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I see that there are several recommendations for beginner drum sets. Could anyone describe the advantages and disadvantages with each set? If you have any other recommendations for beginners sets, pleasure list (and describe) them.

Yes, it's one of these threads again. Sorry.

I want to address my left hand technique, specifically the bending of my wrist.

For both acoustic and electric guitar, I play with classical technique (I adjust to the baseball bat technique for bends and vibrato, however). What I notice is that my left hand wrist bends a lot. Not to the left, nor the right, but straight up. On the G, B, and high-E strings, I would say that my wrist is bent to about a 20-degree angle, while on the D, A, and low-E strings the bend increases to about a 70-degree angle. Note that increase.

I am concerned that this may affect certain aspects of my technique, but, more importantly, the longevity of my guitar playing due to carpel tunnel syndrome or a similar health problem. As of right now, I rarely, if ever, experience pain while playing, and I play a minimum of 2.5 hours a day. On those rare occasions that I do experience pain, it seems to be attributable to tension, which I am usually very conscious about and keep under control.

I mentioned that my wrist bends straight up rather than left or right (though it may bend slightly left or right depending on where my I am fretting) - is there a need for concern with this? If so, what would be a recommended approaching for decreasing the degree of the bend (I have always played with my guitar strapped as high as my strap allows and with the headstock angled about 45 degrees pointing towards the ceiling)?

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Do you actually have an iPod or is it just for playing your music?

Yes, I do actually have an iPod. Otherwise I probably would not even bother with music on my computer - apart from a number of Phish shows, all of my music is on either CD or vinyl.

So, and I probably should have mentioned this before, to those other suggested media player: are they iPod compatible?

Also, just as a side note, I actually really like iTunes. This is the first issue I have ever had with it (though it is a huge pain in the ass for someone like myself who is obsessed with organization).
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heres a simple solution

dont use itunes

I am not opposed to this. What would you recommend?

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Take the innermost folder, move it, delete the now empty stack. Profit?

If only it were that easy. Like I said, iTunes creates this folder EVERY time a new track is played on iTunes.

Yes, I could (and have) tried your recommendation, but I do not feel like doing it whenever I want to get everything organized into one folder (because I know I will continue to add more music eventually).
A couple of months ago I decided that I would use this summer to rebuild my iTunes library for naming/sorting purposes. I determined that the easiest way to do this would be to delete all of my music from my computer (since I own 99% of it on CD, I would not have a problem retrieving it) and then put it back on again.

Before doing so, I upgraded to the most recent version of iTunes (10.2.2). After doing so, I started to upload music onto my computer.

As always, iTunes creates its own music folder. However, now it creates a music folder within a music folder... times twenty-two! To illustrate (the website will not format this as I want it to, but imagine folders within folders):

Album Artwork
iTunes Media

Any information on why this happens? Any advice on to fix it? It's a total pain in the ass, because this folder is automatically created whenever a new track is played on iTunes. Basically, these multiple music folders create an unorganized cluster-**** and it is driving me crazy.

If your want information on Trey Anastasio's gear, the following website is quite informative:

I have also seen a website that has pictures of some of his effects pedals with the settings visible. If I am able to find that website again I will post it later.

One semi-important feature of Trey's funk sound is the "funk siren" sound he creates by using (I believe) his Boomerang loop pedal, rack delay and whammy pedal while lowering the volume on his guitar. An example of the "funk siren" is found in the beginning of the following video, and if you have listened to '98 Phish shows you will recognize its use throughout various jams:

Most importantly, listen to a lot of Phish shows from 1997 and 1998 (and perhaps even as early at Halloween 1996, when Phish covered the Talking Head's album Remain in Light, which greatly influenced their funk sound in the years thereafter) and analyze how Trey approaches both lead and rhythmic playing (it might help to contrast this by listening to Phish shows from 1993 to pre-Halloween 1996).
Phish is starting to pick up their performances again. While they will likely never top their peak in the mid-90s, here's a taste of what they are sounding like more recently (this video is from 2009):

And for good measure (and for comparison) here is a recording of Phish in 1995:
Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, and Phish.

Of those, I like Phish the most.
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It means that he would be making a horrible mistake to listen to that kind of music :p

And why is that?
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Don't listen to... Phish, or Black Keys. They are traps.

What is this that supposed to mean?
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I'd never listened to Phish before and just listened to that

People have a really bad conception of what Phish is. I largely blame South Park and the jam scene in general, because people think that they are just wannabe hippie shit. They write awesome songs (Tweezer has good improvised sections, but it is far from one of their more interesting songs - check out composed pieces like David Bowie, Divided Sky, Reba, etc) and have amazing chemistry and musicianship. They are rather weak vocally, that is for sure, but overall I think they are easily one of the best and most important American rock bands to emerge in the past thirty years.
The first time I heard the 12/2/95 version of Tweezer by Phish, as can be listened to on the SoundCloud at this website:

Seriously. I highly recommend checking this out; I think it is well worth the listen, regardless of whether or not you like/do not like/have never listened to Phish (it would be best to listen to the entire song, but, for you impatient people, skip ahead to around 4:20, which is when the improvising starts).
As the title asks, is there a good tone (more specifically, attribute for a tone) for accentuating rhythmic scratching?

Particularly, I am thinking more along the lines of Trey Anastatio's rhythmic playing. The beginning of "Punch You in the Eye" (in the link) is an isolated of occurrence of the sound I am looking for, but it appears a lot during verses when he is playing chords.

Another good example is in the between-verse parts of Chalkdust Torture:

I also think that, apart from tone, his hollowbody guitar is largely responsible for this sound, too.

Any help?
You were supposed to go to college and become a lawyer. Now you're going to end up working in a garage.

Twist_of_fate'd. is THE website for Phish tabs, including Maze.
I've been on Couch Tour since fall. Yesterday was definitely the highlight of the New Year's Run in my opinion.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Phish's Tweezer from 12/2/95. I don't care what your preconceptions about Phish are, you are neglecting yourself if you don't check this out:

Things really start to go just after the seven minute mark, and do not turn back. HOLY ****.
I have literally listened to this for two hours straight today.

Phish - Tweezer - 12/2/95 (New Haven, CT):

(It's safe, don't worry). The jam is ****ing incredible. The build from 11:38 to 11:55 and the release at 11:56 will blow your mind. Holy shit.
Man, this place has died.
If I still had the power to, OP, I'd ban your ass RIGHT NOW.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I have been hearing an unusual weak-sounding buzz/squeak when bending my high E-string at the 15th fret and beyond. The sound seems to occur in place of the note I am aiming for.

For example, if I wanted to bend the 15th fret pitch up the 17th fret pitch, where as I should hear an "A" I instead hear the noise, even though I hear G sharp and all of the micro-tones in between G and A as I bend).

Note that this is an example, and is not exclusive the 15th fret, though it does only seem noticeable with whole-step bends.

I originally thought that my string was glancing over a magnetic pole of one of my guitar's pickups, but that is not the case.

Any help/suggestions?
Karvid! I'm SO glad you're back.


That's what you wanted, right?
I just put a new set of D'Addario's Regular Light Gauge (.010-.046) strings on my Stratocaster, and after tuning them to standard, I noticed that the bridge of my guitar seemed to be under a lot of tension. Specifically, it is acting as though I have the whammy bar in and am pressing it down.

I've never had this problem before, and the only way to solve it is my loosening the strings until they are too low to be picked up by my tuner.


Jimmy Herring.
I'm interested in starting a band in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.

I would like to put together a project reflecting similar musical styles to bands such as The Allman Brothers Band, Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Derek Trucks Band, The Grateful dead, Gov't Mule, and Phish, as well as a variety of jazz and classic rock artists.

I'm interested in finding a drummer, bassist, keyboardist, potentially another guitarist, and a vocalist.

Let me know if you're interested and we'll see what can be done.
The Allman Brothers Band.
Character Daggit.

First name: Dagg
Middle name: Nab
Last Name: It

Full name = Daggnabit --> Dag nab it!
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You spelt "coo" with that post.

A. Totally.
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hey im addicted to drinking cough syrup for the same reasons

edit: i wanted to add that I used to do the same thing you are describing to cope with my depression... although I would self harm in the middle of the night also, eventually I found that drugs give me a similar dissociated feeling

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I have been regularly sleeping at 3 am just to wake up at 6 am for the past few weeks just so I can slightly detached from what I am experiencing, like I can start doing something and then forget that I am doing it. I think I think clearer that way, when really the facts are that I probably am growing more sluggish because of lack of sleep. Last night I kept myself awake by reaching my arms out towards the ceiling extended so whenever I would fall asleep my arms would fall down and I would wake. It gets addicting going so close to sleeping and then refusing to sleep. It's like a tease. I find it calms my anxiety somewhat, but I know it's horrible to do this for an extended period of time. I often feel uninhibited after going through a sleepless night, which is a good thing, but I don't know why I have to do it, and why I can't function like a normal person.

p.s. really sorry for the selfish thread that this is, but I feel I have the need to tell this to someone.

Right on. Seriously.

EDIT: That is not sarcasm. I really think this is a cool idea.
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Actually the cigarette companies pay for the anti-smoking commercials because of a lawsuit settlement.

Same idea, cigarette company workers posing as anti-smokers sued the cigarette comapny (same idea bihend the pepsi/diet pepsi commercias, companying suing another department within the comapny). Apply the first post, boo-yah. It all goes back to the cigarette company.
Alright, stik with me here. Tis will blow your ****ing aminds,

The Cigarette companies are behind the anti-smoking campoagn,

Why you ask? Hm?!

Good queitons, senioritas!~

Reverse psychjology.

Stik with me, remember. Thank you. Anyways... So teenagers are tyopically rebelioous, they do the opposite of what their parents says, amiright? Si they are wjut any authority that tells them something. Take for instance, a stern viice on a commerical saying "DON"T SMOAK!". Bella-ruse, bella-ruse!

You, as teenagers, are gonna smoke, right? Of course! Because of reverse psychology. You hear one thing, and do the different. Don't smoke = smoke? Or does smoke = don't smoke. (fade out e effect in soize, large to smallz).

We don't hear smoking is cool commericals, ONLY the opposite... (reason why its the tobacco companies behind it all, what you say?!)

Exactly. There are no advocates for smoking, only against smoking, so there is no reverse smoke = don't smoke, only don't smoke --> SMOAK! So with those synapses opened, and only those, the reverse psychology results in smoke. So that's what you do.

And who better to run these comericals but the tobacco companies swho want you to smoke? By seeing a position (anti smoke), you assume an opposite counter (smokin is cool, sosmoke). Shouldn't the cigarette companies being pushing to smalk? Yes, those very ASSUMEd commericals. With them running the anti, they save money in assuming the pro-, avoiding all possible legal **** (parents against their kids smokingciaarreetes) and health sand stuff, you assume someone is pushing smoking. No one is. If there was only a smoke commercial, and no anti, people would smoke. Because of reverse [pych\\. So with reverse psychology of the only seen commericals (dont smoke), you receive dont smoke = smoke "pills" --> done by tobacco comapies = people who WANT you to smoke.

End oif story?


Ps. Imagine this (christianity + hinduism... im atheist, but this is still mindblowing **** no matter what you belief_


Christianty = resurrection (back to life after death)

Hiudn = reincarnation ("new" life after death with same soul)

Jesus dies. Christians say resurrected. What if, instead, reINCARNATED! Rather than die, go to heaven as himself, and reenter his same body in the same "life" (think as in Mario mushrooms) he die (one mushrrom goes, infinite left (reincarnation symbolism))), he is reINCARNATEd --> Jesus with "x" lives dies --> Soul goes to heaven from OLD body, leaves to go to ANOTHER body --> Jesus with "y" lives comes back (known as reincarnation in Hindi) --> enters "another?" body --> LOIK, ITZ TEH OLD ONEZ! On accident. He happened to be one of the infinitely small people who are affected by "dont get my old bodies" syndrom, and jesus, lo and behold, is a casualty. He isn't resurrected as the christians say, he was reincarnated as the hindus (and i belief buddhists too) say, so that means...

HINDUS WIN. Reincarnation > resurrection(what the christians believe).

End? For now, yes... yess.. yesss...
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Don't think i've posted mine in here yet...

Yes, i like to show off my stuff

I actually just order black tone and volume knobs, as well as a black switch top for my Stratocaster. I'm glad to see it looks good on yours, but my pickups are white, because they are still stock.

However, I may keep them white when I upgrade them (which I probably should have done before the knob changes very long ago :p ).

He was definitely an interesting character. As with almost everyone else, his role in the Vietnam War cripples most positive opinions I have towards him, but his attempts to redeem himself seemed honest.

I recommend "Fog of War" to anyone who is interested.
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I was so much older then

"My Back Pages".
Sweetheart of the Rodeo? It's excellent. Gram Parsons was an amazing artist, and that album (as well as The Flying Burrito Brother's Gilded Palace of Sin album) demonstrates that fact.

I am a huge fan of The Byrds, and really dig Sweetheart of the Rodeo, but to be honest, of their country albums, I enjoy Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (which Parsons was not on) more than Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Both are excellent, though.