err, metal ballad? thats not metal at all
Our house has two chimneys. One summer hornets made their home in one of them and wasps built a large nest in the other. Then one evening they decided to battle it out, from chimney to chimney like some kind of WW2 dogfight with a 5:1 advantage for the wasps and the hornets were still beating them. It was awesome.
I was at a steve vai gig a couple of months ago. I'd say 1/3 were guitarists, 1/6 were guitarists' girlfriends and the rest were just regular folk so apprently there is some kind of market for shred guitar beyond 16 year olds who spend too much time playing guitar
Against Me! seem to have pulled through the same situation as yours (albiet they were well established before the transgender issue came up)
I use a DI because my mixer doesn't have hi-Z inputs, so thats not an problem you have. Its also useful for breaking up ground loops and other such noise issues.
Another update for anyone who reads this stuff, maybe theres some educational value in all this.

We lost the PA, temporarily ran the vocals through an old bass amp for two practices. Then the new drummer left the band (his reason was that his boss put him in a different deparment and he no longer had the time...but 4 days later he sent me an email asking about my own musical projects) and the next day I left as well, citing lack of time and musical differences . I picked up my amp from the rehearsal space yesterday. During this period they had found a new drummer (still bassless) and vocalist bought a powered mixer for 350€ but thats not even the issue now.

The couple of original songs that did develop weren't anything to write home about, not even by mediocore radio rock standards (what the vocalist wanted to write apparently), I couldn't envision ourselves getting paid for playing all . I was also generally frustrated by the lack of musical knowledge of the others (I was the only one with formal musical education).

I in the meantime purchased a little 4 channel mixer, two crappy mics and a DI box. Enough so I can express my musical ideas with this stuff during the little time I have during weekends. I'll try again with other musicians when I finish school and have more time.
I was watching some youtube videos today and stumbled upon one about Neil Young's mixing console. Apparently, for the reverb sound on Harvest, they had a "DO NOT ENTER" sign on the studio's bathroom with a speaker set up on an aux send from the mixing console and a microphone to capture the natural reverb of the bathroom.

Though the track you linked sounds more like a tape delay. Like an Echoplex and whatnot.
guitar -> compressor -> Big Muff = awesome

it completely changes the feel of the pedal, the attack of the note is completely different
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you can take environmental actions in other aspects and activities in your life. Wood is essential for a guitar.

Still, you can be a dick about it further propelling the practice of deforestation or at least try to respect the enviroment, which is enabling you to make a living

The Taylor thing where he discovered that they were throwing away all non-black ebony for fretboards and decided to say 'screw the market only wanting black ebony, we're going to use everything' is pretty cool
I've found that what works for me is slightly more towards the 15th fret, perpendicular to the fretboard, with the distance anywhere from 4" to 2 feet
After getting a decent sound from the position alone, slap a compressor on it and it sounds fat as hell, eq it fit with the rest of your mix , and if you want to be even fatter do the doubled hard panned left/right thing (it helps to have the part simpler to make it easier to get two tight takes)
My singing voice covers two octasves, from G to G

if I do a FFT on some regular speech it seems to peak around 155Hz (supposedly D#), with the overtones in midrange and such
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Hey Bulldog

it awesome, I've tried multiple times and I can't get that one down
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what does this even mean

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Okay well, upon doing this,

Turns out my buffer size was at extra small....
So I increased it to like just below medium....
Should that be enough?

if you increase it it gives the computer more time to calculate things, which means it doesn't run out of time resulting in that glitchy static

too much and you get latency, which you may or may not notice while you're playing along

Other than upping the buffer, you can try preserving CPU time. Turn off any reverbs and compression and such, set the plugins to low quality if they have an option, you just need to record your track, not hear the entire mix perfectly.
I think the northern english dialects are all cute (except for scouse, which is awful)
Its most likely something to do with your buffer size, try increasing it
I'm getting way too much pick noise in your sound there, it sounds like the pick noise is right in your face while the guitar is 5 feet away.

I'd mess around with your mic position to start with.
Yes, you can do that and you will get all your speakers wired in parallel for a total impedance of 4 ohms.

It originally probably was wired with two pairs series/parallel for a total impedance of 16 ohms.
edit: heres the first picture I found of google showing you how to do this
wiring two 16ohm speakers in series makes 16+16=32ohms
wiring the two groups that are 32ohms in parallel gets makes it 16ohms
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Pssshhhht, I've never heard anybody (other than myself) say they don't love nutella. Then again, only pretentious arty chicks talk about nutella. Bitches love nutella.

Fat chicks love nutella
I saw Vai two days ago

Jeremy Colson is a seriously loud drummer. I don't think the snare was even being sent to the PA
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I like the idea, get some wine and try it. I don't know how well wine in perticular works but ancient peoples have made due with less.

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Hell, you can find them new bundled together $70 shipped on eBay. Though at that point you're getting into the price range of a used AT2020 and those are miles better than the overpriced paperweight they call the MXL 990

the AT2020 is $62 new on amazon at the moment
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Inherited myself a nice new power transformer suitable for a 100W amp.

Had a Steve Vai Legacy in for a customer, but the courier had dropped it and knocked the laminates out of line and bent the bolts, finished fixing it now and got the wiring diagram off Carvin, now I just need a suitable output transformer and some sockets and I can build a prototyping rig, sadly the only OT I have lying around is only rated for 25W, not particularly good for a 400V B+

I saw Vai yesterday. He blew up one of his amps in the middle of a song

I have a friend who got tired of changing the batteries in his wireless mouse. So he cut up the cable from a mobile phone charger and soldered them onto the battery pads in the mouse. So he had a wired wireless mouse.
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Aye. which is why I'd rather my current field for 20+ years then go alternate route and be a high after I already made

edit: **** posting from a phone....

One day contracting cancer then turning to methamphetamine production
nah, they've got like different channels programmed in automatically
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Does it have to sound Horrible, too?

I was alluring to the blood/semen on the cover art.
And then also remembered that Kirk Hammet has got a plastic telecaster with water in it

And all this talk of wine staining makes me want to actually attempt it, I made a simple outdoor bench for sitting on last weekend, maybe this weekend I'll try how much half a cup of red wine does to it
the pickgaurd makes the burst look like ass
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If he wants to try the same thing with piss, go for it and keep it away from me.

It's his guitar.

someone should do a plexiglass guitar with actual liquids in it thats a tribute to Metallica's Load
I can verify that wine does stain wood quite a bit (we make a very dark red wine and have an oak wine press).

I wouldn't however waste the wine on a guitar

edit: some googling brings up a bunch of vineyard/luthier collaborations
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The drummer stays on time with me for the most part i can hear the drummer so I'm assuming he can as well. Moving his head isn't an option because he also does vocals. Strangly he stays on time while singing

I can at least verify that it's a bitch to sing while playing bass. I can sing while playing rhythm or even lead guitar without trouble, with bass no effin way I can keep it tight enough on anything other than straight 8th notes (though this may be cause I'm primarily a guitarist)
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I thought that was only in studio?

I've only bothered to listen to the live Zeppelin stuff a couple of times, but you can definitely hear the fuzzyness in there at times

I've got a hunch that Hendrix left his fuzz face on all the time and rode the volume knob, as the pedal really does clean up beautifully.
argh, the harmonized guitars are out of tune and off tempo, to the point its unlistenable
I've got a couple of friend doing mechanical engineering and I know that their faculty has got an entire laboratory dedicated to acoustics and vibration (eg: how to make your car's muffler or your refridgerator or whatever quieter). Not really that much of an opportunity for undergraduate stuff but it's probably worth checking out.

I'm doing electrical engineering and I've been in the laboratory for acoustics, but they mostly focus and various measurement techniques using digital signal procession, not that much on acoustics themselves.
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There are also two tracks going on, I think one of them is pitch shifted up an octave at least, maybe two.

ooh, that other one sounds like a delay pedal with an octave up in the feedback loop
The swirlyness sounds like a phaser to me.