page. From reading your response where u said "used to hold the bridge down", and "the other five", it just gives me the impression that u thought I was talking about the big screws closest to the pickups, that ,as u said, simply hold down the bridge. But I'm referring to one of the 12 really tiny screws that are on the saddles I think, and are connected to the pieces the strings rest upon. Sorry if that's what u were talking about all along, I'm just trying to make sure. Im not good with the mechanics or components of the guitar. Thanks again man.

Well, the missing screw will effect that particular saddle but not the other five. Try playing that string and see what happens to the saddle.
No, it shouldn't have any effect at all. It's just used to hold the bridge down, but the other five screws will keep it down just fine until you an get another one.
Check out Schuffam's S-gear software. You can try it for free and it'll sound a whole lot better than the me-70. You could use your ux-1 as an interface.
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Why are people suggesting XT Live? The HD500 is far better, especially the amp models.


The effects are also way better too, as the HD uses the m series effects found on the m5, m9, and m13. And plus, you wouldn't need an amp, just use the pod direct.
Yeah, I wouldn't bother, just get an x3 or an HD.
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Not sure. All other players work find and I've reinstalled things etc. No soundcloud

but I'll add it in

how did you record and what guitar?

which preset/effects?

That's strange.

I used a strat for both recordings, and for the first clip, an ac-30 sim with some delay and verb. For the second clip I used the 59 plexi sim, with a dmm sim and some verb.
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^ I can't do Soundcloud

Why not?
You can find a used classic 30 for that price.
Maybe the new tc electronics x4? It's got a ton of delays and a nice 40 second looper.
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would the tube multi effects like zoom G5 and G9 and G7 or vox valvetronix multi effect
help to make a better distortion? or they're trolling us and they sound like any digitech or any other multi effect unit?

I think it's a gimmick. I've had the g5, and the tube really doesn't do anything.
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there is a section in cubase that keeps track of your plug-in. you can scan for more plug-ins if you want to add to the list.

I figured it out already, but thanks anyways.
It would defanatly be worth replacing because the amps in the pod are on another level of quality. As for what model to get, it all depends on your budget and wants.
Noob question: How do you use Redwirez impulses with Cubase? I downloaded the free Redwirez cab and the lecab impulse loader but I have no idea how to use it.

The plan is to use the hd500's amps and the Redwirez impulses and monitor in real time with Cubase. I just have no idea where to start.

Any help would be great.
Open it up and make sure any dust hasn't landed on the channel switch.
I'd go for a used pod hd.
Nice, I'm sure they will put out some updates in the future that will shorten the boot up time.
If it was me personally I'd get a delay pedal.
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Anyone on here have any real life experience with the Pod HD Pro? What are your general thoughts? I'm looking for a studio based DSP setup I have a powerful PC but once i'm running multiple tracks with various vsts and amp sims I find I still have performance issues. I'm familiar with POD stuff and don't really have the budget for an AxeFX.

I have the HD500 as well. I use it direct FOH and it sounds very good. I'm very happy with the sound I'm getting from it. You can check out some of my recordings of it here:
The excelsior is too loud for bedroom use. Get something like a pod hd and some nice studio monitors or headphones and you're set.
It's all about the timing.
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Would a Vox ac15 compete with a blues junior for the genre i am playing?

Yes, I've played a blues jr and it sounded pretty bad IMO. I'd Definatly go for the ac-15 if you can.