Banned because oh. Well welcome back How ar eyou back on if you adress got banned? Isnt that a perma?
And okay xD
Quote by SkepsisMetal
Are you using external speakers/headphones where a faulty connection could be the problem?
I had this on my ipod for a week or so before I realised that the wires in the jack pin had frayed from where I wrapped it round the ipod in my pocket all the time.

Same here ^^
Banned because you are new at this? -looks at join date-
And also you gotta tell me what you think of the vids. xD
Both are banned for talking of what I should and shouldnt do.
Also @Bob; look for Charile The Unicorn 1-3, Depressed Whale, and Lamas with Hats1-4?(I think there are only 4..). They are all done by the same guy and they are all pretty funny. xD And havnt you ever heard of a triple ban?
@Oy; I was going to...Im sorry. Can you change your name on there?
@Bob; Hey, just stating the facts here. Its the princesses job.
@Dave; I still come here....
EDIT: Has anyone seen Lamas With Hats or Depressed Whale on YouTube? I was looking up Charlie The Unicorn on there and thouse came up and I watched them. Depressed Whale was funny but Lamas was creepy/funny.
Banned for being Oy. Your my owl. Cuz imma Princess And every princess needs an owl. xD
Lady Muso, I have been well. And not much news form me either.
Hello, Sir Dawg would you care for some tea?
Banned are?
Dude, you only have 22 postings here...
*pours Tea for herself and Lady Muso*
So..Miss Muso. How have you been? Any news?
Hello Everyone Would anyone like to join me for some tea?
Banned for being Joel.
Banned because yeah...its sad but like a lot of people don't like this thread...its so awesome -sighs- I guess they can't handle the awesomeness...
But we did have some pretty good times here...-flashback-
Banned because what do you mean the last?
Banned because yeah but seirously the only people that post here anymore is Me, you, Conor, Joel, and maby Basti and Steal. I don't like really know anyone else here that post. I mean they are just ramdomly here and I have no idea who they are.. I miss the regs.
Banned because yeah...I mean back then we even complaned that the thread was slow but I mean my god, this is like...dead. Were the heck is everyone?!
Banned because Yep. I was just looking around the Pit for something to do...
Banned...hey Dave.
Banned for such a slow thread
Banned because Night Everyone!
Banned because you have school on Saturday? ...Isnt that like..aginst the law?!
Banned because Whats up Steal? And you can just call me Kat
Banned because I agree with Joel for the trick or treating part ad I agree with Anvil for the other one. I just don't have a boyfriend atm. And I like free candy and dressing up.
Quote by Wolfinator-x
Banned because how old are you? 13? That's still really early to start complicating your life with relationships. You're still young enough to go trick-or-treating without having people look at you weird; appreciate your youth

Just my personal opinion.

Banned because actually this is unture. Poeple think I am a dork for trick or treating still. And I am 13. And also Joel, you would have a stroke if you went to my school. If you dont have a boyfriend, your a loser. I am proud to say imma loser. But thats not the only reason they think I am a loser...
Banned because Hello ^.^
Banned because then I am not banned becauase Imma girl
Banned because I am!
Green and upset..
Banned because Hi.
Banned becauase I gotta go eat dinner and then Ill probley be on later also.
Banned because they have been real. For like, a long time. -.-
Banned because I didnt make them up! They are real!
@Conor; They are so soft. You can fold them up and they look like an animal!

EDIT: Also banned for double posting.
Banned because google them. They are so freaking cute!! But they cost too much.
Banned because its a pillow..its a pet...its a pillow pet!

Do they have Pillow Pets in Ireland?

Banned because back at ya.
Banned because
Banned for being Conor

Imma Ninja Kat.

Edit; The Ninja Kat was ninjad by the Ninja Wolf.
Banned because guess not...
And actaully I dont rember alot of things I do. xD
Banned because...
I dont know. Did I?