Use a bigger screw. That should do it.
Dont sound gay to me. Maybe just having some doubts about his gf and such. Tell him to give it time. Thats my two cents anyway..
Seymour Duncan JB or Invader.
thanks. Its nice that someone who actually has a VIP can relate. Ill keep that in mind.

I had a fender mustang 1 before I got the VIP. The fender sounded sooooooooooo fake. Especially on overdrive. It was this flat s**ty sound. It sounds like a cheap keyboard ''electric guitar'' voice. They peavey sounds AMAZING! Analog, like you said. I honestly dont plan on getting a new amp if i dont have too. for the stuff i do (small band stuff) the peavey is great. Might get a sanpera sometime though....
Ok. Thanks for the advice. I think Ill wait a little and maybe get the JB and/or a pedal and new amp. Like a Marshall or a Peavey 6505.... when i can afford a tube amp.
I would still like to do the SH-8 Invader. Heres a link of a LP with one in it.‎

Dont sound ''muddy'' to me at all. Synyster Gates' guitar also has a mahogany body like a LP and his guitar sure aint muddy. It seems like putting a invader in a LP is fine. Has anyone actually tried it? Not just read that its muddy in a mahogany body?

btw Im also thinking about adding a push/pull coil split on it.
One more question. With the amp I have will a new pickup make a difference? Will the JB sound better? Or will I barely (or not at all) be able to tell?
I asked about pickups... my amp is fine. I understand its not a $1000 marshall, but its the best i can afford right now. Please dont tell me i need a new amp, i am actually very happy with my Vypyr. Its a thousand times better than the fender mustang i have and sounds amazing.

So now Im deciding between the SH-4 and SH-6. JB or Distortion? Whats the difference? Which is better for my interest? Closer to the sound Im aiming for?

And believe me, its my pickups. Other guitars sound great through my amp. And my guitar is lacking on both of my amps.
I play alot of metal/hard rock. I wanted to get a more 'metal' tone out of my Epiphone Les Paul Studio cuz the epiphone alnico classics aren't cutting it, especially for distortion. I am thinking of getting a Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom or SH-8 Invader. Just wondering if anyones tried it or if its a good idea. Which is a better choice? What will give me a better metal tone? I would only be getting a new bridge pickup, because I don't use the Neck enough for it to be worth buying a new pickup.

I play alot of Avenged Seveenfold and My Chemical Romance and would like something along their sound.

I have a Peavey Vypyr VIP 2.
Thanks I think I might get that one. Im sure it will be better. lol A screwdriver is kinda odd looking jammed into a guitar. It looks like i was fixing it and just stabbed my guitar.
Cant get a pic of mine but that^ is it.
Really? Well in that case its not a special. Its a licensed one. Its a 06. I checked.

I loosened the springs. Its not perfect but its much much better. Good as it will get i think.
Thanks fly135. And everyone else. Working good now.
Id get the Epiphone les paul studio. Because it has all the features of the better LPs but they cut some cosmetics. I have one and it is the most reliable guitar i have ever owned. Great guitar.

As for amps Id go with the peavey Vypyr (vip or not). Best amp for under $500.
I have a Mustang 1 and VIP 2. The peavey is 100% better in my opinion. The software for peavey does not work for mac so I cant run it. And the fender software is crappy in my opinion. The mustang lacks alot of control (theres not even a mid knob!). I wouldnt even think of needing software for my VIP because i can do everything i need on the amp. The mustang is nothing compared to the peavey. For cleans they are equal, for overdrive and metal NOTHING CLOSE!!! VIP blows the fender away!

just my opinion though. Hope it helps
Ok. Ill try that (with the springs).

I got it used btw. Thats why the knife edges are worn its also a 06 model so its old. The guitar is not in the best condition either. When i got a used les paul (epi) it looked like it just came out of the box. This looked used.
Anybody know the best A7X sound on this amp? I have a Epiphone Les Paul.
Yes, every string goes sharp its not the saddles. Yes i know what i was doing filing. I have played with the back open, same problem. As i said before. Everything is set right. Ive done alot of research. Other than the knife edges or that its a piece of crap i cant figure out whats wrong with it. Im just taking it back its also missing the bar (ive been using a screwdriver [dont anyone dare say the screwdriver is whats wrong, its not]).
Thats just it! It is set up right! I am really good with guitars. Everything is set up (most of the stuff was when i bought it, cuz it was used). The bridge is perfectly strait with the body, the bridge hight is right, the intonation is perfect (unlike when i first got it), the neck is on tight (i checked), and the FR is lubed. I think its just a cheap FR on a OK guitar. I'd rather just wait and get one that works, than piss around and put money into the piece of junk i have.
Thx for everyones help. I think Ill just return the guitar and eventually get a nicer one with a better tremelo. Maybe a OFR or 1000 Series. I sick of messing with the Special and the guitar is not worth putting a original on or even really spending $100 on a special.
Quote by fly135
Push down after pushing up. Problem solved.

I was hoping there was a way I wouldn't have to do that. Shouldn't it work both ways? If I get a new floyd (special) will it do the same thing? Do most or alot people with a floyd have to push down after pulling up?

In case you can't tell I'm new to Tremelos.
Ok so I tried 'going to town' and it still goes very sharp when i wammy up. down it seems to stay in tune. What else could be causing this? What should I do?
I recently got a used Schecter Damien FR from Guitar Center. I set up the Floyd rose and everything. (action is right, saddles are tight, nut seems fine). Im 99% sure its set up right. It holds pitch great, but when i wammy up or down it goes out of tune! The knife edges are a little bit worn but i dont think they are bad enough to be causing the problem, but I dont know. I lubed them and even filed them lightly. Im aware that it is a Floyd Rose special, not a Original so its not as good. But id expect it to at least stay in tune you know? Im considering just buying a new Floyd (special, cant afford a original right now). Any ideas about how i can fix this one? Any help is appreciated.
I would say learning bass is easier, but getting good is harder. If your just doing basic bass riffs (e.g like just one note at a time). its not very hard. Most of the time on bass your only playing one string at a time. With guitar your playing sometimes all six. Learning bass may help you to learn guitar down the road too. Thats my two cents anyway. Good luck!
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