Reminds me of Jack Johnson. Could be played in coffee shops and small restaurants that desire quiet music, and you'd probably get laid. Kind of a bossa nova style in some songs.
This is great. Love the emo 12 year old boy vocals. Just kidding, probably a woman. Still good. I don't see the "emo" side of this, it's pure pop-punk to me. But unlike a lot of pop-punk there are intricate and small detailed guitar riffs, almost like Fugazi. I don't really like the distorted toy-guitar tone, but that may be due to the recording process. i like the distorted/clean dual guitars, are there two guitar players? I also appreciate how they're not playing exactly the same thing. The bass can be turned up a bit. You guys could also definitely benefit from recording analog so it sounds less papery. Overall I think this is good and I would probably have a good time seeing you live! Keep it up
This is great. Love the eclectic mix of genres, real creative. My own stuff is diverse as well but vastly different than yours. Reminds me of a fellow Oregonian band that I recommend checking out, thom simon from Eugene.
I'm listening to "the way you do it." I was first struck by that reverb. Real nice. I'm a big 'verb fan. Sounds like maybe it's home recorded, but it's layered pretty nicely. Drums could be up in the mix a bit, maybe a bit less guitar, although they are some riffs. Good singer, like a not-lame Rod Stewart. You guys would be way better of recording on analog for that warmer reel sound (I assume this is digital). Do you guys play shows in the UK?

If you come to Portland, OR we can play a show together
The guitar is a bit overpowering over the drums, which is what's driving the song. The timing is all good. The guitar tone is ok, I don't hear a bass. Could use some vocals. I definitely don't want to pay for this despite your efforts. I don't know about your level of recording and stuff but I could see some potential in this. I'm listening to it as I type, and the guitar part in the second half is pretty cool. Please listen to my band in my sig!

Anyone care to offer opinions/constructive criticism?
I agree with the Growlers . Thee Oh Sees also have some surfy stuff. There's also the Shivas from Portland, OR
He's great. Glad someone is making music like this and I wish to see him talked about more here on UG.

What about that TONE tho?
I mean, they are definitely punk. I'm pretty sure women are marginalized just like they are here in the US, if not more so. Women playing their chosen style of music in Japan is a big deal. I'm pretty sure they got known in the US with the help of Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening/K Records since he's into half-assed recordings and tunes (which I enjoy some of!). It's all about having the ability and utilizing your own skills to produce something, and that has certainly become a trend in today's music world since people can't afford fancy studios.
I think they're punk as fork.
I'm a long-time user and I would like to see UG become more like Reddit, and due to its popularity, I think that UG would benefit greatly from having a more user-based voting system like Reddit. A democratic system would also increase accuracy in information. With the unfortunate loss of some forums that I have enjoyed and learned from over the years, like the punk forum, I am sure that UG is experiencing harder times than before more highly integrated social media like Reddit (and I am a Redditor now). I suppose integrating the lessons/columns/forums would be it.

Ultimate-Guitar (mods and admins), please consider this positive change, and make this website a meaningful experience again.

^motherfûcker keeping it real.
You sound like scumbags. But that's the point of crust right? Definitely punk-metal-crust w/ black metal vocals. Aberdeen, WA, is just as scummy. Y'all should tour there. You should also post lyrics!
Definitely a Dino Jr vibe. Me gusta! Ya ya ya!
"YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" boom pah boom pah duguduhduguduhduguhduguduh every every every every!

That's my interpretation of "Wendigo." Good quality recording!
I saw this band play with the Melvins a few years ago and was blown away. I especially like Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest.
^I agree with this person. But to develop it naturally, I think some jamming needs to happen with a band, and one good way that I've found helps is to play some of your favorite songs, and jam it out to become something else. It's fun and, I think, innovative.
I'm pretty sure John Lee Hooker wrote mostly about drugs and sex.
^That person didn't finish his/her sentence. I hope they're ok. I agree with him/her though. Endless wanking is totally boring to me. I like songs, not notes. It'd be cool if you had 2 tracks going and at least played some chords underneath to give the song more structure and depth. Yes, you do know how to play scale, but can you play them to another track or along with a band? That's what might really catch my ear, but of course, I cannot speak for everybody.

Please listen to my band in my sig!
I wouldn't do it. I love RyG though! Saw them a few years ago for $40
1980s Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Minutemen
Pink Floyd gets pretty funky (the solo in Echoes)
Parliament OR Funkadelic (I prefer the latter, funk+psychedelic=funkadelic.)
James Brown
Joy Division, Minutemen, and my band, which you can listen to in my sig
Reminds me of this guy-that-I-know's music here in Portland, OR, his band is called Ghost to Falco. The instrumental work in this has a great quality, good room reverb and cool drones, but it just kind of puts me to sleep, especially since it's only a guitar. Cool effects though.

Please listen to my band in my signature!
I appreciate that I can't quite fit this music into any one particular genre other than basic rock music. I could see how some may enjoy this music but this kind has never appealed to me, the guitar tone is especially thin and sounds overtly digitally produced-something I'm also not a fan of. Good quality video, you guys definitely have your songs down and obviously spent a good amount of time into recording and setting everything up, mad props for that.

I have even liked your band page with my band page, and you can listen to our fresh recordings in my signature!
FYI: "Indie" means "independent," and the subset of music following this trend of DIYness began in the 1980s. Read "Our Band Could Be Your Life" by Michael Azerrad. None of those bands are currently on independent labels.
So UG finally integrated the "punk" and "hardcore" forums. The civil war awaits. Hi everybody, I'm a punk rocker.
The spirit of punk is alive and well. Look up Burger Records, and do some searching for all the people recording their own music thanks to modern technology. DIY is punk. Here in Portland, music is everywhere and I have trouble deciding which shows to go to on Friday nights.
Hi, you reviewed mine so here it goes. Like many of these other posters, especially here on UG, electronic music is generally not what I listen to. This music certainly has a unique atmosphere, sometimes two-bit, sometimes, 80s-synth, with crazy-person-Bowie/Cars sort of vocals (that's not meant to be bad!). I even get some Rick James in some of the songs. I've never been a big fan of drum machine so, to me, the drums could use a heavier, punchier quality. Good melodies, and I like the vocals best.
Thanks! That means a lot because they're actually one of my favorite bands. These recordings are just some demos we recorded and the video we made out of boredom. We're in the process of mixing our first LP on 2" tape and it should be out in a couple of months!
Bad Brains
Black Flag
The Adolscents