How am I supposed to update a tab without resubmitting it? When i click on "u!", it takes me to the "submit your tab" page. If I submit, it creates a new tab automatically and the old one still stays there. I don't see any way to update the tab. Am I supposed to use that "submit your tab" page? I did that yesterday and it created a new tab instead of updating it.
Quote by emad
There was no need to resubmit another version for the same song, you could've updated your tab.
Anyways, which one do you want to keep?

Ok, I probably screwed up somehow. I'd rather keep the old version since it already has a couple of ratings. Thanks for help.
Is there no way to replace the previous version when updating the tab? I thought the old version would be deleted, but it wasn't, and now there are two tabs that are practically the same. Is this the way the site works?